Pharmaceutical camomile: from what helps also that treats how to prepare and apply

Pharmaceutical camomile: from what helps also that treats how to prepare and apply

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Among thousands of officinal and useful plants a specific place is held by a camomile. Many got used to it as to an obligatory element of a house first-aid kit and try to do so that it always was near at hand. This flower is so popular that meets in each drugstore, in each house and in the majority of grass collecting. For detailed study of properties of this surprising plant it should be taken into account several important nuances.

The camomile pharmaceutical (Latin Matricaria chamomilla) is used in scientific and traditional medicine and is one of the most demanded herbs. This low grassy plant with a strong specific smell. Has inflorescences with white petals and a yellow core, the stalk which is branched out at the basis, on it the thin cut leaves up to 6 cm long are located.

Flower meet everywhere: along roads, on meadows, at the edges of fields, on personal plots — everywhere where finds favorable conditions for blossoming. This plant initially is weed, it often grows in a wild look, but thanks to the confirmed medicinal properties became widespread also in industrial cultivation.

The flower is saturated with oils and acids to which it is obliged by the broad application. Chemical composition:

Essential oils in a flower contain in the number of 1.8%. The main component of oil is hamazulen, in some grades its saturation is up to 10%. Exactly thanks to it the camomile has a number of useful qualities.

Besides the called components, in a plant there are flavonoids derivative of an apigenin, a lyuteolin and quercetin which have anti-inflammatory properties and also coumarins, beta carotene, sitosterol and polysaccharides, bizaboloksid And. From macro - and minerals the flower contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, cobalt, chrome, aluminum and barium, vanadium, selenium, iodine, nickel and lead.

Medicinal properties can be listed infinitely as influence range very big. Bitter substance hamazulen is the most valuable part of a camomile, has the antiallergenic and anesthetizing qualities.

Essential oil reduces formation of gases, anesthetizes, normalizes work of a GIT, weakens inflammatory processes and improves sweating, expands brain vessels. In general, this flower without exaggeration renders the invaluable help to our organism in restoration and fight against diseases.

Undoubtedly, we remember a camomile at treatment of catarrhal diseases, such as SARS, tonsillitis, flu and ORZ. But except viral diseases, it helps at muscular spasms, is irreplaceable for digestion stabilization, increases appetite. Also it is appointed at intestines pains for removal of inflammation and normalization of intestinal flora. Here it is possible to carry problems with the lowered acidity, gastritis, diarrhea, spasms. The camomile stimulates work of an urinary system and has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

For treatment of catarrhal diseases black radish, white honey, propolis use bear fat, a red mountain ash, ginger, nutmeg, honey with propolis.

Whether you know? In the Tibetan medicine considered that the camomile is capable to rejuvenate the person. Monks sacredly believed in it and drank camomile infusion every day for five years.

In spite of the fact that various kids care products are provided to young mothers in drugstore, all of them prefer more habitual method. Even the modern medicine recognized need of use of a camomile when bathing children. Broth of a plant removes inflammations and irritations on skin of the kid. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in a tablespoon of a camomile with one liter of water and to allow to infuse, then to add to a bath with water for the kid. This pleasant procedure will enrich the child's body with oils and useful minerals, besides will leave pleasant aroma on skin of the baby.

For pregnant women there are restrictions of use of grass collecting and infusions. Before using a camomile, consultation with the doctor is necessary. There is an opinion that camomile tea is not recommended to pregnant women. It is caused by the fact that the camomile contains a large amount of estrogen which can provoke an abortion, and it is not recommended to pregnant women at any deviations in incubation of the kid. The only thing, than the camomile during this period can serve, is an infusion for inhalations, podmyvaniye and compresses baths.

Important! Pregnant women need to consult previously with the doctor. If there is no threat for incubation, then the doctor appoints doses and recipes of camomile infusions individually.

If you intend to make preparations and to collect a camomile, it should be taken into account a number of rules and recommendations which will help to keep useful substances with flowers. At the wrong processing and ways of storage it loses the functions and becomes no more, than just a grass. For the medical purposes flower baskets of a camomile without pedicel are used.

It is desirable to reap a crop when the flower revealed completely, in June – July. Then the plant is saturated with all necessary substances. It is not recommended to use the flowers collected on roadsides of roads for collecting internal treatment. Avoid hit in collecting other herbs unknown to you. It is important not to mix pharmaceutical culture with a simple weed or a decorative camomile. It is better to collect plants in the morning and far from household waste, weather has to be dry and solar.

By the correct preparation for drying process you cannot keep all qualities of a camomile. Often it is displayed a thin layer on the plain dry surface covered with paper or light fabric. For protection against insects from above cover with a gauze. There are several rules and advice for this process which will help you to dry flowers correctly.

The most widespread way is drying under natural conditions in the fresh air. But such way has a number of shortcomings. It is necessary to be on the lookout as the rain can go and your preparation will lose initial structure. Therefore it is expedient to leave flowers to dry under a canopy or on attics. Consider that the place for drying has to be darkened and well aired. Sunshine will only spoil flowers. Also avoid a congestion of insects. Several times a day collecting needs to be mixed and overturned. The approximate period of drying — 10–14 days. In the dryer

If you simply do not have free time to track process of a natural zasushka, it is possible to use the electrodryer. Flowers spread on lattices of the dryer and begin process of drying at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. If in your device there is no function of regulation of temperature, then it is better from such method to refuse.

The cardboard box or sack of linen perfectly will be suitable for storage of already dried flowers, it can be made. If your only option — glass, then it is worth remembering that the grass has to breathe and you should not close densely capacity a cover. Cover it with the sheet of parchment better. The maximum period of storage in the correct conditions makes one and a half years.

Camomile tea is fine calming at the end of the working day and at severe stresses. It can replace quite fairly any drugs for stabilization of the general state. It is better to prepare for himself fragrant camomile infusion, than once again to buy tablets and to count on their wonder-working action.

Learn, than green and black tea is useful; whether it is possible to have tea from bags.

The recipe of classical tea from a camomile is quite simple: fill in one tablespoon of a camomile with a glass of boiled water, let's stand 20–30 minutes, then filter. Such drink perfectly tones up a body, calms and weakens, it is also possible to add honey or to have tea to a vprikusk.

Whether you know? Camomile flowers in Ancient Egypt were constant attribute of the rituals devoted to god of the sun — Ra.

Do various medicinal infusions, broths, teas of a camomile, quite often include in structure of grass collecting. Such medicines use and as internal medicine and as external. The internal use will help at such diseases as hemorrhoids, diseases of a liver and kidneys, a stomach, an ulcer with a mouth, stomatitis. External application means in itself cosmetology impact on the skin especially sensitive to irritation. Also recipes on the basis of oils of this plant for strengthening of hair meet. Let's consider several useful and checked recipes.

This area is full of the ideas and compoundings. Beginning from a simple indisposition, finishing with diarrhea and hemorrhoids, camomile tinctures act as supportive application from inflammatory processes everywhere. Any hostess, and especially national sorcerers do not do without this component in the recipes. In traditional medicine the camomile takes the leading place.

Compress two bags of camomile tea and two gauze squares Will be necessary for removal of tension from eyes. Warm water before boiling, then throw bags of a camomile into the container with boiled water, cover and give it time will cool down to room temperature. Then in the received liquid moisten two small squares from a gauze so that from them liquid did not flow down. All manipulations it is necessary to run clean hands. Settle more conveniently, put marlechka on eyes and you hold them 10–15 minutes.

For prevention of diseases of eyes and increase in visual acuity it is worth using carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, cottage cheese, onions and garlic.

If you are tormented by severe hysterical cough, then it is necessary to fill in one tablespoon of a grass of 0.5 l of boiled water and to allow to stand one hour, then to wring out and filter. This procedure can be applied to prevention or after strong fits of coughing to calm a mouth and a throat. At a tonsillitis add to this infusion on one spoon of soy and soda, 3-4 drops of iodine.

Whether you know? In South Africa there are tribes which consider a camomile an evil symbol which attracts black spirits. Therefore for several years they completely exterminated this plant species in the territories.

This problem is not always removable and there is it owing to the wrong oral cavity care. To prepare the correct infusion for rinsing, you should not cook flowers, just it is better to steam them. Prepare a small handful of flowers (on a half of palm), fill in with boiled water liter. Apply the received infusion after each toothbrushing.

To put one tablespoon of a camomile in a pan and to fill in with a glass of water. Let boils on slow fire of 15 minutes, then filter. This broth is used for compresses. For internal application make camomile tea: one teaspoon on 200 ml of boiled water, let's infuse. It is necessary to drink warm, it is possible to add honey.

You need a camomile pharmaceutical, sage leaves, flowers of caraway seeds, berry of bilberry and a rhizome of a silverweed. Make collecting in identical amount of all ingredients. Fill in two tablespoons of collecting with a glass of water and you boil 10 minutes, then let 20 minutes will stand. Accept always after a meal. For removal of inflammation and elimination of spasms of bilious channels

For elimination of inflammation and strong spasms the patient needs rest and heat. Therefore at an attack of pain it is necessary to prepare very warm enema from camomile infusion — to draw 40 g of flowers in 0.5 l of water, to filter. To pour the received liquid in a glass and to fill an enema. Contents should not be very hot. Approximately temperature is 40–50 degrees.

The most effective way — an enema. To prepare liquid for the procedure, fill in 100 g of a camomile of 1.5 l of boiled water, let infuses within three hours. Filter and fill an enema, infusion should not be hot. Apply in the evening in 2-3 hours after a dinner.

One of treatment methods a camomile at prostatitis — enemas. For this purpose it is necessary to make one teaspoon of flowers of a camomile in 50 ml of boiled water, to allow to infuse and bring to room temperature. introduction of the received substance is possible by means of syringing.

Important! Consider that the camomile considerably weakens and calms symptoms and pains, but does not cure them. At serious diseases the campaign to the doctor is necessary.

Except medical qualities this plant contains a set of components which very are suitable for the cosmetology purposes. Many companies take structure of a flower as a basis for the care products for face skin, hair and a body. A great number of beauties use it in house cosmetology. Flowers of a camomile can be used in different options: steam baths, infusions, lotions, in the form of conditioner for hair and a set of other ways.

The officinal grass promotes growth of hair and strengthening of hair bulbs. Especially blondes because the camomile adds to hair beautiful golden gloss use it. Besides, the flower perfectly struggles with dandruff. It is necessary to make four tablespoons of flowers in 1.5 l of water, to allow to infuse and filter. Hair rinse with such broth after washing.

That hair were healthy and brilliant, vitamin A and E is necessary for them.

With application of a steam bath it is possible to get rid of irritation on skin of face and eels. If to wipe with camomile solution a face every morning, skin will find a velvet and gentle look. For some it is suitable option for nutritious masks. Flowers steamed previously fray with honey, add an egg yolk in the raw and almonds oil. In substance lower the gauze put several times and put it on a face for 10–15 minutes, then wash a face with warm water and apply cream.

Phytotherapy is quite good option of treatment in gynecology. Components of this plant allow a camomile to force out many medicines for treatment and prevention of diseases of genitals. It is possible to use inflorescences in the form of infusions for syringing, ointments, broths and many other things.

As the camomile has anti-inflammatory properties, she perfectly struggles with diseases of venereal character, but only accompanied by the strong medicines registered by the doctor. Thus it prevents a severe itch, discomfort, inflammatory processes. Also stimulates regenerative processes and promotes healing of wounds.

At the milkwoman — promotes elimination of irritable processes. In a leading role acts here hamazulen as it possesses anti-inflammatory action. At the milkwoman it is recommended to use methods of syringing and baths. For example: two tablespoons to fill in 0.5 l of water and to leave to be boiled for five minutes. Then liquid to filter and cool to room temperature, to start syringing.

Learn how to get rid of the milkwoman.

At such illness the camomile is applied very often. It helps an urinary system to normalize outflow of urine and not to do harm to bodies. It is worth mentioning once again that the camomile perfectly fights against inflammatory processes therefore during cystitis it is the best way to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, such as itch and burning. There are many options: baths, syringing, lotions, infusions. An example of the recipe at cystitis: to make collecting of flowers of a camomile, birch kidneys, berries of elder and a barberry in equal proportions, to grind components in hands. Fill in with boiled water liter three tablespoons of collecting, let will infuse. To drink 3-4 times a day.

At all the magnificence the camomile also has contraindications and can do harm to an organism. At overdose, headaches can begin, cough and a hoarseness quite often develop. Also excessive use of a camomile can dull work of nervous system and lead to decrease in a muscular tone. It is especially important to refrain from application of a camomile at mental disorders. Because of the rich chemical composition the flower can cause allergic reactions in the people subject to such illness. Strangely enough, the camomile is contraindicated during painful periods. The people having a renal failure and diseases of an urinary system should accept camomile infusions only under observation of the doctor.

The camomile pharmaceutical — the kind friend for each family, it will help to solve problems with cold and some other diseases. But it does not mean that it can be applied in life without extra care. This plant strong established the positions in medicine and cosmetology thanks to the best sides. But you should not forget that strongly you should not stick to this plant, it is better to foreknow what side effects it in itself conceals.

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