Snail and a pillow from wrinkles – the new inventions of cosmetology

Snail and a pillow from wrinkles – the new inventions of cosmetology

from wrinkles

The American plastic surgeon Dzhosel Enson created a surprising pillow from wrinkles. It interferes with formation of wrinkles during sleep when the person, resting against a pillow, pripluskivatsya. It concerns, first of all, those who sleep on a stomach and on one side. Externally innovative pillow is similar to a puzzle with numerous dredging for the person. At the expense of it it is not deformed and minimum adjoins to a pillow.

Vitiligos are white spots on skin

In Henry Ford's hospital in the USA made an experiment on skin pigmentation restoration. 23 patients (18-60 years) took part in it. Took a small piece of skin from the top part of a hip from them and allocated from it melanotsita and keratinotsita (cages which develop pigments, and cages which create new skin cells). The received substrate was sprayed on the sites of skin deprived of pigmentation and for a week applied a bandage. In 6 months the white spots darkened, though remained is lighter than neighbors.

Snail for a peeling

In Japan there was popular a procedure of rejuvenation of skin by means of snails – an ulitkoterapiya. The author of a technique – the expert from the Tokyo cosmetology clinic Clinical Salon Yoko Minami. Thanks to slime of snails the condition of skin of patients improves, the skin is moisturized and rejuvenates. The procedure costs about 250 dollars. Snails are put on a face, a neck and area of a decollete. The cosmetologist adjusts their movement and watches that they did not climb in eyes, a mouth and a nose. During the movement the snails eat dead skin cells and grease a face with slime which heals wounds and has the regenerating properties. Besides, the movement of snails makes small massage. After the procedure, skin is greased with cream which also contains slime of snails.

Medicine for a gray hair

Scientists from the Center for studying skin at the University of Bradford and from Institute of pigmentary frustration found the gray hair reason – oxidizing processes in hair follicles because of hydrogen peroxide accumulation. At the expense of it hair become colourless from within. Scientists invented medicine and tested it on volunteers. Hair processed special cream which contained the modified pseudo-catalase. Reduction of speed of a posedeniye of hair was as a result observed.

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