Natural pain medicines

Natural pain medicines

at you the stomach or the head suddenly ached, you do not hurry to go to drugstore behind drugs. The safest soothing are in your fridge.

  1. Headache.

According to the English scientists, one of four women suffers from gout, arthritis and a headache. If you belong to their number – you should not despair. Just buy cherry. More. Using 200 g of cherry a day it is possible to relieve pains significantly. And it without prejudice to your stomach, is known that drugs have negative effect on mucous a stomach. Cherry contains anthocyan – substance which has anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyan is 10 times stronger than aspirin and an ibuprofen. Use cherry in the dried, fresh or frozen look.

  1. Muscular pain.

Scientists conducted a research during which they recommended to the people suffering from muscular and articulate pains to include ginger in the diet. In 2 months at 63% of examinees pains stopped. Contains in ginger gingerol which works as anesthetic. You can use both fresh ginger, and dry (in the form of powder).

  1. Toothache.

If you for some reason cannot visit the stomatologist, do not despair, will help to eliminate a toothache and to remove inflammation of gums a usual carnation. Just chew it, and pain as a hand will remove (within 2 hours). In a carnation there is a powerful natural anesthetic – eugenol. Besides, the carnation normalizes the level of sugar and cholesterol in blood.

  1. The grown nails.

If you are disturbed by the grown nails, do warm salt baths on a regular basis. In 4 days you will feel much better. Salt removes inflammation and has antibacterial effect.

  1. Ear pain.

Most often ear pain is provoked by an infection. For treatment use warm garlic oil – to two drops on each ear. Use oil twice a day for 5 days. According to scientists from the New Mexico University, garlic oil is much more effective than pharmaceutical means. Garlic contains sulfur, selenium and germaniye. They are pernicious for the majority of bacteria.


Boil half-cups of olive oil and three crushed garlic segments within two minutes. Filter and give to cool down.

  1. PMS.

According to scientists from Yale University, about 80% of women suffer from PMS. The reason – sensitivity of an organism to jumps of level of estrogen and progesterone. They also do life of the fair sex sometimes intolerable.

Yogurt will help to cope with PMS. It is rich with minerals which effectively remove irritability and nervousness.

  1. Chronic pains.

Scientists from Cornell University opened magnificent properties of a turmeric to eliminate chronic pains, for example, at fibromyalgia or arthritis. The turmeric copes with pain better, than aspirin and an ibuprofen. Besides, it is a natural product which has no side effects. The turmeric is perfectly combined with rice, vegetables and a bird.

  1. Abdominal distension.

Scientists from the Stanford University of California established that one glass of fresh pineapple juice is capable to prevent gases. Pineapple contains proteolytic enzymes which accelerate digestion of proteins and eliminate pain.

  1. Painful periods.

During monthly the cells of a mucous uterus expand, causing serious inflammations and spasms. The plate of porridge in day significantly reduces these pains.

  1. Indigestion.

To facilitate indigestion syndrome symptoms, include fish in the diet. There are enough only 500 g a day. The sardine, a salmon, a mackerel, a tuna, a herring and a trout will approach. Thanks to nonsaturated fatty acids, inflammation of intestines, belly-ache and spasms decreases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team