Possible problems with health from systematic consumption of nutritional supplement a glutamate of sodium (E621)

Possible problems with health from systematic consumption of nutritional supplement a glutamate of sodium (E621)

In modern life it is possible to meet products and goods more and more seldom without use of any given chemical additives which take the form of dyes, amplifiers of taste or are chemical substitutes of some components.

The fact already in itself that add chemical to food does not instill confidence that such product can be used not to mention its usefulness.

In this article it will be a question of such nutritional supplement popular around the world as a glutamate of sodium which is widely applied in production of food and influences strengthening of flavoring indicators of any given product.

Production of a glutamate

Contrary to common opinion that the sodium glutamate (E621 nutritional supplement) is an ingredient of exclusively chemical origin this component in the natural form contains in a number of natural products, for example, in corn, tomatoes, milk, fish, soy and products of its processing.

Thus, it is impossible to claim unambiguously that E621 additive only chemically removed additive. The history of emergence of this ingredient originates in the second half of the nineteenth century. For the first time it was found experiments in Germany, in the natural form at carrying out.

A bit later, already in the twentieth century, in laboratories of Japan this element was received in the chemical way, as a result of processes of fermentation of wheat gluten, and, after carrying out numerous experiments with use of this element, patented it as the preservative helping to prolong an expiration date of food and, besides, as the amplifier of flavoring characteristics. As for production of a glutamate of sodium in the chemical way, this process comes down to banal fermentation and decomposition of carbohydrates. As such carbohydrates the sugar cane, starch, sugar beet and treacle often act. As a result of decomposition, crystals of white color which are a sodium glutamate are allocated and accumulate.

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For what it is necessary and as works

After the first experiments made at the beginning of the twentieth century by the Japanese chemists, the research of influence and the sphere of possible application of a glutamate of sodium did not stop. Its main technological objectives was to keep food as long as possible, usovershenstvuya advantages of any given products.

Other problem of E621 nutritional supplement was strengthening of tastes of food and also, if necessary, masking and veiling some flavoring parameters, unpleasant or unattractive for the consumers, reducing competitiveness of goods and demand for them.

The products containing a glutamate

We already understood that this nutritional supplement can be also in products of natural, that is natural origin, and in the products which are chemically complemented with such amplifier. Unfortunately, the majority of the ingredients of a daily diet loved by us, anyway, are connected with E621 additive.

Are among such products: meat and fish dishes, sausages, sausages, sausages, various semi-finished products and also salads from supermarkets. Also it is possible to include croutons, crackers, chips, salty and sun-dried fish who is on sale as snack for beer, salty nutlets and even sunflower seeds in this list.

And seasonings, cubes for broth, frozen semi-finished products, ready sauces, ketchups, mayonnaise, mustard, canned food and still quite extensive list of products still here enter.

Important! The only products which does not influence (and, therefore, and it is not applied) a glutamate of sodium are eggs, fruit and confectionery.

We give the list of the products containing a natural glutamate of sodium of natural origin in the structure below (in 100 g):

  • seaweed to a komb — 3190 mg;
  • cheese parmesan — 1680 mg;
  • soy sauce — 780 mg;
  • ham 350 mg;
  • bacon — 337 mg;
  • Emmental cheese — 308 mg;
  • sardines — 280 mg;
  • ripe tomatoes — 246 mg;
  • mackerel — 215 mg;
  • cheddar cheese — 182 mg;
  • mollusks — 140 mg;
  • corn and green peas — 106 mg;
  • the Kamchatka crabs — 72 mg;
  • onions — 51 mg;
  • cabbage — 50 mg;
  • asparagus — 49 mg;
  • spinach — 48 mg;
  • mushrooms — 42 mg;
  • chicken – — 22 mg;
  • beef and pork — 10 mg.

In other products the glutamate of sodium contains in an artificial look, that is as chemical additive.

Whether there is an advantage

For today nearly E621 is considered the most disputable nutritional supplement. The sodium glutamate finally was not recognized as either useful additive, or harmful, and disputes over this occasion continue to this day, as well as multiple researches of influence of this chemical component on a human body and functions of its activity continue.

Some consider that time a glutamate contains in the natural form animal and plant origin in some products then it is useful to an organism.

Whether you know? The human body constantly synthesizes a sodium glutamate in the organism, receiving it from the natural and chemically synthesized ingredients. This substance actively participates in processes of intoxication of an organism, protecting it from harmful toxic minerals and also takes part in splitting and distribution of the nutritious minerals and vitamins coming to an organism with food.

Except processes of splitting and assimilation of vitamins, minerals and minerals, the glutamate of sodium participates in processes of digestion, normalization of work of a gastrointestinal complex and balance of acidity (in our organism the glutamate meets in the form of glutamic acid).

And still this substance takes part in power, fat and proteinaceous exchange in our organism. Its ability to neutralize ammonia in tissues of a human body is also known. In a word, such substance as a sodium glutamate, is quite important for a human body, not for nothing glutamic acid is synthesized directly in our stomach.

Harmful properties and what the constant use is fraught with

But not everything is so simple in a question of usefulness of such substance. The glutamate is ambiguous, its surplus is capable, according to some researchers and scientists, to do a certain harm to a human body. Refer to negative consequences of overdose of a glutamate of sodium fatigue, headaches, lack of appetite or, on the contrary, excessive appetite, problems with heart and vessels, the elevated pressure, nausea, indigestions, reddenings and even hypostases.

Also there is an opinion that the surplus of glutamic acid harmful affects balance of acidity and microflora of gastrointestinal department of an organism. Other versions of negativity of this component are that the glutamate strengthens and speeds up asthma attacks at subject to this disease and also develops some attachment and accustoming to this additive.

It is similar to that state when the person sits down on drugs: all the time is required increase in a dose. And, therefore, with increase in a dose also the quantity of the absorbed products increases, obesity and heart troubles can turn out to be consequence of what.

Besides, the glutamate in high doses contains in unhealthy food: chips, croutons and semi-finished products at which, besides E621, there is a set of other harmful and even toxic ingredients, including dyes, stabilizers and fragrances.

It is possible to draw an intermediate conclusion that there are several versions of usefulness and harm of E621 additive. And to avoid negative consequences and to minimize negative impact of this substance on our organism, it is necessary to refuse a number absolutely not of useful products. More in details about how to limit receipt in an organism of this substance, we will talk a little later.

Sodium glutamate at pregnancy and breastfeeding

About need of observance of a diet during pregnancy and reduction of the consumption of any junk food, and not just that where the high content of a glutamate, it does not make sense to speak. It and so is clear to all.

Future mothers have to think of what products they consume constantly. The most useful products for pregnant women are among: carrots, spinach, apples, bananas, porridge, strawberry, blackberry, cottage cheese, eggs, kefir, buckwheat, lentil and fish.

Pregnant women and the feeding women belong to the category of especially susceptible and unstable organisms where any violation or an imbalance can lead to extremely undesirable consequences. So, the surplus of glutamic acid in an organism of mother can have pernicious effect on health of the kid. The glutamate of sodium is absorbed in a cerebral cortex of a fruit and influences its development, contributing (in case of the excessive use) to the development of a number of serious diseases including a Down syndrome.

Also this substance gets into nervous system of the child and breaks some functions of motility and also renders the general decrease of the activity, promoting slackness and low-mobility of the kid.

Such overdose is dangerous to the woman too. Attacks of toxicosis and nausea can become more frequent, to be shown frequent headaches or indigestions. Also the allergic reactions which are shown in the form of plentiful rashes, reddenings and even hypostases are not excluded.

Children and E621

All of us know that children are especially subject to influence of flavoring addictions, quite often we face whims, that vegetable salad the child is does not want, and give it only sweets or some harm, like chips. In sweets there is also a number of the negative factors influencing an organism, but which are not so obviously expressed, as in case of the products sated with a glutamate of sodium which will definitely not bring positive effect.

Important! The regular use of such products with the high content of a glutamate of sodium will contribute to the development of diseases of digestive tract, like an ulcer, gastritis and inflammatory processes and also to progressing of destruction of a retina of an eye and violation of work of a crystalline lens that can lead subsequently to loss of sight. Therefore it is important to watch what is eaten by your child, and most to be an example for imitation.

How to reduce consumption and a day ration

As the answer to this question quite banal statement about what needs to be minimized can serve or at all to exclude those products in which the maintenance of a glutamate of sodium is most expressed.

Such food as should not participate in your daily diet:

  • chips, croutons, salty nutlets;
  • fast food in the form of cheeseburgers, hamburgers, French fries, etc.;
  • sweet carbonated drinks, like Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and others;
  • semi-finished products from shops: salads, cutlets, chops and so forth;
  • frozen semi-finished products, like fish sticks, cutlets, the frozen pizzas;
  • canned food;
  • sausages, sausages, sardel;
  • sauces, for example, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and others.

Instead of this list try to use the analogs made independently in house conditions. So, it is possible to make the same mayonnaise or ketchup at himself in kitchen. Same also McDonald's concerns products. You can make hamburger independently and please with it the children. Of course, they will not feel such bright taste, but such burger will be in many respects more useful and safer than the fellow from popular network of cafeterias. The same way it is possible to arrive also with other meat products, preparing own semi-finished products and freezing them in the fridge.

For example, allocate one day a week when you devote completely yourself to cookery and prepare all necessary for the week ahead. Sweet drinks can be replaced safely with home-made compotes to which to add the berries of strawberry, raspberry, currant and cherry picked in the summer and in the fall and frozen before right time.

Summing up the result, it is possible to tell that the sodium glutamate since the moment of opening at the end of the nineteenth century and till today remains a secret for scientists of the whole world, to open all qualities and to prove unambiguity of harm or at them it was not benefited.

Ahead there are a lot of researches of this substance for now in the countries of Europe already began to refuse actively this additive, being guided by the principle of preservation and enhancement of healthy potential of the citizens.

Whether you know? An average lethal dose of a glutamate of sodium 16.6 g/kg of body weight, and an average lethal dose, for example, of table salt 3 g/kg of body weight, that is theoretically a glutamate it is possible to eat in 5.5 times more, than salts. At the same time in the same boiled sausage of salt put 1.8%, and a glutamate about 0.3%, i.e. is 6 times less.

Be attentive to what you eat, and try to follow as much as possible the rules of the healthy and balanced food. It will help to keep, strengthen and increase your health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team