Preparation of leaves of cowberry: drying and storage

Preparation of leaves of cowberry: drying and storage

Cowberry — unique berry which is used in traditional medicine for a long time. Not only fruits are filled chock-full by a vitamin complex, but also stalks with leaves, and even roots use at treatment of many diseases. What advantage of cowberry, we will understand further.

When to collect

In order that to benefit as much as possible from a plant, collecting needs to be organized in the spring and in the fall. April and the beginning of May — just the ideal period for the first collecting foliage when yet blossoming did not begin. If you already noticed buds — it is necessary to wait for the end of September. Fruits take away to themselves almost all useful substances therefore it makes sense to collect leaves and stalks after harvesting.

Important! The leaves collected in the wrong time quickly will get out of a shape and color, at the same time few vitamins will remain there.

For a plant it is characteristic to breed vegetativno therefore during collecting accurately cut off or tear off a stalk, leaving at least a centimeter above the ground. It will help to keep roots and to provide life to a plant and for the next season. Otherwise on this place it will be possible to see a young bush only in 5 years at least.

Roots use in the medical purposes too, but it is necessary to pull out them only in those places where there is a lot of bushes of cowberry, and they grow almost one on another. Thus, it is possible to rarefy a few bushes that will do only good.

At cowberry not only leaves, but also berries which use in the medical purposes, cosmetology and cookery are useful.


Collected leaves need to begin to be dried as soon as possible. Otherwise they in 5-6 hours will begin to fade and lose the look. The leaves sorted from excess garbage, branches and other plants display on white paper or fabric and leave in the dry warm room.

It is also possible to use for drying an oven, but there have to be no more than 40 °C, and the door has to be slightly opened that they did not bake. It is also possible to leave the outspread fabric with leaves on the attic. The room has to be aired.


It is possible to store about three years a plant, ready to the use, in the dry and dark room. For this purpose it is possible to use the same fabric of which it is easy to make a parcel and to suspend it or to put, and the bank can use — the tight vessel will save preparation from undesirable living creatures.

Whether you know? In the people cowberry is called immortality berry. Earlier people believed that it is filled with kind forces which save from diseases.

Prevention of cowberry from diseases: how to cure plant leaves

Cowberry — a wild and whimsical plant, it is not so simple to grow up it at itself on the site. However, much manage it thanks to some rules. But, even adhering to them, the plant can ache and lose the external healthy look. To avoid it, it is necessary:

  • To plant a plant on the eminence, then water in the earth will not stand that can lead to rotting of roots and death of leaves;
  • Without sulfur the evergreen beauty will not be able to live in soil therefore on square meter there has to be a fertilizing at least from 50 g of this substance;
  • It is necessary to maintain acidity of the soil, at least several times in a year the earth needs to be fed with food acids;
  • At a drought the plant needs active watering by means of the system of drop irrigation.

Useful properties

The vitamin complex and the whole bouquet from minerals and useful elements allow to use for treatment both plant berry, and its green part.

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They have such properties:

  • diuretic;
  • disinfecting;
  • bile-expelling.

Special substances in structure help to kill bacteria and infections in an organism and on a body by means of lotions. Catechins help to strengthen vessels and capillaries and also to prevent their fragility. Use a plant most often at GIT diseases (it concerns gastritis, liver diseases). Also broths and cowberry infusions can improve sight, strengthen the immune system, lower pressure.

Whether you know? In size of preparations of wild berry cowberry ranks second after a cranberry — the hectare of bushes can give up to 300 kg of fruits.

It contains a lot of iron, magnesium, potassium which are capable to strengthen a cardiovascular system and also to help with treatment of inflammation of bodies of an urinogenital system. Even common cold or a headache will pass quicker if to eat berries or to drink broths from leaves.

Drinks from leaves

In the made look the plant is applied most often as with liquid it is easier for organism to absorb useful substances. It is both about hot drinks, and about alcoholic tinctures.

Tea from cowberry leaves

In a teapot to fill in 1 tablespoon of dry leaves with boiled water and to give well to infuse — ready drink will help to be prepared for sleeping, will weaken an organism and will help to overcome any disease.

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Broth from cowberry leaves

Most often use at diseases of bodies of a small pelvis — in a glass of boiled water 2 tablespoons of leaves of cowberry trouble then hold half an hour on a water bath. After that filter liquid and add still a glass of water. Use 50-60 ml several times a day before food.

Important! Tannins which contain in a plant can do harm to people with diseases of kidneys.

Infusion from cowberry leaves

Prepares as well as broth, only a dry plant 4 teaspoons take. And no more than 50 ml for time accept infusion.

Spirit tincture from cowberry leaves

Is cooked from berries on which half a kilo about a liter of vodka and up to 5 spoons of sugar is required. The pounded or shaken-up in the blender berries fill in with liquid with sugar in 2 l bank. To insist up to 4 weeks in the dark room. Then tincture is filtered.

Correctly collected leaves and stalks of cowberry will become a basis for preparation of many medical infusions. And in the winter such drinks will protect an organism from a disease and will be able to support immunity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team