Rosemary: than it is useful for what and how to use in cookery, traditional medicine and cosmetology

Rosemary: than it is useful for what and how to use in cookery, traditional medicine and cosmetology

Each hostess buys any given seasonings which she uses for preparation of various dishes, preservation, pickling or a zasalivaniye. Many herbs which are a part of such seasonings are used separately, and not only in the culinary purposes. Today we will tell you about rosemary, we will discuss its application in medicine, cosmetology and cookery. Let's tell about how to prepare raw materials and it is correct to store it.

As looks and where rosemary grows

Let's begin with places of growth and the botanical description of a plant. Rosemary is a semi-bush which grows from a half a meter to 2 meters in height. The plant belongs to the Yasnotkovye family. The plant has a large number of escapes because of what a sprawling elevated part is formed.

Leaves are painted in green color, the reverse side of a leaf has light-light green color. Sheet plates linear, thick, slightly wrapped at edges. Tsvetonosa in a form remind flowers of cockerels, and the coloring is a little lighter, than at a lavender. A fruit of a plant is the nutlet which is painted in brownish color.

Whether you know? The name of a plant comes from words in Latin of ros marinus that is meant by sea dew. It is caused by the fact that rosemary often grows on the seashore.

As for distribution: it is possible to meet it in South Africa, in Turkey and in Cyprus. In Europe the bush meets in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain. In the territory of the Russian Federation, rosemary in a wild look does not grow. It should be noted that in the territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea rosemary is cultivated since the beginning of the 19th century.

Chemical composition

Let's begin with nutrition value and caloric content. In 100 g of a plant 15 g of fats, nearly 5 g of proteins and 64 g of carbohydrates contain. Caloric content is 331 kcal. The plant contains 42.5 g of food fibers.

A half of the fats which are a part belong to saturated. Let's remind that saturated fats in a large number are noxious to health as they are capable to cork arteries. Leaves and escapes contain essential oil which mass fraction makes 0.3-1.2%.

Rosemary is rich with various vitamins, namely: And, B1, B2, B6, B9, C, SS. Also it contains minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron.

Than rosemary is useful

The plant has antibacterial properties; it is capable to fight both against bacteria, and against mushrooms and viruses. For this reason for extension of a period of storage of meat it is strewed with the crushed rosemary. Also the plant is effective against staphylococcus and colibacillus therefore it can be used at indigestions or intestinal flu to normalize the general state. It is possible to use antibacterial properties for purification of air indoors from various harmful microorganisms.

Learn more about useful properties of essential oil of rosemary.

It is no secret that in cold season when it is regularly impossible to air the room, in air various pathogenic bacteria which are capable to cause catarrhal diseases at the minimum deterioration in a condition of the immune system actively breed.

At the oral use, rosemary increases production of gastric juice that positively affects digestion of large volumes of food, or products which are saturated with fats.

Infusions and broths on the basis of a grass are used for treatment of the upper airways. It is possible to wash with medicines a throat to destroy pathogenic microorganisms and also to do inhalations. Rosemary in the form of infusion is applied to decrease in pain in joints and muscles. Also medicine helps to cope with rheumatism and joint pains which arise because of sharp change of weather.

It is separately possible to mark out the following properties of a plant:

  • bile-expelling;
  • toning;
  • invigorating;
  • anti-inflammatory.

Application in different spheres

Having dealt with what represents rosemary, we will talk about for what it is used. Let's consider not only application in cookery, but also in medicine and also cosmetology.

In cookery

Rosemary is used both in European, and in Asian cuisine therefore it is possible to meet a plant in the majority of dishes to which meat or meat products is added. But, at the same time, it is possible to use a grass as seasoning everywhere therefore everything is limited only to your imagination. As the plant has rather strong smell, in a large number it is not used. It is possible to find rosemary in seasonings like the mixes Italian Herbs, Provence herbs and also in some structures which are intended for a marinovka of meat or for frying of potatoes.

The grass is used for a marinovka of fish and meat before sending to an oven, for preparation of soups, sauces, meat cutlets, dishes from bean.

Separately It is necessary to tell that rosemary is perfectly combined with alcohol, at the same time it can be added as to hard alcoholic beverages (vodka, whisky, absinthe), and to wine, beer or various liqueurs.

With what rosemary, so it is not combined with bay leaf. The problem is that spices have similar taste and also can give bitterness.

Important! Rosemary is added only at the end of cooking, otherwise it will give bitterness.

The plant has strong taste because of what can kill notes of other herbs which you add to a dish. A large amount of rosemary can muffle even taste of meat therefore in combined seasonings the percent of the discussed plant is extremely small.

In medicine

Further we will discuss use of rosemary in traditional medicine. Essential oil. It is used for inhalations at respiratory diseases of the upper and lower airways. Also it is applied as a stimulator of the immune system, helping to improve protective functions of an organism.

Oil of rosemary helps to cope with headaches if they are caused by intellectual or emotional overloads. It is rather simple to rub it in skin of a forehead or temples.

Whether you know? On the basis of leaves of rosemary make special cigarettes which are smoked by asthmatics to reduce manifestation of a disease.

Infusions. Are used in case of spontaneous deterioration in sight which is not caused by any reasons. Are applied to treatment of the inflamed joints. Also it is used in a complex with other herbs for weight reduction. Infusions help to cure the cold caused by microorganisms, sensitive to a plant.

Extracts. Medicines which part rosemary is are applied to treatment of a liver failure, gripes, a depression, various spasms. Ointments and lotions on the basis of a plant help to cope with skin diseases and also to heal wounds.

In cosmetology

Let's talk about how to use rosemary in cosmetology and to what cosmetics add its oil. For dry or oily skin. Oil of a plant is a part of creams for skin, face packs and the head. Such broad application is caused by the fact that the product normalizes work of sweat glands and consequently, helps to solve a problem of both dry, and oily skin.

At the same time oil positively affects any skin irrespective of on what part of the body it is. That is, if you have oily skin of the head, but at the same time a dry skin on hands, you can use oil both for the head, and for hands.

At bad blood circulation. Rosemary stimulates blood circulation that positively influences not only food of extremities, but also hair. The fact is that if you rub oil in roots of hair, then, after improvement of blood circulation, bulbs will receive more nutrients because of what the condition of keratin surfaces will improve.

For disposal of external and internal pimples. Oil helps to clean pores therefore it can be applied both as a part of tonics to removal of a make-up, and in creams which are designed to reduce inflammation and to exempt the littered time from dirt. From wrinkles. The plant is a part of anti-aging creams which help to cope with wrinkles and also to improve structure of face skin. Similar means not just pull skin, and stimulate cell regeneration that leads to rejuvenation of an integument from within.

We recommend to you to esteem about application in cosmetology of such plants as a thyme, a cornflower, a bearberry, a calendula, a linden, a sage, a hyssop, a lyubistok, a thistle.

Skin bleaching. Oil of a plant is a part of creams which are used for skin bleaching and also for disposal of pigmentary spots.

As you can see, rosemary has huge amount of properties, useful to cosmetology, therefore it can be applied everywhere. Considering the low cost of raw materials, cosmetics on the basis of a grass have the affordable price.

Recipes of application in the medical purposes

Let's tell several recipes which will help to cope with various illnesses in house conditions.


Useful broth which will help to cope with heartaches, neurosises and gastric gripes. We take 2 tablespoons of the crushed plant leaves, we fill in 200 ml of boiled water then we cook about 20 minutes. After that we filter and we cool. The received broth is used on 1 tsp for half an hour to food.

For bathtubs (calming). We take 50 g of rosemary, we fill in with liter of cold water then we bring to boiling. We remove from a plate and we wait for half an hour. Further it is necessary to filter through several layers of a gauze and to add to the filled bathtub.

Important! It is possible to stay in a medical bathtub no more than 30 minutes.

Water infusion

For treatment of the inflamed joints. We will need the dry crushed leaves of a plant and the crushed bark of a white willow. We take 3 tablespoons of a grass and bark then we fill in with liter of boiled water and we insist 2-3 hours. We drink the received infusion during the day, dividing into optimum equal doses. It is possible to accept irrespective of meals.

For weight reduction. We will need a bitter wormwood, sage leaves, flowers of a sloe and rosemary. All these herbs can be found in drugstore therefore it is possible to prepare medicine.

We mix the specified herbs in equal proportions then we take 3 tsps of the received mix and we fill in with a half of liter of boiled water. It is necessary to insist no more than five minutes. Further we filter and we use 150 ml after each meal. For disposal of bags under eyes. We take 2 tablespoons of the crushed grass then we fill in 300 ml of boiled water. It is necessary to insist about an hour then surely we filter. We apply in the form of compresses which are imposed on eyelids and skin around eyes. It is the best of all to carry out the procedure before going to bed.

Spirit tincture

At neurosis, a meteorizm, small appetite. We take a tablespoon of a dry grass, we fill in 100 ml of vodka then we shake up and we place in the storeroom for 10 days. For the 11th day it is necessary to get tincture, to filter, pour in a convenient bottle. It is necessary to take 3 times a day for half an hour to food. On 2 tablespoons of water we take 20 drops of tincture.

For treatment of rheumatism. It is necessary to measure 250 ml of a septil (70% alcohol). Further we add 50 g of fresh branches of rosemary there then densely we close capacity and we send to a closet for 1.5 weeks. The received infusion is filtered then we use outwardly for a pulverizing.

For treatment of the diseases of a mouth caused by an infection. We take 250 pure ml and 250 ml of 96% of medical alcohol. We mix then we add 7-8 drops of essential oil of rosemary.

The received tincture needs to be added to water (5 ml on 250-300 ml of water) and to use for processing of a mouth or oral administration.


For treatment of respiratory diseases and also complications in the form of tracheitises and bronchitis, it is possible to use inhalations on the basis of rosemary.

We take the enameled vessel, no more than 2 l. We pour water and we add couple of branches of a plant, or 1-2 tsps of dry raw materials. We bring to boiling then we carry out inhalation about 10 minutes. It is necessary to inhale steam at first a nose, and then a mouth.

For inhalations it is also possible to use rosemary oil together with other essential oils, however it is necessary to be accurate as similar mix can cause allergic reaction. Also it is worth remembering that for inhalations several drops of oil will be enough.


On the basis of a plant it is possible to make tasty and useful tea, however for this purpose we will need additional ingredients as the tea based only on rosemary does not differ in richness of taste and if it is wrong to make it, then you receive very bitter liquid which cannot be drunk.

So, for preparation of tea we need to take a melissa, a St. John's wort, leaves of bilberry and rosemary in equal proportions. Of course, it is better if raw materials for tea are fresh, but the dry option will also approach. We take a teaspoon of the received mix then we make in a cup as usual tea.

We wait to half an hour, we filter, we add sugar or honey. Tea with rosemary has the following useful properties: helps to cope with a depression, accelerates recovery at colds and also it helps to be restored after serious illnesses.

Recipes of application in the cosmetic purposes

Above we told about how to use a plant for treatment of various diseases and illnesses, however it is possible to apply rosemary and as a part of self-made cosmetics. Further we will tell you how to create excellent creams and masks on the basis of a useful grass.

For hair

Mask for dry and normal hair. At first we prepare a basis for a mask. We take 4 tsps of oil from grape seeds and 2 tsps of jojoba oil. We add 2 drops of oil of an acorus and rosemary. We apply the received mask on roots of hair then we cover with food wrap and a towel. We maintain hour and we wash away warm water with shampoo.

Mask for strengthening of hair. We mix usual salt with oils of black pepper, the rosemary and a basil taken on one drop. Further we connect the received mix with 2 egg yolks, we mix, and we use as a mask or hair shampoo. If the structure is caused in the form of a mask, it is necessary to hold it no more than half an hour. For growth of hair. We take 1 tablespoon of oil of avocado, 5 ml of oil of wheaten germs, 2 ml of almond oil and ½ tsps of lecithin. We add 20 drops of oil of rosemary to the received mix. We apply a mask at first on roots, and then on all length of hair. We hold no more than 5 minutes then we wash away warm water.

Important! The mask is applied only on dry clean hair.

For skin

For dry skin. We take a half of ripe banana, we knead in puree then we add 2 drops of oil of a lavender and rosemary. We mix and add 1 tsp of oil of avocado. The received structure is applied to face skin for 20 minutes. After the specified time, the mask should be washed away warm water.

Whether you know? Fragrance on the basis of a plant (E392) is used in many food.

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