Skin care or teenage pimples

Skin care or teenage pimples

skin – one of eternal problems of youth which seeks to get rid quicker of an importunate red raid or existence of the inflamed skin pores, such phenomenon as pimples That it? The answer more often one – hormonal changes in the growing-up organism. It is the nature, you will not argue with it, but nevertheless there are several methods which can help to spend this period less negatively. Read more attentively, use of one moment will not be positive. The technique works as the whole method.

  1. Healthy nutrition – necessary nuance at teenage age when hormonal changes begin. Do not use fried, greasy, salty, spicy and such food which does harm to a young organism, the same pimples develop. Do not use alcoholic products. Do not drink too many carbonated drinks. All above-mentioned options negatively influence hormonal fund. Also forget about semi-finished products and fast food! Eat the healthy and vitaminized food steamed or a cooking method. Eat more vegetables, greens and fruit. Eat fish more often.
  2. You descend to the experienced expert, the cosmetologist, a kozhvenerolog or the dermatologist which will help to stop the choice on the correct skin care products. Correctly picked up cosmetics and means well influence a condition of an integument, will remove pimples
  3. If you nevertheless have any rashes, small gnoynichka or a dirty time, pimples, then the experienced cosmetologist will carry out to you cleaning which, in fact, is obligatory. After it processing of area will be carried out and special means are appointed.
  4. Do not forget to change more often towels, rinse a face with cool and soft water without the soap use! The last nuance very frequent – teenagers try to help the skin the frequent use of soap means. Remember, even special soap is not recommended to be used too often – it will do much harm to skin and even new pimples will develop
  5. Adjust yourself not in negative, and positive option. Remember, all passed this period, do not envy those who have nothing. This period will pass, and you will remember it with a smile.

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  1. And the last that wants to be told – do not obey the friends or girlfriends who were helped by that, or other means, a national method or the means seen in advertizing. All of us – are individual and we are helped by different means. So, be vigilant and then pimples will abandon you

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