Physical activity"

Physical activity"

modern century bears in itself decrease in physical activity or a hypodynamia which is presented by lack of loadings, sports activities, vigorous activity and most often existence of office work. Of course, if you work in the sports, namely active sphere, then to you it is obvious does not threaten. But nevertheless, population bulk – such workers connected with sedentary work. How to avoid it if there is no time for gym, soccer, tennis, swimming or any other sports direction which can help to restore activity of an organism? I can answer that even lack of it it is possible to manage by means of the usual things accompanying you in life.

Returning, home, in principle you have no place to hurry even if there is a strong wish to sleep, just forget about it and walk home. By itself if work is located far, then it is possible to pass at first bigger distance and to overcome the rest most. It can be done and in the morning, it will be just necessary to wake up a bit earlier, and, having overcome itself, to go to work.

Having woken up it is necessary to do morning exercises, without it in the morning in any way! It will give you courage and a pleasant impression of the next day.

Use a ladder instead of the elevator. If you have too multi-storey building, then it is possible to pass a half, and then, having been chosen, to follow on foot.

Instead of sending children or the brother with the little sister to shop, to walk with a dog and it is better to be engaged in other tasks most. It will give to even more physical activity. Also try to use not especially the car, especially on small distances.

How you had too saturated work, once a week arrange yourself Saturday or Sunday rest, a trip to the nature, picnics, swimming in the small river, the lake, fishing or other games with friends.

And at last, if you absolutely lazy person, also do not want to take my advice, then buy the game console with a special rug, detectors of the movement and the panel and play active games in free time. I assure, helps.

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Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team