"Olive oil: than it is useful how to choose and store where and as it is applied

"Olive oil: than it is useful how to choose and store where and as it is applied

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Today we will talk about means which deservedly received the status of "liquid gold" in circles of culinary specialists, cosmetologists, doctors, phytotherapists, namely — about olive oil.

This means did not spend the popularity, having passed through the millennia of application. Multifunctionality of this substance so eloquent that it was really appreciated in ancient times worth its weight in gold. The first the product was estimated by ancient Greeks, and already from them information on unique means was carried worldwide.

Let's consider in more detail in what the advantage of oil of olive, as well as in what purposes to apply it what features of its chemical composition and we will analyze possibilities of its use in different spheres of activity of the person consists.

Chemical composition

Olive oil has an appearance of translucent liquid and is vegetable fat. "Liquid gold" is received from fruits of olives European (olive trees). These fruits can be painted in green or black (olive) color.

Whether you know? The longevity of an olive tree averages about 500 years. But also units which lived also 1500 are known. Long-livers in the look are trees which age more 2000. They grow on the Olive mountain in Jerusalem. According to a legend, under these ancient trees before a terrible execution Jesus prayed.

Both those, and others are useful to receiving a multipurpose product. For its withdrawal the fruits undergo the procedure of a cold extraction. That liquid was qualitative, it needs to be wrung out only from the fruits collected from November to March.

The uniqueness of structure of a product is that in it there are no proteins and carbohydrates, main its making fatty acids. Besides, as a part of this remedy there is a set of vitamins, minerals, useful minerals:

We recommend to you to esteem about whether it is possible to fry on olive oil.

Important! Oily liquid which is received as a result of a so-called "cold extraction" differs in special goodness and even elitism. Its essence is that the crushed raw materials are subjected to an extraction in temperature conditions by not above +25...+27 °C.

Than olive oil is useful

Range of advantage of this means quite extensive and impressive. If it is correct to use it, it is possible to avoid a set of problems with health, and, there are no age restrictions.

For men

There is an opinion that men who live in the homeland of olives practically do not know what is problems of sexual nature. They differ in the passion and ardent temperament. The man using in food of olive is not familiar with diseases of an urinogenital system. And such problems are not only physical, but also hard psychological blow. The use of oil of an olive helps men to taste all delights of rich sex life again, to believe in itself and the forces.

Existence in structure of a product of vitamins is useful for normalization of process of a metabolism in the man's organism, helps to create the correct hormonal picture, promotes high-quality production of testosterone (hormone thanks to which the man feels like the man), raises a tone of vessels, promotes high-quality rush of blood to a genital that, in turn, enhances quality of an erection.

Except the listed pluses, the product carries out cleaning of a liver, destroys cholesterol, brings out of an organism free radicals.

Whether you know? Since ancient times this means is considered "a gift of gods" or "earth blood". It agrees to one of myths, the tree of an olive was created by Pallas Athena. In this regard ancient Greeks consecrated temples, using the oil liquid received from olive fruits, and Jews applied this liquid to carrying out ritual ceremonies.

For women

Both for men's, and (and even beauty) oil olive liquid is extremely useful to female health. This means is used for regeneration of hair, skin, nails, it favorably influences a female body in general, serves as prophylactic for prevention of cancer.

It is especially useful for the woman who bears the kid and also in the period of a lactation. And for women who set to themselves the object to achieve treasured model parameters and to lose weight, such means — the real find.

For children

Information that the growing organism of the child needs huge amount of vitamins biologically active useful agents — it is no secret. In that case oil from olive fruits — an irreplaceable product in a diet of the kid.

It is extremely useful for formation of the musculoskeletal device of the child, favorably influences development in its organism of strong skeletal system. Besides, the product contains minerals which contribute to the development of memory and thinking of the kid, reaction speed, calm nervous system, effectively affect sight.

For elderly people

We already mentioned that oil liquid from fruits of an olive contains enzymes which raise and hold in remembrance, and, respectively, and sober mind. Today quite often information that aged people became students of that or other university sounds and successfully graduated.

Strangely enough, but for achievement of such purpose olive oil, minerals which contain in it will perfectly serve, increase ability to training. But there is more to come: the product is prophylactic for prevention of Alzheimer's disease. Well and how not to mention its rejuvenating properties and fight against wrinkles.

Whether you know? World famous Cleopatra always took milk pans with oil of fruits of an olive as she considered oil liquid the real elixir of youth.

Whether it is possible

Of course, intake of any medicine is followed by a number of questions, concerning whether it is possible to use substance, in what conditions and in what quantities. Let's try to give irrefragable answers on the most relevant of them.

To pregnant women

Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary. Olive oil — a source of a set of necessary useful substances which are so necessary for both an organism of the woman, and the formed fruit organism. It favorably influences the correct development of a brain of future little man, fills an organism and the kid, and mothers with the necessary vitamins and useful substances.

It is also useful to use a cranberry, cloudberries, strawberry, a peach, a pomelo, watermelon, cowberry, pomegranate, a papaya, dried apricots, carrots, pumpkin, siliculose haricot, a white and red cabbage at pregnancy.

Intake of "liquid gold" is extremely necessary if the threat of termination of pregnancy appeared. It saturates an organism with vitamins, and, respectively, at future mummy the appetite will decrease, and she will not suffer from excess weight that is fraught also for the baby. Not all pregnant women suffer from toxicosis, but practically all have problems with intestines, quite often suffer from locks and hemorrhoids and also various diseases which develop against the background of decrease in immunity. For maintenance of an organism olive oil — the real elixir.

Important! Gynecologists often advise the pregnant patients to accept "a gift of gods" before childbirth as the enzymes which are contained in it promote disclosure of a neck of the uterus.


The organism of the woman who nurses quite often is at an exhaustion stage. In such aspect the reception by young mummy of "liquid gold" will be very appropriate as it will supply feeding with vitamins and substances, necessary for renewal forces. What is interesting, vitamins C milk will come also to the child's organism.

Also this means will become appropriate also when young mother suffers from postnatal hemorrhoids and locks, and her little child — from gripes. The enzymes which are contained in it if do not fix the called problems completely then will qualitatively reduce their symptoms.

At weight loss

Headache nearly of each woman are excess centimeters on a waist. There are they without problems, and to here eliminate such unexpected guests and to achieve treasured parameters — extremely not easy. As the assistant "earth blood" can serve in fight against extra kilos.

In spite of the fact that means is not low-calorie (120 kcal / 1 tablespoon), it, thanks to the chemical composition, is capable to eliminate defects of a figure. The fact is that the oleic acid which is contained in a product, mixing up with gastric juice and bile, promotes acceleration of a metabolism.

Products quickly are digested, and the brain receives a signal that the organism is full, respectively, the subsequent feeling of hunger decreases.

Whether you know? Only one aroma of "a gift of gods" as increases serotonin level in blood is capable to dull feeling of hunger.

Application in different spheres

"Liquid gold" is in great demand not only in medical circles, but also in cosmetology and culinary.

In cookery

Olive oil — one of fundamental components in cookery of many countries. It is used as for giving of unusual taste to various cold dishes and salads (as gas station), and for frying.

Olive gas station gives to cold dishes, salads, sauces truly divine taste and aroma. As for frying, it is necessary to observe temperature conditions of preparation of dishes with "a gift of gods", at the same time it is necessary to pay attention to a type of the oil.

So, in preparation of dishes with use of not refined best quality liquid (first extraction) recommend to adhere to temperature in +160 °C, and fry thoroughly dishes with use of the refined oil of an olive at a temperature of +200...+240 °C.

Important! This component can become unsurpassed gas station for ordinary pasta, or the integral element of excellent sauce for which preparation the basil, garlic, a lemon will be necessary. Such sauce will be able qualitatively to diversify your ordinary menu.

In cosmetology

Practically each woman who wants to look as the queen as it has a set of useful properties and is widely used in cosmetology is familiar with this product. On its basis produce a set of care products for skin, hair, nails.

Mask for dry face skin

If your skin suffers from excessive dryness, it is useful "to humidify" it with the following mask: to stir "liquid gold" and clay in equal proportions (something will turn out, similar to sour cream) and to apply it on problem sites. Duration of such peculiar cosmetology procedure has to be fifteen minutes. Wash away such mask with the help of warm water.

Mask for split ends of hair

Long, shiny, healthy hairs, without the uncombed whipped tips — a dream of each woman. Strangely enough, but "the gift of gods" will help to turn such dream into reality. To make a mask with use of this product quite easily: just apply mix from 2 tablespoons of the oil liquid mixed with 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of vinegar on all length of the curls.

In the cosmetic purposes oils of walnut, colza, a flax, a dogrose, a coco, grape seeds, sprouts of wheat, avocado, a peach, rosemary, almonds, jojoba, corn are also used.

Before drawing mix needs to be warmed on a water bath. To wash away fat from the head, it is necessary to use a large amount of shampoo. Literally for several sessions of such therapy your hair will surprise you with the luxury and gloss, and their shabby tips will completely be restored.

But on such original therapy it is necessary to spend time — duration of the procedure is 30 minutes a day.

Body scrub

Elastic and healthy skin of own body — one more subject of dreams of women. The body scrub prepared on the basis of "a gift of gods", a coffee thick, ground porridge, sugar, salt, essential oils in identical proportions will help to embody treasured desire. 2 times a week (half-hour session) are recommended to put a srub and to wash away it warm water.

Important! Action of a srub is that it promotes peeling of the died-off cages, and its oil components get into layers of epidermis and restore them.

In traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has the view of use of "earth blood". Let's consider in more detail as well as of what problems, according to sorcerers, the product can cure the person.

At inflammation of gums

For elimination of inflammation of gums it is recommended to dip a toothbrush (important that her bristle was soft) in oil liquid of fruits of olive and to rub it in the inflamed gums. The procedure has to take 7-10 minutes. There is no need to swallow of liquid.

At cholelithiasis

Sorcerers recommend to fight against stones in bilious channels, carrying out the procedure of a cleaning enema. Filling of an enema requires 1 glass of mix made of "liquid gold" and lemon juice in identical proportions. To carry out an enema advise two hours later after meal, it is the best of all since morning.

Important! There is an opinion that the human body best of all acquires vitamin substances after the person woke up. Therefore medicine is recommended to be taken since morning. Medicines with use of "a gift of gods" — not an exception.

At diseases of structures

If you are disturbed by problems with joints, it is necessary to complete a two-week course of treatment the following medicine: 4 weeks to infuse mix which part 60 g of florets of a St. John's wort and 0.8 l of oil are. 4 weeks later to filter medicine and to wring out flowers. It is necessary to take the drug inside, on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

At locks

The lock is a real handful which involves hemorrhoids. Doctors from the people recommend to get rid of a lock by means of such medicine: to cut 4-5 leaves of salad, 8-10 olives, to add a teaspoon of juice of a lemon and a tablespoon of "a gift of gods". Recommend to take such medicine on an empty stomach in the morning for an hour to food and also in the evening for one week.

Refined or not refined?

Asking a question what olive oil to buy — refined or not refined — it is necessary to be defined accurately what it is necessary for you for: if for seasoning of salads and cold appetizers, then, of course, not refined as it has excellent tastes and aroma. If for frying — that refined as it does not smoke and does not foam.

Important! In the medical purposes it is necessary to use exclusively not refined product, it is desirable the first extraction which possesses a full range of useful substances.

How to choose and distinguish a fake

One of the main criteria for selection of "liquid gold" is the free acidity, that is existence in it of the oxidized substances which say about how quickly the product can deteriorate at influence with fresh air and light. The less acids, the product is more valuable.

It is possible to check quality of olive oil and in house conditions: quality liquid will dim if to put it in the fridge, and again will find a former look when moving to room conditions.

One more of criteria for selection of a natural olive product is its smell: really quality oil liquid differs in saturated aroma. Natural olive oil burns at a temperature over 240 degrees. Especially responsibly it is also attentively necessary to choose this product of quality Extra Virgin which differs not only the highest quality, but also the impressive price. In this regard the product is quite often tried to be forged.

As for these subspecies, on the label of the bottle filled with this liquid there has to be an emblem with symbolics of the EU and small letters of PDO, PGI which demonstrate that olive oil is really made of quality olives according to ancient recipes.

How to store in house conditions

We already mentioned that oil spoils when the acids which are contained in it react with air and light. Therefore, main rule of storage of a product: a hermetically sealed container and the place where has no access light. Temperature has to be a certain arithmetic average between room and that in the fridge.

Important! Over time the product spends the useful qualities therefore it is recommended to use it three-four weeks later after opening of an original packing (banks).

Contraindications and harm

Today there are no products which would be useful to all and everywhere. And in a case with oil of olives. Despite baggage of advantage, it has also insignificant minuses and contraindications. The product, how many its unlimited use can do much harm to the person not so much.

Abuse of olive oil can result in deplorable results: to obesity, problems with digestive system, infiltration of a liver. Also it is worth remembering that when frying it spends the useful qualities and properties.

Important! To the people suffering from cholecystitis, diarrhea, obesity, gastric or intestinal infections and also at poisonings and other disorders of digestive organs, consumption of olive oil is contraindicated.

As you can see, we are surrounded a set of useful products, it is necessary only to be able to distinguish them and it is correct to use. One of such products — olive oil. This means gained recognition in medicine, cosmetology, dietology, cookery and other vital spheres. If it is moderate and correct to approach its use — it can turn into the real elixir of health and beauty.

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