Rejuvenation, weight loss, starvation

Rejuvenation, weight loss, starvation

Starvation — one of the most effective methods of cleaning and treatment of an organism. It is put in it at the genetic level and is one of self-preservation instincts. When the person or an animal is ill, always refuses food. Thus, the organism does not spend energy for digestion of food, and directs all forces to fight against an illness. Let's understand pluses and minuses of starvation in more detail.

Medical starvation: myth or reality?

In the modern world the environmental disaster takes the increasing scales. The person by 40 years becomes carrier of a set of toxic substances.

They are postponed on all organism, but mainly — in inert fabrics (fatty tissues). The organism protects the most important bodies — a brain and heart. But that these bodies could function correctly, they need normal blood supply.

Blood arrives through arteries and capillaries which are capable to accumulate cholesterol which in turn is one of types of toxins. Cholesterol increases risk of appearance of a heart attack and stroke. These two diseases are the main causes of death around the world.

Important! Medical starvation at diabetes can lead to a hypoglycemic coma!

Toxins which lie practically on all body are capable to cause any disease including cancer. Cancer diseases mortality is on the third place in the list of mortality around the world. Cancerogenic elements do not allow to function correctly to an organism which, eventually, loses the protective reactions against various pathologies.

Statistically every third person of the USA suffers from any given disease because of improper feeding. So to do and how to eat properly not to get into risk group? For this purpose it is necessary to make conscious efforts which will help to clean an organism from the collected mass of harmful minerals. An organism of each person which though sometimes eats in fast food, by definition to treat to group of patients with a chronic toksemiya.

To the best and most radical methods of clarification from chronic carcinogens — medical starvation. It is useful in the plan not only physical health, but also mental or sincere.

Besides, medical starvation is capable to prevent many diseases which can be aggravated at treatment with chemical medicines. The Unloading and Dietary Therapy (UDT) or medical starvation promotes radical clarification of the polluted systems of an organism and recovery of the central nervous system.

Bodies of a human body rejuvenate and decrease at once (the increased bodies demonstrate presence of some pathology, including a chronic toksemiya).

Whether you know? The camel can lose about 1/3 parts of the weight, and then quickly restore it. Such procedure can be deadly practically for any living organism, except a camel.

The correct medical hunger strike performs two main functions.

The first — preventive: at a hunger strike during the first 2-3 days all toxic substances, slags, bacteria and viruses are removed from an organism.

The organism begins to fill energy from internal reserves (endogenous food), thus, burning fat deposits in which the set of carcinogens collected.

The second — medical: the organism which does not spend energy for digestion of food any more destroys all pathological changes in bodies and cages. At this stage germs of tumors and other diseases are destroyed. Medical starvation is useful for all and at any age. It promotes strengthening of protective forces of an organism, improvement and rejuvenation of all bodies, cages, fabrics, molecules and even atoms.

After course RDT of people begins to feel the great force with which it was allocated by the nature, but it never before it used. And harmful toxins were fault to all.

Types of starvation

In the world several people who do not eat many years food in general are known, and at the same time look absolutely healthy.

However do not advise beginners simply to take and to refuse for long time food. There are special techniques of medical starvation which are divided into such types:

  • dry starvation,
  • starvation on water, juice or tea
  • cyclic starvation.

Let's understand each technique in more detail.


There is not one dozen techniques of dry starvation which practice people worldwide. But we will tell about Shchennikov's technique which is often practiced by domestic therapists.

Important! In certain cases starvation can suppress the immune system of an organism.

This technique, as well as most of the others, consists of three stages: preparatory (in the physical and moral plan), the main (time without consumption of food) and an exit from starvation. Some people not really seriously treat a preparatory stage which is very important for the end result. At this stage which takes two days it is possible to eat only crude vegetables and fruit.

It is desirable to refrain from emotional loadings and viewings the TV. It is recommended to carry out full cleaning of an organism, using enemas and laxative medicines.

After that there is a phase of direct dry starvation. During this period it is necessary to refrain from intake of any food and water and also from reception of water procedures.

Shchennikov allocates three types of dry starvation: seven-day, nine-day and eleven-day. Beginners are recommended to begin with seven-day starvation and to consult regularly at the doctor concerning the state of health. At violation of health the starvation should be stopped. In three days after the beginning of the procedure the reception of a cold contrast shower is allowed.

The starvation technique across Shchennikov includes a special daily routine. During starvation it is necessary to lead a quiet life, with moderate loadings and to try not to talk. It is allowed to breathe only a nose, and to try to hold a mouth closed.

Whether you know? Yogas which practice medical starvation can fall into anabiosis. So, in 1950 the experiment with one yogi was made: it was immured in a concrete hole where oxygen did not arrive; he carried out in this hole of 50 hours and survived and is healthy.

The recommended day regimen:

  • morning dream from 6 to 10 o'clock;
  • walks in the fresh air from 10 to 13 o'clock;
  • intellectual loadings from 13 to 15 o'clock;
  • occupations with the personal instructor from 15 to 18 o'clock;
  • evening dream from 18 to 22 o'clock;
  • easy night walks from 22 to 6 o'clock.

It is necessary to leave starvation consistently and very accurately. It is necessary to do it at the same time day in which starvation began.

It is necessary to begin an exit with a glass of warm water. It is desirable to drink it very slowly and gradually. Further it is possible to take a heat bath, and in 3-4 hours to eat a little cottage cheese.

For the next 2-3 days it is necessary to eat chicken, cottage cheese, cheese, fish, etc. Further it is possible to eat cereal porridges, berries and fruit, low-fat meat, etc., but only is it is necessary in the small portions.

On water

Unloading and dietary therapy on water is transferred by an organism a little better, than dry starvation. In this case it is allowed to drink about 1.5 liters of purified water a day. But before such course of treatment it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to be prepared thoroughly. In this case we will talk about a seven-day unloading diet.

In two weeks prior to the beginning of RDT it is necessary to adjust itself in the psychological plan. Be ready that you will have irritability, bad mood, belly-aches, dizziness, etc.

Usually such symptoms are tested only by beginners. Skilled people transfer RDT very simply and even derive from it pleasure. They say that in the course of starvation you begin to see, hear and feel better everything around yourself. Thus, it is possible to remain with the nature in private. In 5-7 days prior to the beginning of RDT it is necessary to begin to limit itself in food. At first to refuse greasy and salty food, then bakery products, and in the last day to use only crude vegetables and fruit.

In the first day of starvation it is necessary to accept magnesia solution. It will promote clarification of intestines. Every morning for 7 days it is necessary to do cleaning enemas.

It is daily necessary to drink from one and a half to two liters of clean mineral water. If you the skilled smoker with an experience, then it is necessary to reduce consumption of cigarettes at least twice, and it is better to leave off smoking in general.

Important! Malnutrition can become the cause of diabetic ketoacidosis.

If you starve in the summer, then it is worth refraining from visits of the beach as hot sunshine can strike sunstroke. In winter time it is worth avoiding overcoolings.

On average in 7 days of starvation for weight loss about 5 kg of excess weight are lost. At the end of therapy the condition of skin, all internals and cages improves and also inflow of emotional forces appears.

The output from RDT has to be serial. After the termination of this course the vermicular movement of intestines is slowed a little down therefore in the first day of an exit it is necessary to use only vegetables or grain decoctions. For the second day it is allowed to use fermented milk products, but still it is necessary to refuse sugar. For the fourth day the consumption of bread is allowed, and for the sixth day it is possible to begin to eat as earlier.

On tea

Unloading and dietary therapy on tea is very similar to RDT on water. The period of preparation and an exit from starvation on tea includes all that is described above. Duration of a course should not exceed 7 days, and it is the best of all to begin from three days. During passing of this course it is allowed to have only green tea without sugar. In day it is possible to drink from 1. Up to 1.5 liters of tea.

Such drink in itself is very useful and capable to bring all toxins out of an organism which collected in it for many years. In this course of therapy the use of a small amount of water (is also allowed but only at strong need). Such unloading and dietary therapy will even help to lose weight quickly.

Effective diets of star celebrities enjoy wide popularity, among them a diet from Megane there are Fox, Miley Cyrus, Sylvester Stallone, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham.

On juice

Fasting days on juice have huge positive effect on an organism. It is necessary to begin such therapies with one or two-day starvation. Then it is possible to increase gradually the number of days without food. In a day or two prior to the procedure it is necessary to refuse all greasy food and to begin to use vegetarian. It is the best of all to eat fresh vegetables and fruit.

Whether you know? The malignant cage is 16 times faster than healthy consumes glucose.

A day before the beginning of RDT it is necessary to make an enema or to take the laxative drugs. It will help to clean intestines.

In the period of RDT the svezhevyzhatyta can use any juice: apple, carrot, spinach, pumpkin, etc. It is necessary to drink about 1 liter a day. At strong thirst it is possible to use in addition still mineral water or tea without sugar. At an exit from RDT in the first days it is necessary to leave juice in a diet and to add to food of fresh fruit and vegetables.

In 2-3 days it is possible to begin to use broths and cereal porridges. From salty and greasy food it is desirable to keep as long as possible.


The essence of cyclic fasting days consists in meal pauses. These pauses stimulate work of all bodies and fabrics.

As a result the deadened cages are brought out of an organism, and on their place new are formed. In this section we will tell about cyclic starvation across Voroshilov. At observations of starving Voroshilov came to a conclusion that those who once a month abstain from food within 7 days can brag of the best results. At achievement of necessary result the pause period in food can be reduced from 7 days to 4.

But for beginners the best way to begin the correct therapy will be mode 1/7. That is, one day a week it is necessary to refuse consumption of any food completely.

It is possible to repeat such procedures months and even years. The organism will not suffer from it, and on the contrary, will get new forces.

Important! At starvation longer than day nervous cages begin to perish. They perish because of a lack of glucose which is their main food.

Having sustained a 4-hour pause after a lunch, it is possible to begin preparation for starvation. It will consist of two procedures: intake of depletive and tyubazh.

After intake of laxatives it is necessary to walk 2-3 hours in the fresh air, so depletion of intestines will begin quicker.

Tyubazh is a cleaning of a gall bladder and liver. To carry out the procedure of a tyubazh, you need to use magnesium sulfate solution (5%).

Two teaspoons of dry powder need to be parted on a glass of water and to sip. After that it is necessary to eat boiled or fried egg. After a while in intestines the rumbling, and later — depletion will begin.

Next day process of starvation begins. This day it is possible to have tea, coffee (without sugar), juice and unlimited number of water. It is desirable to play sports, to go to a sauna or a bath. It is for a while better to get rid of smoking, alcohol is also forbidden to be taken.

Exit from such RDT is not especially difficult. If you began cyclic starvation by a technique 1/7, then one day a week it is necessary not to eat food at all, and in other 6 days to eat as usual (but at an opportunity eat only healthy food and many crude vegetables or fruit).

Useful properties

The advantage of RDT undoubtedly is, and she is very great. Medical starvation is an all-improving method of therapy.

At refusal of food the human body includes reserve forces and independently begins to struggle with such diseases: cardiovascular, skin, diseases of airways, violations of central nervous system, bilious and intestinal, etc. During fasting days the organism does not spend energy for digestion of food, and throws it on removal of toxins and slags from an organism.

Some opponents of such method of therapy claim, allegedly slags can be removed special medicines, and at the same time it is not necessary to starve. It is right, but chemical medicines all slags cannot be removed, besides, the organism at the same time will not be able to restore normal work of digestive tract and to kill germs of various pathologies including tumors.

Whether you know? At temperature drop of the person on 1ºС the metabolism decreases by 6%.

RDT brings benefit not only at treatment of various diseases, but also at their prevention. Not without reason Tibetan legendyo long-living monks who did not eat for many decades are world-famous.

Can do it and legends, but in the world and today there are people who did not eat many years and at the same time look healthier than any person who daily eats food. Such people, to be convinced that they do not lie, put for long time under observations. And today the advantage of medical starvation is very high and it already became an obvious fact.

Besides, fasting days will help those people who dream to get rid of excess weight long ago.

The hunger strike for weight loss is a great way to dump several kilogram of everything for couple of days. Fat will leave, and bodies will become much younger. And the general state to improve. Therefore, the advantage of RDT undoubtedly is, and it is not so scanty.

Whether it is worth starving? Contraindications and harm

This method of fast weight loss and prevention of diseases has also the minuses. One of the main minuses it is considered to be effect of return.

When the organism is limited in food, it perceives it as a stressful situation and does everything possible that further to avoid it. At an exit and RDT the organism begins to postpone in fats almost everything that the person eats. As a result, it can turn out so that the organism will save up even more fats, than lost during fasting days.

Besides, if to limit an organism in food, then it begins to burn own muscles. And then, when the person starts over again eating normally, the muscles into place eaten will melt fat.

And there is cellulitis which in common people is called effect of an orange peel.

Important! During starvation there is a risk of formation of stones in a gall bladder.

At starvation all necessary vitamins, minerals and organic acids cease to come to an organism.

The person can have a stress, exacerbation of chronic diseases and appearance of new catarrhal and viral pathologies. That it did not occur, before RDT it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

What to begin to the beginner with?

Many beginners ask a simple question: how it is correct to starve? It is the best of all for beginners to begin with one-day starvation. Prior to the procedure it is necessary to be adjusted correctly in the psychological plan. Think of what it will give to your organism. The correct motivation always brings success in any undertaking.

In two weeks prior to the beginning of RDT it is necessary to begin to eat properly. Try to pass to vegetarian food, as a last resort, it is possible to add low-fat meat (boiled chicken) to a diet.

Every day try to reduce portions of food. It is the best of all to eat 4-5 times a day, but in the small portions. So your organism will get used that meal will be limited.

Before fasting days it is necessary to discuss state of your health with the doctor. It is very important, starvation can sometimes do harm to an organism. During RDT it is impossible to take alcohol and to smoke (if to throw smoke you cannot, then it is necessary to reduce at least quantity of the smoked cigarettes in a day). It is not recommended to wear synthetic clothes and to sunbathe in the sun.

Any technique of RDT needs to be carried out strictly by rules not to do harm to an organism. It is possible to be influenced by all above techniques only after consultation with the doctor. In case of approval, gain strength and forward!

Precautionary measures

In certain cases RDT can do harm to an organism. Such technique has the contraindications which should be studied attentively. It is forbidden to starve in such cases:

  • during the period to 14 and after 70 years;
  • during pregnancy and a lactation;
  • the artificial implanted fabric (heart valve, skin, etc.);
  • the postponed change of any bodies;
  • thromboses and thrombophlebitises (contraindicated dry starvation);
  • parasitic and infectious diseases;
  • acute shortage of body weight;
  • violations of a warm rhythm;
  • II or III degree of insufficiency of blood circulation;
  • it is purulent - destructive defeat of bodies;
  • renal or liver failure;
  • chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis;
  • endocrine diseases;
  • tuberculosis;
  • gemobloastoza and other malignant new growths.

Whether you know? Nauch

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