Raising of weights at osteochondrosis

Raising of weights at osteochondrosis

with osteochondrosis are not recommended to raise weights, but sometimes happens so that not to do without it. Repair in the apartment or at the dacha, heavy swags from a market, new furniture – it is necessary to neglect the disease, but it is necessary to conform to several rules of a raising of cargoes which will help to save a backbone from the undesirable influencing factor.

Never you carry cargo in one hand – it causes tension of muscles from deduction, and pain arises almost at once, not only in hands, but also in the back. Alternate hands that there was no such discomfort. It concerns also cargoes of different weight. If there is a distinction even in 2-3 kilograms – all the same replace cargo in hands.

When you lift cargo – do not incline a back, and be bent in knees and on cards gradually rise upward, and the back has to be direct and equal. It does not give strong load of a back.

If it is necessary to lift cargo above your growth, then place legs in parallel each other at foot distance (on one line). In this case loading goes evenly on a backbone and legs.

When you move, for example, furniture or still something, it is necessary to do it on an exhalation, to hold a back directly and to watch that legs were on one line.

If you decided to lift two or three cargoes, then watch that loading fell on a breast more, but not on a back. It becomes so, cargoes undertake and connect a rope or dense matter. Also it is like the good old days thrown through a shoulder. Do not forget to change the provision of cargo – from one shoulder for another, strong weight on a half of a body will be felt differently.

With weight it is necessary to move dynamically, without sharp turns and other movements. In that case you are not exposed to risk to restrain to yourself a nerve.

Try is not long in one pose – at the same time load of a back amplifies and at presence of a disease the process can be aggravated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team