Prevention of a stroke

Prevention of a stroke

of a stroke

The stroke is the most known disease of a brain of mature people. It develops suddenly owing to violation of brain blood circulation to which obstruction or a rupture of vessels lead. The stroke is on the third place among causes of death.

The risk of developing of a disease increases with age. About 30% of the diseased die of a stroke. About 10% which survived need the constant help of relatives. Only the fifth part of the people who endured a stroke is restored to normal life.

Prevention of a stroke

Considerably it is possible to reduce the probability of development of a disease by means of healthy nutrition and physical activity.

It is necessary for prevention of a stroke:

  • to refuse smoking;
  • to limit alcohol intake (no more than 30 grams a day);
  • to use salt in the minimum quantity (2-5 grams a day);
  • to limit consumption of sugar;
  • to replace animal fats vegetable;
  • to use vitamin B;
  • to limit drug intake to a necessary minimum;
  • to walk daily in the fresh air (it is not less than 4 hours in a week);
  • to get rid of excess weight by means of a diet;
  • to avoid stresses;
  • to think positively;
  • to smile more often.

Healthy nutrition for prevention of a stroke

The important value for prevention of a disease has healthy nutrition: refusal of some products and increase in quantity of others in a diet.

It is proved that some products are capable to prevent emergence of sclerous plaques and even to destroy them.

The products reducing risk of development of a stroke:

  • tomatoes – they contain the lycopene which is powerful antioxidant in high concentrations;
  • swede and turnip;
  • garden radish and horse-radish;
  • garden cress and cabbage;
  • bean;
  • citrus;
  • seafood and fish: they contain the potassium and magnesium which are favorably operating on vessels;
  • whole grain dishes;
  • olive oil and olives;
  • red wine (but in small amounts);
  • tea.

Consumption of whole-grain bread, nuts, sunflower seeds, green vegetables, sea cabbage, prunes is recommended. They contain magnesium which lowers risk of a stroke for 15%. This element promotes reduction of pressure and stabilization of level of cholesterol.

The pectins which are contained in juice with pulp, vegetables, fruit, berries and fruit jelly help to remove toxins that promotes prevention of a stroke.

Tryptophane maintains normal operability of a brain. It in large numbers contains in grapes, bananas, dried apricots, a fig, dates, nuts, cottage cheese, fish and meat of birds.

Fowl, porridge, sunflower seeds, nuts, bean, corn, cocoa, bitter chocolate contain the lysine promoting maintaining accurate and clear thinking.

Will help to stir up brain activity and to prevent development of a stroke the leucine which is in a liver, cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, milk and buckwheat.

The products increasing risk of a stroke:

  • smoked products;
  • sausages;
  • marinated vegetables;
  • butter;
  • meat;
  • eggs.

The people entering into risk group are recommended to exclude smoked products, sausages and marinated products from the diet and also to minimize the use of animal fats, meat and eggs.

Sport against a stroke

The physical education will help to avoid a disease. Physical exercises supply bodies with oxygen and improve blood circulation, effectively preventing threat of a stroke.

Occupations are especially recommended by walking and run, swimming and driving the bicycle.

Pay attention that power loadings are contraindicated to the people entering into risk group.

We load a brain with work

Intellectual loadings improve work of a brain, supply it with oxygen and support him in an active state. Therefore it is necessary to load a brain with the solution of logical tasks or study something new, for example, foreign languages.

But, consider that watching TV and games on the computer, on the contrary, have negative effect on work of a brain.

Dogrose in fight against a stroke

The best means for prevention of a stroke is the dogrose. It is desirable to drink all the year round dogrose decoction, and then the risk of developing of a disease will almost disappear.

Broth is prepared from the crushed fruits (50-60 grams) which are filled in with boiled water (1 liter) and insisted during the night. 4-5 times a day on 100 grams accept it.

The calming teas

Will help to protect vessels and to prevent a stroke the calming plants: valerian, sinyukha, peony, mint.

For preparation of broth mix roots of a sinyukha, a peony and valerian in equal quantities. Then the received mix (50 grams) is filled in with water (1 liter) and boil half an hour on slow fire. Broth is infused within an hour. Drink 100 grams twice a day.

It is possible to prepare also spirit infusion. Connect a valerian, mint and a peony in equal proportions. Mix from herbs (100 grams) is filled in with 70% alcohol (1 liter). Insist in the dark 3 weeks at the room temperature. Drink till 20-30 drops twice a day.

Also it is recommended to drink broth of an ordinary and black-fruited mountain ash, rue and sporysh.

What is advised by traditional medicine?

If the probability of manifestation of a stroke is too high, then it is necessary to take the special drugs. But before reception surely it is necessary to consult with the attending physician.

It is possible to prevent a stroke with the help:

  • hypotensive means (enalapril, lisinopril) – lower arterial blood pressure;
  • antiagregant (the tromboassa, a kardiomagnila – prevent formation of blood clots;
  • diuretics (a laziksa, furosemide – save from hypostases.

If you use all above-mentioned recommendations, then the risk of a stroke will decrease by 80%.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team