Prevention of sight

Prevention of sight

occurs when the person begins to feel burning in eyes, reddening, a sight zatumanivaniye, doubling of objects, fast overfatigue? Such symptoms are a sign of a computer visual syndrome which is result of pathological reaction of our eyes to excessive loading. Good news are that in most cases this violation at an initial stage does not cause strong deterioration in sight. It gives us the chance to return sight by painless methods.

  1. Do not read in transport. Because of chaotic movements of the bus also your eyes will jump that very much increases by them loading.
  2. Do not read lying. If you read lying on one side, then one edge of the book is closer than another to you therefore installation of eyes for the line constantly changes. If you lie on a back, and hold the book in hand, important vessels of a neck which bear blood to a brain are pressed, and not only the sight already suffers from it.
  3. Put on special computer glasses. They will significantly lower visual exhaustion and will increase accommodation.
  4. Moisten eyes. During the working day use the special drops for eyes replacing a tear which will moisten eyes and will remove inflammation.
  5. Equip a workplace. Install the monitor of the computer so that the screen did not gleam, and you watch that the upper edge of the monitor was a little lower than the level of eyes. Signs and images on the screen have to be ten times brighter, than a screen background.
  6. Wipe the monitor. Regularly tide up the monitor a special damp rag which will remove dust and stains which irritate eyes.
  7. Take a break. During reading do not forget to take a break from three to five minutes every forty minutes. Optimum time of viewing transfers without harm for the visual device - an hour and a half in day. If your main work is connected with use of the computer, the whole vosmichasovy working day at the monitor is impossible. Such rates already in half a year-year your sight will drop by couple of dioptries. Each hour do the weakening exercises for eyes or just close them and let's them have a rest.

Gymnastics for eyes. The gymnastics for eyes improves blood supply of tissues of eye, increases force, elasticity and a tone of eye muscles, the century strengthens muscles, removes overfatigue. Technology of performance of gymnastics for eyes is very simple, you can carry out it even during a break at work. At first close eyes and look to the right and on the left at ten times. Then make circular motions eyes clockwise and in an opposite direction, without opening eyes. Too it is necessary to do this exercise ten times. Open eyes, reduce pupils of eyes to a nose (ten times too). Approach a window, attentively look at close, well visible detail (a speck on glass, for example), and then direct a look afar, trying to consider the remote objects. And at last, close eyes and, using a nose as the extended handle, write something in air, for example, the name and a surname.

Sport. It is possible to return sight at the initial stages of violations and by means of sport. The main thing is to choose such type of trainings where there is a constant change of focusing of an organ of vision, so - gymnastics for eyes. It can be tennis, badminton, soccer, basketball.

Water procedures. The contrast of warm and cold water strengthens blood circulation in an eye retina. Since morning twenty times splash on eyes warm clear water and twenty times of cold. Or take two big pieces of fabric. Lower one in hot water, another — in ice. Apply the fabric moistened in hot water to eyes for two minutes, then apply to eyes for one minute the fabric moistened in water with ice.


Training glasses. In appearance training glasses remind a colander: instead of lenses - black plastic bars in a hole. During such trainings diameter of a pupil artificially decreases, the image sharpness as a result increases, and the visual acuity increases. Training glasses begin to carry from five to twenty minutes three-four times a day, increasing duration of sessions for several minutes daily. The medical period lasts about a year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team