Structure and features of use of amarantovy oil"

Structure and features of use of amarantovy oil"

In pre-Columbian America the amaranth was a popular crop of ancient Indian tribes. Leaves and seeds of a plant were used in food along with a maize and beans, fed with stalks ruminants, used foliage and oil of seeds for preparation of medical structures. We will talk about oil of an amaranth in this article.

What is it?

Oil is received from plant seeds. The most useful consider the product received by method of pressing of grains or a cold extraction. The product received by an extraction method with addition of other vegetable oils is not less useful.

Color of a product in many respects depends on a plant grade: from golden-yellow to a brownish shade. The aroma contains smells of herbs, flower and nut notes, on taste the product is neutral with almost inaudible nut aftertaste. Liquid consistence, without excessive viscosity.

Whether you know? The amaranth was honored in many ancient cultures as a medical and magic plant, in the medical purposes it was used by ancient Greeks and Chinese, and Aztecs and Inca applied in magic ceremonies. It is possible therefore God-fearing conquerors of South America forbade to cultivate culture.

Composition of oil

The advantage of a product is caused by structure rich with useful substances. At it there are such elements — phospholipids, sterols, squalene, carotinoids (are predecessors of oil-soluble vitamin A) and also a large amount of vitamins, minerals and acids.

Learn how it is correct to choose amaranth seeds, and than amarantovy flour is useful.


B1, B2, B4, B5, B6, B9, C, E, D, SS.

Mineral substances

Calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, zinc, selenium, sodium.

Fatty acids

Linolenic, olein, arachidonic, palmitoleinovy.

Amino acids

Methionine, arginine, isoleucine, tryptophane, lysine.

Caloric content

Caloric content — 900 kcal \100 product gram.

Structure I WATCH

  • Proteins — 13.6 g;
  • fats — 7 g;
  • carbohydrates — 68.6 g;
  • food fibers — 6.7 g;
  • starch — 57.27 g;
  • ashes — 2.88 g;
  • water — 11.29 g.

Get acquainted with such useful oils as: oil from seeds of sesame, castor-bean tree, colza, saffron milk cap, flax and sunflower.

Medicinal properties of a product

Existence of a large amount of substances, various on the action, in structure does an amaranth unique on application in the medical purposes. The product helps with treatment and prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal device, at psychological and neurologic problems, female and male infertility and problems with an urinogenital system, eye diseases and many others.

Stomach diseases

The complex of the useful substances which are present at composition of oil has favorable effect on digestive organs:

  • improves a metabolism;
  • normalizes acidity of gastric juice;
  • envelops the inflamed mucous, reducing a pain syndrome;
  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms in a stomach and intestines;
  • has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties;
  • promotes removal of toxins and products of disintegration of drugs.

These properties help with treatment of ulcers of a GIT, colitis, the enterokolit, gastritis, gastroenteritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis. Besides, phospholipids, squalene and irreplaceable amino acids protect a liver from fat and toxic savings.

The stomach disease can also treat sea-buckthorn oil, ekhinatsey and a thyme.

For treatment of digestive organs and maintenance of health of a liver and biliary tract oil is drunk a course by from two to four weeks depending on disease severity, on two tablespoons on an empty stomach.

Heart problems

Minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, magnesium, selenium, thiamine, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, and except them fatty acids, provide strengthening of fabrics and walls of a cardiac muscle, regulate and normalize a warm rhythm. Work of heart is directly connected with health of vessels, and the elements above listed strengthen walls of vessels, clean them from cholesteric deposits, improving current of blood and normalizing pressure. Phosphorus and potassium are besides building material for cells of heart, improve conductivity of nervous impulses in body. For prevention of cardiac diseases take on a teaspoon for half an hour before each meal, on a course it is enough to spend on drink 200 ml of oil. At treatment the norm of reception is increased to a tablespoon, accepting for an hour to food. Duration of a course is coordinated with the cardiologist.

Dermatological diseases

Fatty acids and vitamins of groups B, E, D in a complex protect integuments from bacteria, viruses and fungi, at already available defeats pathogenic organisms kill, heal wounds, remove inflammatory processes. Vitamins give to skin elasticity, helping to remove traces of the hems or spots remaining after a disease (for example, psoriazny plaques and ulcer hems).

You treat dermatological violations by oil of a dogrose and a thistle.

At treatment of psoriasis, eczema and other diseases, oil is applied both outwardly, and internally. Outwardly it is applied with a thin layer on an affected area, occupying the intact regions, from above apply a gauze bandage. Three times a day, in the absence of such opportunity — are desirable to carry out the procedure twice: in the morning and in the evening. Inside at the same time within a week drink on an incomplete tablespoon for half an hour to food, in the morning and in the evening, then three months on a full spoon three times a day.


Anemia is characterized by the low quantity of red blood cells lowered by hemoglobin. At the same time the patient tests constant weakness, dizzinesses, breakdown. Copper, iron, folic acid, amino acids — these substances participate in blood formation processes, all of them in a large number are present at an amarantovy product. At treatment accept 5 ml just before food, twice a day.

Whether you know? During a disease, medicine is usually difficult to force to eat pets, but they absorb amarantovy oil, without any resistance.

Oral cavity diseases

Diseases of an oral cavity arise because of the bacteria getting on mucous. Antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory action will help to restore microflora of mucous, to remove a pain syndrome and to accelerate healing of the available wounds. For treatment the product with a Q-tip is applied on the problem site, rinse a mouth and use oil inside: or in pure form (a tablespoon before food), or adding to salads.

Injuries of skin

The regenerating property of a product will help to accelerate process of healing of burns, cuts, hematomas and grazes, scratches. Oil medicine is applied on an affected area with a thin layer. Within 10-15 minutes a part of a product will be absorbed, the rest needs to be got wet with a napkin. Appliques do twice a day.

Gynecologic diseases

The regular use of a product in food will promote normalization of a hormonal background of the woman, and it will favorably affect during incubation of the kid, will reduce menstrual pains, will help to cope with feeling sick in the period of a menopause. The complex use (internally and outwardly) considerably improves a situation at such diseases as:

  • myoma;
  • vaginit;
  • colpitis;
  • endometritis;
  • erosion of a neck of the uterus;
  • inflammation of ovaries (cyst).

At inflammatory processes inside use two tablespoons for once, three times a day. Inside (vaginalno) place the tampon moistened in oil, in the morning and before going to bed.


Tryptophane, linoleic acid, folic acid are the substances necessary for normal work of central nervous system and a brain. They normalize a metabolism in nervous cages, are responsible for transfer of nervous impulses, for production of necessary hormones (in particular, tryptophane promotes production of serotonin — happiness hormone).

Group B vitamins, tocopherol and ascorbic acid, magnesium, zinc and selenium provide processes, necessary for maintenance of nervous system, at the cellular level, fill shortage of necessary elements, make protective impact on cages and membranes of nervous system. For elimination of a depression and also to normalize a dream and to return cheerfulness and activity, it is necessary to use one-two teaspoons a day together with food.

Cosmetic properties

Amarantovy oil as a part of cosmetics on care for skin of head, a face, hands and a body has a broad spectrum of activity:

  • promotes production of collagen;
  • humidifies and feeds;
  • cleans and narrows pores;
  • activates a metabolism in cages;
  • tightens and smoothes;
  • renders anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect;
  • bleaches and removes skin peeling.

Masks for dry skin

The spoon of honey and yolk mix two teaspoons of oil, the dining room to uniform consistence. Put on a face for fifteen minutes, wash away warm water. In the gauze put several times cut openings for eyes. Warm up on a water bath to 40 °C approximately an oil tablespoon. Further it is necessary to impregnate a self-made basis for a mask and to put on a face for ten minutes. To remove the oily part which is not absorbed in skin the cotton pad moistened in warm water.


To mix two tablespoons of home-made cottage cheese with an oil spoon, to put on a face for fifteen minutes, after to wash away warm water. It is possible to use nutritious mix twice a week. On a teaspoon of amarantovy and sea-buckthorn products to connect to a spoon of liquid honey. A thin layer to apply mix to face skin, avoiding area a century, for fifteen minutes. To wash away warm water.


To mix 1 tablespoon of oil raw materials from 0.5 tsps of lemon juice and 1 tsp of juice of orange. Mix will turn out liquid therefore it is necessary to apply to skin by means of a cotton pad. In 12-15 minutes will begin to pinch from time to time skin — wash away warm water and apply nutritious cream. To mix a tablespoon of amarantovy oil with in advance prepared broth of leaves of parsley, about one and a half tablespoons. Mix is applied with the moistened cotton pad for fifteen minutes.

For oily skin

The tablespoon of a product is mixed with a teaspoon of any cosmetic clay. Mix is applied for 15-20 minutes, washed away warm water. In advance steamed wheat bran, about two teaspoons, mix with oil raw materials, for giving of mix of more dense consistence it is possible to add shchepot clay. Put for twenty minutes.

For normal skin

Broth of a train and camomile, on a teaspoon, mix a spoon of white clay and oil to uniformity. After twenty minutes wash away warm water. Egg white, a spoon of liquid honey and oil (tea) mix up and applied on a self-made gauze basis for a mask, then on face skin for fifteen minutes. After removal it is necessary to apply the moisturizing cream.

Masks for hair

Easy movements to rub oil mix from a burdock, amarantovy and linen seed in head skin, in fifteen minutes prior to the procedure of washing. Regular application will strengthen a hair on all length, will stick together the whipped tips and will add gloss. Strengthening the hair injured by paint or chemical procedures, the mask is put in twenty minutes prior to washing of the head. Prepare mix from two tablespoons of oil, one spoon of honey and pulp of one avocado, apply on the moistened hair on all length. Proportions can be changed according to length of hair.

Harm and contraindications

The first acquaintance to an amaranth can make dizziness, sick, but you should not be frightened — it can be explained with sharp saturation of cages oxygen thanks to squalene. By-effects will pass by itself when the organism gets used to an innovation.

Important! There are no strict contraindications to the use of a product, but in the presence of chronic diseases it is necessary to accept it only with the permission of the attending physician.

The chronic diseases demanding special approach to an amaranth:

  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • existence of stones in kidneys or gall bladder.

Consultation before the use is demanded also by a sharp form of these diseases.

Whether apply in cookery?

Culinary specialists of many countries are uniform in opinion that it is better to use a product cold. Oil of an amaranth can replace olive, linen or any other product, but at thermal treatment loses bigger amount of useful substances. Amarantovy oil is added to various salads, snack, garnishes from grain and bean crops, to cold sauces.

Rules of the choice of amarantovy oil

Buying an amarantovy product, to taste it or it is impossible to estimate aroma, as a rule, as the container in which it is on sale is hermetically closed.

Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to other criteria:

  1. Structure of a product on the label. On natural, quality goods the full structure of all substances and their share is surely specified, information can be on a separate insert. Pay attention to amount of squalene: it cannot be more than 8% as approximately such quantity in plant seeds, and at an extraction it decreases.
  2. The quality product is packed only in a glass container.
  3. The maximum volume of capacity — 250 ml, but a thicket on 100 ml.

It is important! To be convinced of quality, any buyer has the right to demand the certificate of quality on concrete goods.

How to prepare amaranth oil in house conditions

In house conditions amarantovy oil can be received by extraction, applying to extraction an olive or sunflower product, but surely cold extraction. List of actions:

  1. To dry one kilogram of large amarantovy seeds in a dry frying pan, after to crush in the coffee grinder.
  2. To pour one and a half liters of the made vegetable oil in a 3-liter jar, to pour out the crushed grains, to stir all mix and to close a dense cover.
  3. To bank with contents put to the dark place, approximately for three weeks. Contents are stirred up every day.
  4. After term through the watering can covered with the gauze put in several layers we filter contents in other glass capacity, wringing out cake on the filter. The ready-made product is stored in the dark place.

The remained cake does not need to be thrown out: it is put in the fridge and as required used outwardly as compresses at joint pains or skin diseases.

Rules of the use of a product in the preventive purposes

Preventive reception of a clean product is carried out to a spring and autumn season, using directly during meal, on a teaspoon twice a day. The course of reception makes month. It is possible to use as seasoning of salad or for cold sauces at all seasons of the year, alternating to other not less useful oils.

About advantage of oils

The advantage of vegetable oils was known for many millennia B.C., in food and for the medical purposes used products of an extraction of many cultures. We will tell about some further.


Has huge advantage for a female and men's reproductive system:

  • regulates production of hormones;
  • improves function of ovaries and testicles;
  • restores a menstrual cycle at women;
  • improves function of a prostate at men;
  • increases quality of sperm;
  • helps at inflammations of genitals.

The rich structure favorably influences digestive system, helps to clean a liver, participates in processes of blood formation and exchange processes.


Wound healing, anti-inflammatory and laxative actions are most pronounced. The product helps at inflammatory processes with digestive organs, restores mucous and reduces acidity in a stomach. At zastoyakh in intestines has soft laxative effect, helping clarification from the remains of food and products of disintegration of drugs. Application outwardly accelerates processes of healing of wounds, after operational seams and hems. Young mothers will estimate anti-inflammatory effect of application on skin for babies at an intertrigo or irritation, after a sting of insects.


Garlic long since was considered as an effective remedy in fight against bacteria: oil of garlic is capable to destroy colibacillus, plague, typhus, staphylococcal, streptococcal bacteria and other pathogenic organisms. Garlic is also famous for the antiviral and preventive properties, especially at the height of seasonal epidemics. Having diuretic effect, it is capable to bring out of an organism of salt and toxic substances. The culture which is unfairly forgotten once humiliated to a weed role, today again at the peak of popularity. The use of an amaranth and products from it (oils, torments) will help many people to strengthen the health and to reduce risk of diseases.

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