Rules of care for skin

Rules of care for skin

the nature awarded you with healthy skin from the birth, means to you it was lucky. But on Road of Life it is possible to lose beauty. That it did not happen, it is necessary to look after face skin day by day.

  1. Protection against the sun and refusal of cigarettes

Scientists from Case Western Reserve University in the USA analyzed photos of 186 couples of monoovular twins. They were asked to fill the questionnaire about habits and a way of life. It turned out that those from them who smoked and was not protected from the sun by means of creams with the UV filter looked is more senior, than their brothers and sisters who did not smoke and were protected from the sun.

  1. Use the products rich in vitamin A

According to the American dermatologist Paul M. Friedman, vitamin A has to be a basis for the rejuvenating face skin care. And not for nothing! Vitamin A prevents appearance of wrinkles, eliminates pimples, bleaches pigmentary spots, increases production of collagen and improves texture of skin. To take the drugs rich in vitamin A, it is necessary in small doses: each 3 days on one pea for the night.

  1. Use of a huge amount of cosmetics on skin care

According to the dermatologist from the city of Boulder in the State of Colorado Jeanie Lidon, one of the main mistakes of women at skin care is use of too large amount of cosmetics at the same time. The congestion of a large number of components on skin can cause her irritation. Some elements destroy others. For example, glycolic or salicylic acid destroy vitamin C, hydrochinone and Retinolum.

According to Paul M. Friedman, the most important for skin is a cleaning means, the moisturizing cream, vitamin A and sunblock cream.

  1. Do not change often skin care product.

Most of women use new means for 2 weeks and throw out it, having decided that it does not work.

According to Jeanie Lidon, cosmetics needs time to show the efficiency. Use all tube or a jar and only then solve whether cosmetics works.

This council does not concern seasonal cosmetics: it is necessary to use the moistening means without oils in the summer, and in the winter – with oils which protect skin from loss of moisture in warm rooms and from cold on the street.

  1. Healthy lifestyle and healthy food

Try not to use meat products, flour, fat and sweet. Have breakfast fruit, spinach and a celery.

You sleep not less than 7 hours a day. During sleep growth hormone is produced. It updates cages and stimulates growth of collagenic fibers.

Play sports – physical exercises strengthen blood circulation and inflow of nutrients to body tissues.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team