Night snore – violation of health

Night snore – violation of health

snore (apnoe) is not harmless, but serious violation of health. At people because of snore at night the tone of muscles decreases. As a result of it, airways are blocked and ventilation of lungs stops.

Night snore happens because of a breath delay in a dream. At this time the warm rhythm is just broken. Besides, when breath is again restored such dream passes into a superficial phase. And it not only speeds up pulse, but also increases arterial blood pressure.

Snore can last even more than one minute depending on the person. And to repeat to one hundred times in a night. Such frequent snore can lead to a lethal outcome. During snore the organism lacks oxygen. After breath after snore is restored, it also leads to inflammatory processes and even to chronic diseases of the cardiac and vascular system. Patients apnoe have the increased quantity of platelets. And it leads to ischemic strokes and heart attacks.

Besides, because of snore the people have a lack of oxygen of blood which breaks a metabolism. In a consequence, there can be diabetes, obesity, arterial hypertension. Also, apnoe maybe cause and effect.

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At patients apnoe bronchial asthma it is heavy to be treated. Also, such people very often suffer from a depression – drowsiness, very fast fatigue, violation of potency. Also, such people are forbidden to use antidepressants and sedatives. They only burden a disease.

For treatment of snore, it is necessary to change daily habits first of all. For this purpose: to reduce body weight, to refuse smoking, to limit alcohol intake to a minimum, and also to watch a dream.

Risks of emergence apnoe:

  1. The reduced upper airways. For an example, it can be the increased tonsils or a stuffy nose.
  2. Physiological features. For an example, it is the lower jaw of the small size, a neck bent.
  3. Genetic heredity.
  4. Smoking, alcohol, drugs – very dangerous before going to bed. All this lowers a tone of muscles of a throat.
  5. Male.
  6. Female menopause.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team