Sweetener izomalt: harm and advantage

Sweetener izomalt: harm and advantage

The food industry tries to find more than 100 years ideal substitute of sugar which will not destroy teeth and to cause obesity. The majority of substitutes are result of difficult chemical reactions and therefore are dangerous to the person. However it does not concern the izomalt about which the speech will go further.

What is it?

Izomalt is the natural substance received from vegetable products. Represents colourless sweet crystals which allocate in the chemical way from glucose. This sweetener is used as sugar substitute.

Important! As a part of products izomalt it is specified under E953 code.

Caloric content

Izomalt is a low-calorie dietary product which power value is equal to 240 kcal on 100 g. Caloric content of the same volume of sugar is equal to 387 kcal.


This product is created for diabetics who do not want to limit themselves in sweet. Thanks to the fact that substance is badly acquired in intestines it does not increase sugar level.

Izomalt it is used in pharmaceutics as a basis for syrups. It allows to apply medicines to those people who have problems with a metabolism.

The product at the regular use improves a metabolism that accelerates metabolism. Thus, it is ideal substitute of sugar for people who suffer from obesity.

Whether you know? Abuse of sugar promotes formation of wrinkles. It is laid in skin tissues because of what that loses elasticity. This process is reversible if to reduce amount of sweet in a diet.

You should not forget that sugar promotes caries and increase in population of bacteria in an oral cavity. Izomalt increases amount of calcium by the surfaces of teeth and also reduces acidity. For this reason in the description of all products which contain sweetener there is a designation does not cause caries. Substance is considered a probiotic as it increases population of useful bacteria in intestines. Has also light laxative properties.

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It is possible or not

Let's learn about a possibility of the use of sweetener during incubation of the child and at the increased sugar level.

At pregnancy

It is forbidden to use this sweetener during pregnancy. It concerns the entire period of incubation, and not just the first trimester. Doctors strongly recommend to refuse all products which may contain this substance as it is capable to cause defects in development of the child.

Substitute of sugar is allergen for the kid therefore it cannot be applied even on condition of the fact that diabetes is diagnosed for mother.

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There are safe analogs which do not bear harm to a fruit (aspartame and to potassium atsesulfa).

At diabetes

It is authorized to use izomalt at diabetes only in case it was not caused by genetic diseases i.e. if diabetes is acquired, but not congenital, then substance is admissible to use on a constant basis.

Whether you know? Sweetener to lugduna in 300 thousand times is more sweet, than sugar. Only 1 kg of substance is enough to make sweet water in the pool on 10 paths.

Genetic disease is phosphate diabetes which is characterized by problems with splitting and removal of phosphates. At this disease there is a deformation of legs. The alternative name is vitamin - D-resistant rickets.

Contraindications and harm

Izomalt it is forbidden to use:

  • at anorexia;
  • in case of total refusal of any body;
  • at problems with a GIT;
  • at individual intolerance;
  • at children's age.

Negative consequences from the use of this substitute of sugar:

  • in view of the fact that sugar is twice more sweet than the izomalt given substances it is necessary to eat twice more that threatens with overdose;
  • at the uncontrolled use there are diarrhea and problems with a stomach.

It is important! If diabetes is diagnosed for the child, then it is authorized to it to use izomalt in a dose 20–25 g a day.

Recommendations about the use

At the use of the izomalt it is necessary to remember several important rules:

  1. At diabetes the day norm of substance is defined only by the attending physician. It is necessary to use specified dose, neither it is more, nor it is less.
  2. It is possible to eat in day no more than 50 g of a clean product.
  3. It is necessary to use sweetener only after the main meal as it gives feeling of satiety.

Izomalt is a good alternative of sugar and also rescue for diabetics.

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At the same time it does not differ in sweet, and the day norm is strongly limited. Considering that substance contains in many food, it is quite simple to exceed norm what it is worth remembering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team