Set of exercises at a coxarthrosis

Set of exercises at a coxarthrosis

One of methods of treatment of a coxarthrosis are the physiotherapy exercises.

There are various techniques and complexes of physical exercises which at the correct performance positively influence a condition of joints.

What the disease is

Coxarthrosis — pathology of a coxofemoral joint at which there is a deformation of cartilaginous tissue. This disease arises owing to heavy physical activities, injuries, excessive weight, a congenital dysplasia or aging. The most part of patients with a coxarthrosis — people of a retirement age.

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Allocate 3 stages of a coxarthrosis:

  1. On cartilaginous tissue there are outgrowths, the articulate crack decreases in sizes. Pains develop at active loadings.
  2. Outgrowths increase, the articulate crack becomes still already, there is a deformation of a head of a coxofemoral bone. The morbidity and violation of motive function is characteristic.
  3. A large number of outgrowths, articulate crack can be absent, the head of a coxofemoral bone considerably changes. Pain sharp and during a dormant period, specifically changes a bearing and gait.

The coxarthrosis is followed by painful feelings and needs timely therapy. One of types of treatment is LFK (physiotherapy exercises).

Advantage of physical exercises

The advantage of physiotherapy exercises consists in:

  • decrease in painful manifestations;
  • improvement of metabolic processes in a joint;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • reduction in a tone of muscles;
  • restoration of full motive function;
  • weight reduction;
  • gradual regression of a disease.

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At what stages of a disease it is possible to do exercises

Physical exercises are considered as effective at the first two stages of a disease. At the third stage the hospitalization and surgical treatment is necessary.

Contraindications to occupations

Contraindications for physical activity are the following cases:

  • period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • pregnancy in 2-3 trimesters;
  • periods;
  • postinsultny and postinfarction period;
  • the undergone operation;
  • recent traumatizing;
  • elevated pressure;
  • decubituses;
  • aneurysms;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • trophic ulcers.

Medical exercises at a coxarthrosis

Physical activities at this disease can be carried out in house conditions. It is necessary to adhere accurately to technology of their performance for an exception of injuries.

Important! Before performance of a set of exercises consult to the treating doctor.

Lying on a back

Starting position — lying on a plain surface on a back, straight arms, are pressed to hips. The following complex is carried out:

  1. Raise hands on a breath and lower on an exhalation.
  2. Bend and unbend hands in elbows.
  3. Bend an extremity with the affected joint in a knee and straighten, hold in such situation 1–3 seconds.
  4. Clasp a leg with hands in the area under a knee, hold on it to a thorax.
  5. Bend legs in knees so that feet concerned a floor, raise buttocks, without tearing off a hand from a floor.
  6. Foot turn socks inside and back.
  7. Execute exercise bicycle at slow speed.

Gymnastics at a coxarthrosis lying on a back: video

Lying on a stomach

Starting position — lying on a stomach, straight arms, are pressed to hips.

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The following complex is carried out:

  1. Bend a leg to 90 degrees, lift and hold several seconds.
  2. Extend hands forward, strain pelvic muscles, return to a launching site.
  3. Raise the head with involvement of muscles of shoulders for some time, repeat several times with a pause between approaches.
  4. Extend hands forward, raise the head and a neck, do moves by hands 2–3 times.

Lying on one side

Starting position — lying on a healthy side, the hand on which emphasis is placed, is bent in an elbow.

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The following complex is carried out:

  1. Raise a direct extremity with the affected joint.
  2. Put the head on a hand, a direct leg with the affected joint lift, take away sideways and come back to a launching site.

In a standing position

Starting position — a rack directly, hands and legs direct.

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The following complex is carried out:

  1. Lean hands against a wall, carry out easy moves a leg with the affected joint then take away it sideways and execute circular motions.
  2. Squat half, holding hands a support.
  3. Rise on toes and come back to a starting position.

Sitting on a chair

Starting position — sitting on a chair, a back direct.

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The following complex is carried out:

  1. Put a ball between legs and squeeze it knees.
  2. Part heels and connect socks, nestle knees of legs.

In water

These exercises can be done in the pool. Begin with ten-minute occupation and gradually increase time.

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Being in water, execute the following complex:

  1. Moves a leg with the affected joint.
  2. Active movements, standing still and having nestled feet on a bottom.

Whether you know? Occupations in water well influence the struck cartilaginous tissue, increase elasticity of joints, promote strengthening of muscles.

Special techniques

There is a number of author's techniques of physical activity with various complexes and technicians of performance of exercises. Among the most known — Bubnovsky, Evdokimenko's gymnastics and Geeta.

Bubnovsky's gymnastics

The effective technique of therapy of a coxarthrosis developed by professor S.M. Bubnovsky allows to cure a disease of a non-invasive way by means of a kinezioterapiya.

In this technique the following complex is offered, each exercise is carried out till 10-30 repetitions:

  1. Get up in a rack on a lap and elbows, curve a back on a breath and bend on an exhalation.
  2. Without changing situation, slightly you will push the case forward and return to a launching site.
  3. Put emphasis on elbows, exhale and lower the case down, having pressed it to a floor.
  4. Inhale, return to an initial position and take away a trunk back so that buttocks adjoined to heels.
  5. Lay down on a back, bend legs in knees and press a foot to a floor, cramp knees with elbows and raise buttocks, return to starting situation.

Bubnovsky's technique at a coxarthrosis: video

Evdokimenko's exercises

In an author's technique the rheumatologist P.V. Evdokimenko combines exercises for treatment of a coxarthrosis at the second stage and offers the following complex:

  1. Lay down on a back, raise serially legs and detain on 35 with, repeat 10 times.
  2. Lying on a back, slightly raise legs and do moves by at the same time right and left leg in the parties.
  3. Without changing situation, bend legs in knees, accept feet to a floor and raise buttocks.
  4. Lay down on a stomach, bend serially legs by 90 degrees.
  5. Lay down sideways, raise a leg by 45 degrees and hold during 30 pages.
  6. Repeat the previous exercise on other side.
  7. Repeat exercise, turning at the same time a foot.
  8. Sit down on a floor, straighten legs, touch with hands socks and be late for 2 min.
  9. Sit down on a floor, put emphasis a back on a wall, part legs separately, at the same time bend a leg with the affected joint by 90 degrees.
  10. Sitting on a floor, extend legs forward, undertake hands for a foot.
  11. Sit down on a chair, raise a leg and hold 30 pages.

After performance of a complex it is necessary to make light massage of a hip.

Gymnastics for coxofemoral joints by Evdokimenko's technique: video

Exercises Geeta

The manual therapist V.D. Gitt offers the technique of treatment of a coxarthrosis based on performance of micromovements. It is also desirable to lower protein in a diet and to attend massage sessions by the same author's technique.

Important! Micromovements have to have amplitude in several centimeters (to 2 cm).

It is desirable to carry out exercises throughout the day. In house conditions it is possible to carry out the following complex:

  1. Lay down on a back, put rollers under knees and the head, move legs to each other and come back to an initial position.
  2. Lay down on a stomach, the roller arrange under an ankle, move a basin here and there.
  3. Sit down on a chair and move knees.
  4. Sitting on a chair, serially raise heels. In the same situation allocate the building back, extend legs forward, press feet to a floor and move legs to each other.

Exercises Geeta at a coxarthrosis: video

Rules of performance of exercises

All exercises have the general rules of performance:

  1. It is impossible to allow insufferably painful feelings.
  2. Loadings have static character.
  3. Before LFK and later it is possible to make light massage of a pelvic part.
  4. Performance of exercises has to be regular.
  5. Sharp movements are inadmissible.

Whether it is possible to be engaged in the Scandinavian walking

The Scandinavian walking positively influences joints, especially in the first two stages of development of a disease.

This type of physical activity has a number of advantages before usual foot walks at a coxarthrosis, namely:

  • involves the most part of muscles (about 90%);
  • improves blood circulation in a joint;
  • loses weight;
  • does not break moderate heartbeat;
  • reduces load of a joint thanks to a support on sticks.

Whether you know? Regular Scandinavian walking is more effective, than walking, and less injury-causing, than run. For loadings of this type from equipment only special sticks are necessary.

Exercises at a coxarthrosis are the effective type of treatment allowing to stop defeat of cartilaginous tissue at early stages. Available techniques and complexes help patients to get rid of morbidity and to return to a usual rhythm of life without sore joints.

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