Milk with soda: advantage or harm?

Milk with soda: advantage or harm?

Various diseases it is possible to treat not only pharmaceutical medicines, but also the checked folk remedies. Their efficiency often appears not below synthetic drugs, and side effects they have much less. One of the most effective and plain folk remedies warm milk with soda is considered. In this article the advantage and harm of this drink, the indication to its application and recipes will be considered.

Whether it is possible to drink milk with soda

This means has high efficiency in fight against the increased acidity, excess weight, catarrhal diseases for what it is supplemented with various additives. It is applied in the warmed-up look.

The only categorical contraindication which excludes consumption of this drink it is intolerance of lactose. In all other cases it is necessary to regulate the frequency of the use and concentration of active ingredients.

It is important! If regular consumption of soda drink for three days did not yield visible results, it is necessary to resort to use of medicamentous means.

Advantage and harm

In spite of the fact that all know, than hot milk from throat diseases is useful, this drink has both recommendations to the use, and contraindications. Treatment by him is carried out within several days, whether it be by disposal of cough or a problem with acidity.

At cough

The high fat content of this drink, its warming action well influence a human body at bronchitis and at cough. It calms the inflamed mucous membranes, works as antiseptic, antiviral medicine, saves from irritation and removes an osiplost.

Also it has the calming effect on nervous system that helps to get rid of unproductive dry cough.

Whether you know? Antibacterial and antifungal properties of cow's milk are known long ago, but in 2011 to them found scientific confirmation. The Australian scientists found out that the medicine made on the basis of milk protein of casein fights against fungal disputes much more effectively than classical synthetic fungicides. This property of casein is widely used in production of agricultural medicines for fight against parasitic mushrooms now.

From a sore throat

Antibacterial properties of milk with soda promote destruction of pathogenic microflora which provokes inflammation and painful feelings at cold. Particles of milk fat envelop a throat, reducing pain at a conversation and swallowing. In time the taken drink will help to stop development of a disease at an initial stage and will save from unpleasant feelings. Its expectorant action is widely used at a tonsillitis and laryngitis.

For obtaining necessary effect the course of treatment has to make not less than three days during which it is necessary to use drink three times a day for half an hour to food on 250 ml.

For weight loss

As the main operating ingredient in this case soda acts. It normalizes water-salt exchange, stimulates metabolism and digestion, connects and brings toxins out of an organism.

Acceleration of a metabolism is promoted by consumption of beet, pumpkin, a sea-buckthorn, a stevia, corn, vegetable marrow, hempseed oil, koumiss, a lemongrass, a gooseberry and magnolia vine Chinese.

Stimulation of digestion is based on release of carbon dioxide after reaction of soda with gastric juice. Milk satisfies hunger and has the enveloping effect on mucous membranes of a stomach, and soda promotes weight reduction.

From cystitis

The alkaline environment which is created in an organism after the soda use interferes with reproduction of the bacteria causing inflammation of an urinogenital system.

This drink quickly eliminates painful symptoms, burning at urination, and its regular use helps to wash up an infection from an organism.

In fight against cystitis medicinal properties of cloudberries, black nut, cape gooseberry, St. John's wort, a bergenia, leaves of cowberry, corn snouts, a horsetail field are applied.

From heartburn

As soda is an alkali, it interacts with excess amount of gastric juice and neutralizes it, instantly lowering the general acidity. In the course of reaction, carbon dioxide is emitted therefore it is so important to mix soda with the warmed-up milk — milk fat protects walls of a digestive tract from irritation.

Important! For achievement of the maximum effect of consumption of this drink it is necessary to boil milk and to cool it to 50 °C. Cool drink will not bring benefit, and hot will burn a mucous membrane of a throat and a gullet.

As it is correct to drink milk with soda

There are many recipes for this drink which is most often used at cough. Besides a classical compounding, preparation of drink with various useful additives and in different proportions is possible.

Usual recipe

Differs in a simple compounding and total absence of contraindications.


  • the milk pasteurized — 250 ml;
  • sodium bicarbonate — 4 g.

Whether you know? Up to the end of the 18th century, baking soda in Europe was extracted by processing of seaweed. On an industrial stream such production could not be put, and people needed an easy way of its production. The solution was found by the French chemist by the name of Jacques Fresnel who passed table salt through carbonic acid. The received product differed in low cost and was harmless to a human body.

Way of preparation

  1. Pour milk in the enameled saucepan. Bring it to boiling and remove from fire.
  2. Add soda to a saucepan, carefully mix drink before its full clearing (hissing will not stop yet).
  3. Cool drink and sip its three-four once a day in 30 minutes prior to food. If drink is cooked for the child, reduce a portion four times.

With honey

The allergic persons taking this drink need to be careful as honey is a strong allergen.


  • cow's milk — 300 ml;
  • honey buckwheat — 20 g;
  • soda — 5 g.

Way of preparation

  1. Boil milk before emergence of foam. Pour soda, accurately mix and remove a saucepan from fire.
  2. Cool mix up to the temperature of 50 °C and add honey. Carefully mix.
  3. Sip mix for half an hour to food before a breakfast and before a dinner. The course of treatment makes four days or lasts before full elimination of symptoms.

With oil

Best of all this compounding is suitable for those who have problems with digestive tract as oil reduces irritant action of drink.


  • cow's milk — 250 ml;
  • soda — 4 g;
  • butter — 10 g.

It is important! If you have an intolerance of butter or for some reason you cannot use it, add instead of it the same amount of olive oil of category extra virgin.

Way of preparation

  1. Bring milk to boiling on slow fire. Remove it from fire, add soda. Stir slowly drink before full clearing of soda.
  2. Cool it up to the temperature of 45-50 °C, add a piece of oil and carefully mix until oil is dissolved.
  3. The course of treatment lasts three days. Drink this drink three-four times a day in 30 minutes prior to meal.

Whether it is possible to drink

The efficiency of this means allows to use it at various diseases. However, not in all cases it can be used.

At pregnancy

Milk with soda — one of the safest means from catarrhal diseases during incubation. It has no side effects and quickly saves from discomfort. The only restriction concerns use of additives. If the woman has an individual intolerance of honey, then it is necessary to stop on a classical compounding.

Learn more about useful properties of cow's and goat milk.

To the child

If the kid is not inclined to food allergies, then he can give as classical drink, and with additives. The exception is made by children up to three years and those who suffer from intolerance of milk sugar — lactose.

The portion of the adult needs to be reduced four times for the kid up to five years and half — for children up to nine years as they will hardly be able to drink a full-fledged portion. Milk with soda is a plain and effective folk remedy for treatment of catarrhal diseases, heartburn and solutions of problems of excess weight. It warms, disinfects and has the soft enveloping action.

Whether you know? The first production technology of the calcinated soda was imperfect as owing to processing of table salt too much by-product — poisonous ammonia was formed. In the 1860th years the Belgian scientist by last name to Solva managed to eliminate this defect of production, regenerating ammonia with the help oxide calcium. This technology with insignificant improvements is used for production of soda to this day.

This medicine which has no contraindications except individual intolerance of components, and can be used for treatment of small children for three years. Timely consumption of this drink will stop development of a catarrhal infection and will save from need of long-term treatment.

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