Mint: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetology purposes

Mint: from what helps also that treats how to use in the medical and cosmetology purposes

If to ask several people what herbs they know, then approximately identical list will turn out. And for certain in it mint will be designated. On the other hand, many useful properties of this perennial remain kind of in the shadow. Let's remember them, having looked narrowly at a peppermint is more attentive.

Chemical composition

As well as any green medicine, this plant is rich in useful substances. On the first place, of course, the menthol received from essential oil.

Besides it, in 100 g of fresh collecting contain:

  • RR vitamin (nicotinic acid) — 1.7 g;
  • irreplaceable amino acids (a lysine, threonine, an isoleucine, etc.) — from 1.3 to 1.5 g;
  • fatty acids from which saturated will be 0.45-0.48, and nonsaturated (including from an omega row) — about 0.54 g;
  • ascorbic acid — 31.8 mg;
  • group B vitamins with indexes 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 in a total dose of 0.85 mg;
  • vitamin A — 212 mkg.

From macrocells are emitted potassium (569 mg for the same weight) and calcium (243). They are strengthened by magnesium and phosphorus (80 and 73 mg respectively) and also sodium which here 30-32 mg.

Important! Semyanki, taken from fresh collecting, contain 20% of the most valuable oil.

A role of the fastening substances is played by minerals in the form of iron (5-5.1 mg) and zinc with manganese (on 1.1 mg). There is also a copper, however, it much less — 330 mkg.

As for caloric content, at this look it is 70 kcal / 100.

Than mint is useful to an organism

It is no wonder that the plant with so saturated structure has a mass of useful properties. Let's consider what.

Whether you know? In numerous interpretation of dreams there was a place and for mint. It is considered that to dream about such plant is to carefree life.


At the moderate use, mint can give such effect:

  • working as calming, normalizes work of nervous system, returns a normal dream and takes off fatigue;
  • reduces arterial blood pressure, thereby warning a hypertension;
  • stabilizes work of heart, at the same time expanding vessels;
  • removes spasms at physical activities;
  • due to disinfecting and anti-inflammatory action heals cuts and wounds, it is used for treatment of skin diseases;
  • is strong bile-expelling means that allows to return work of a liver to norm;
  • restores blood circulation in a small pelvis that well affects potency. Especially it is noticeable if so delicate problem was caused by the strongest nervous tension.

Read also about influence of vitamins on work of nervous system, liver, heart and vessels, for male health.

Let's note one more property of a grass — it appears, it helps to leave off smoking. If at the moment when the hand tries to keep step with a cigarette to drink tea with mint leaves, then the thirst for nicotine immediately falls down. It is clear, that here should be involved also will power, but result is worth it.


The peppermint is capable to become the ally in fight for health and beauty. In confirmation to that is the list of properties which are already used by many women. Among them:

  • ability to banish a depression;
  • general strengthening of immunity;
  • normalization of work of a GIT, kidneys and a liver (especially it is relevant for women in labor);
  • soft disinfection of an oral cavity, removal of inflammation of gums;
  • narrowing of the wide time acting as a sweat source;
  • correction of hormonal balance. Mint forces down the high level of testosterone in a female body, making up for losses of phytoestrogen (which deficiency is visible on excess face and body hair);
  • improvement of functions of a genital tract and analgesic effect during periods (it concerns also the climax period).

Many factors, including availability of vitamins B its diet are responsible for health and appeal of the woman (strong nails, a thick hair and long eyelashes, elastic skin).

Many gynecologists consider that mint is capable to solve an infertility problem. But they are corrected by the colleagues noting that it is real only when the woman is healthy and she has no congenital defects or temporary failures in work of the main bodies.


These plants are used in various industries long ago. Here both medicine, and cookery with cosmetology. But — about everything one after another.

In cookery

In the food industry essential oil which after processing turns into menthol is widely applied. Most often it is added to confectionery and drinks (both spirits, and nonalcoholic). The fresh and slightly cooling smack perfectly supplements such compositions.

Important! This type of mint acts as separate, full-fledged seasoning. Experienced cooks try to avoid combinations with participation of other spices.

In house conditions the fresh leaves undertake for preparation of compote and fruit drink, kissels and syrups. Such preparations add and in meat dishes — remember juicy taste of chicken meat or mutton which was imposed with a mint leaf.

Leaves in the dry or ground look — quite good seasoning to vegetables and bean cultures. Many hostesses add them at preservation or preparation of various sauces.

Read also about properties and application of seasonings: carnations, ginger, curry.

In traditional medicine and an aromatherapy

In national recipes the leaves act as an element of bile-expelling and hypotensive means. In other words, normalize circulation of bile and lower pressure.

Also the carminative effect is long since known: reduction of amount of the gases formed in digestive tract. Broths successfully suppress extensive abnormal processes in a GIT (fermentation or rotting).

The light vasodilating effect is used at treatment of stenocardia and spasmodic conditions of vessels, in particular, of a brain.

Self-made remedies help to reduce stress and symptoms of a nervous breakdown, to get rid of problems terms (wounds, suppurations) and a headache. The example is indicative as in old times treated migraine — just put a svezhesorvanny leaf to a forehead.

Whether you know? In Ancient Rome, mint wreaths were very popular. Then was considered that their carrying refreshes thoughts and does the person cleverer.

In an aromatherapy emphasis is placed on essential oil which undertakes for preparation of aromalamps and aromatic pendants. Such solutions take off fatigue and weaken, help to return concentration and even to reduce appetite. But their main objective is a prevention of catarrhal diseases, bronchitis and asthma (including allergic).

In cosmetology

In this industry, both oil, and the extract received from fresh raw materials are used.

These components perfectly refresh skin, promote its healing and regulate work of sebaceous glands. But there is more to come: they act as powerful antiseptics, remove toxins and remove irritation. As a result skin is softened and becomes more resistant to acne rash and an acne.

Mint is present at composition of tonics and lotions all-type skin, creams and shampoos.

For appearance skin of the girl can use house means with application of plants: rosemary, cornflower, motherwort, horsetail, sage, guelder-rose, sea-buckthorn, celery.

How to use in the medical purposes: recipes

Huge layer of various recipes which help to struggle with many diseases is known to traditional medicine. Let's take the most popular and effective, for convenience having broken them on groups.


The first that occurs, is, of course, a tea for cold. It becomes elementary: 1 article of a dry leaf is flooded with a glass of boiled water. 10 minutes under a cover — and the all-strengthening means are ready. It is possible to drink it in 2 calling in a day, in the morning and in the evening. This excellent febrifugal, but be ready that after reception the large volume of sweat will descend.

Important! Correctly made green tea is where the best basis for mint drink, than strong black — in the last much less phytoncides.

Also the structure for weight loss is so simple. The amount of boiled water will be the same, and raw materials 1, at most 2 tsps of 15-20 minutes of a zavarivaniye, decantation are necessary, and it is possible to start. The received dose breaks into 5 equal parts (on one on each reception during the day). That drink turned out more fragrant, add 3-5 fresh leaves.

It is even simpler to add the same number of leaves to ready green tea.

1 tsp of the crushed collecting (both fresh, and dry) in mix with the same glass of boiled water will help to get rid of the increased arterial blood pressure. 15 minutes later it is possible to add a spoon of honey or a segment of a lemon there.

Such tea in hot weather is especially effective. But be accurate — in day the reception in quantity up to 3 cups is allowed. The same the compounding and a dose will have by the way and during fight against heartburn. A difference only in ingredients: instead of honey add gruel from leaves of a guelder-rose or currant.

Insomnia will be forgotten if with already put green tea to add 2-3 tsps of collecting to a teapot (it is possible directly with a stalk). Having filled in all this with boiled water, densely wrap up a container. In 5-7 minutes it is possible to drink, surely having added sugar or honey to taste.

The number of day approaches does not differ from the habitual schedule of a tea drinking (though it is better to begin nevertheless with small doses).

Study useful properties of plants and recipes for tea from an immortelle, dyagilya, ekhinatse, Kalgan, a thyme, a hawthorn, cowberry leaves, a dogrose.


Attacks of a headache will descend after use of the most plain infusion: 1 tsps of a dry grass on a glass of boiled water, 20 minutes of a sediment — are also ready.

Liquid surely has to be warm and be accepted during aggravations (the received volume is usually broken into two receptions — morning and evening, it fixing).

Whether you know? Mint is a general name of the whole sort of plants including 42 views. Hybrids which are entered into culture also occur among them.

Unpleasant stomach pains — specialization of more powerful infusion. Dry mint, a St. John's wort and a marjoram are stirred in equal shares, usually on 1 tablespoon, and fill in boiled water. Having allowed to stand 15 minutes, liquid is drunk immediately. It is recommended to take 2-3 cups a day, after meal. One more recipe is designed to appease the hypertension annoying much. Leaves of mint and a valerian and also the camomile petals mixed equally infuse on boiled water of 10-15 minutes and are filtered.

Reception is single, it is strict on 60-70 ml a day (that is, there will last glass for 3 days).

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From a mouth get rid of a fetid odor rinsings. 1 tablespoon of a leaf is filled in with 0.5 l of boiled water with a further 2-hour sediment. Having decanted and having slightly warmed up liquid, it is possible to start the procedure. 2-3 approaches with a break in day will be enough.


At heartaches such recipe is used: 1 tablespoons of fresh collecting on 0.5 l of water. The container is put on slow fire, it is carried to boiling and 20 minutes are boiled. Then it is covered and put aside for the same time.

Reception — three times a day, for half an hour to food, on 150 g.

At treatment of pains in joints baths with participation of mint broth are often taken. But doses here others: 50 g of a grass in mix from 8 l of water cook 15-20 minutes. After infusion in half an hour, liquid is added to a bathtub.

Important! At pains in the lower part of legs it is better to take contrast baths: at a temperature difference mint emits useful substances more actively. If there are no contraindications, the result of the procedure can be set by a hydromassage.

Here it is necessary to be careful: it is possible that allergic reaction can go. In order to avoid it such procedures are carried out the most frequent by 2 times a week. It can remove to the following structure emetic desires or nausea: 2-3 tsps, a glass of boiled water, a water bath in the closed capacity within 15 minutes.

Liquid is drunk warm, on 1 glass since morning or in the evening (in case of aggravation it is possible to take at once, in the same dose).

Hurt women at a climax it is possible to dull, having boiled 2 tsps of a dry leaf in 0.5 l of water. Mix is boiled on weak fire and 10 minutes are stirred slowly. Infusion — half an hour. Norm of reception: 1 tablespoons for half an hour to food, 3-4 times a day.

In the period of a climax when there is a delay of all biological processes, for maintenance of the normal state of health and simplification of a climacteric syndrome the intake of certain vitamins is recommended to women.

Spirit tincture

Traditional medicine traditionally gives preference to the strongest structures with alcohol participation. Generally such drugs go for grindings.

For example, at a systematic headache of 1 tsp of dry collecting insist in 100 ml of alcohol, having placed the closed container in a dark corner. On it week leaves. Then tincture is used, pounding whisky during an attack.

But the most mass and universal remain such recipe:

  • 75-100 g of dry leaves fill in 0.5 l of alcohol (75%);
  • such mix strictly in the dark place, infuses 2 weeks;
  • it is inside used as spasmolysant, till 25-30 drops, in 20-30 minutes prior to food, once a day. As the pulverizing is applied at migraines and neuralgia.

Whether you know? Till 1886 the size in 38% was officially accepted fortress of vodka. This figure was given by so-called half-waste — aqueous-alcoholic mix which tests were removed by an annealing method. Just set fire to the overtaken liquid and if a half of volume burned out (from here and the name), then the product was considered as good.

In practice alcohol is often replaced with vodka or moonshine (60%). For reduction of infusion up to 7-10 days many pour liter at once. However, at the same time a part of useful connections is dissolved even stronger. These recipes are considered as rather safe. But there is also an important nuance: at internal reception it is better to mix liquid with water, otherwise there is a risk of rejection.

Essential oil

Valuable liquid has the whole set of curative properties too. For prevention of cold or flu most effective to carry out warm inhalation: 2-4 drops on 1 l of boiled water. there will be enough 5-minute procedure. It helps also at long cold.

At severe toothaches to the sick site put the cotton wool moistened with 1-2 droplets.

Mixing mint oil (in number of 3-5 drops) with vegetable (15-20 g), receive the excellent pulverizing helping at rheumatism and joint pains. It is good and for rubbing of a thorax at cold and also processings of the itching sites of skin.

Essential oils — remarkable ingredient of care products for hair and skin. Learn more about cosmetology properties of essential oils: cedar, tea tree, fir, orange, sandalwood, rosemary.

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