Technique of recovery of sight according to Bates"

Technique of recovery of sight according to Bates"

If the person has problems with sight, then the modern ophthalmology offers correction by means of lenses which help to see better. Such way of a solution, is based on the theory of doctor Herman Gelmgoltts about work of an eye. In 1920 the American ophthalmologist William Bates offered the new theory and cardinally new view on structure of an eye and also on elimination of problems with sight. About in what Bates's method consists and the speech in this review will go.

In what technique essence

The theory dominating in ophthalmology says that an eye has spherical shape. In its front part the crystalline lens and a lens which is operated with a tsiliarny muscle are located. To consider objects in the distance or close, the muscle increases or reduces distance between a lens and a crystalline lens.

If she loses ability to contract / be unclenched, then we will receive one of conditions of visual impairment: short-sightedness or far-sightedness. The situation is corrected by means of an artificial lens (points).

The American ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates also at the beginning of the career prescribed people points. Soon the young specialist came to conclusion that not one muscle, but all six, assessing an eyeball is responsible for quality of sight.

And if there is a spasm of this group of muscles, then it needs to be removed. The inquisitive doctor "spotted" a way of removal of a spasm at Indians. To keep the phenomenal sight, Indian hunters did a number of exercises by eyes.

William came to a conclusion that these exercises allow to relax muscles and to return sight in norm. Also doctor Bates made the conclusion that the muscular spasm is the investigation.

And physical or mental strain becomes its reason. To gain the maximum effect, it is necessary to relax completely.

Whether you know? An eye consists from more than 2 million working details. To a brain it is connected by about 1 million nervous fibers therefore, studying organs of vision, it is quite difficult to draw absolutely unambiguous scientific conclusions.

Indications and contraindications to performance of gymnastics

Any techniques of work with sight, including restoration according to Bates, are contraindicated for:

  • the people who recently underwent an operation in the eyes;
  • persons with the increased intraocular pressure;
  • people with the diagnosis "peeling of a retina".

People with considerable deviations from normal sight and with existence of age changes can use this technique. It will improve sight, but will not be able to restore it completely.

The technique is shown for:

  • prevention of visual impairments at school students, students and those who work with documents or the computer;
  • corrections of sight for persons with deviations from 100% sight.

Exercises for improvement of sight

Bates developed more than 100 various exercises. All of them are directed to helping to eliminate a muscular spasm, thereby returning to muscles mobility, and to you normal sight.

Also it will be useful for you to learn what exercises for eyes are recommended to do across Avetisov and across Norbekov.

It is necessary to carry out exercises regularly. As the spasm demonstrates existence of a regular problem: you work hard at the computer, your work is connected with a constant stress, etc. therefore you will not be able to relax once a muscle and forever to keep this state.

It is necessary to begin exercises for eyes with relaxation. It has to be convenient to you, and the situation has to be quiet around.


William Bates considered that effectively to remove a spasm, it is necessary to be able to relax. You ate will close eyelids, that dark stain before you will not be uniform. These light spots — the certificate that muscles are in tension and relax gradually.

But you can help them, having performed a number of operations:

  1. Close eyes palms so that the center of a palm was over an eyeball. Your fingers will agree on a nose bridge, and a peculiar dense bandage for eyes will turn out.
  2. Wait until the spot becomes absolutely black. It means that muscles completely relaxed.
  3. Remain in such situation 3–4 minutes.

This method of relaxation received the name a palming, from English "palm" — a palm. Thus you help muscles to relax and improve accommodation. The procedure will be especially effective in the evening, after the intense working day.


Fancies most often fill our consciousness. Thinking of something, we mentally visualize an object. And pleasant memories promote relaxation of muscles.

In spite of the fact that Bates considered that black color — the evidence of full relaxation, he agreed that it is simpler to some people to visualize objects of other flowers. And it will also promote relaxation.

If you at first present something pleasant, and then will close eyes hands, then muscles will relax much better. To relax muscles by method of memoirs, it is necessary for you:

  1. To accept a convenient pose.
  2. To make a deep breath.
  3. On an exhalation begin to imagine something that causes pleasant memories. It is not necessary to detail the picture, just focus on emotions since they promote relaxation.

Important! Your eyes are tired when you read or look at the computer monitor for an appreciable length of time. It is because you seldom blink, and muscles do not relax. Blinking has to help them to relax.


If your sight is far from ideal, then visualizations about objects will also not be full. You can mentally imagine any objects. Represent a black hat, a black silhouette, etc.

For exercise performance it is required to you:

  1. It is convenient to sit down.
  2. To present before itself any subject. The subject has to be concrete and familiar to you.
  3. Begin to move mentally on its contour. Duration — 1–2 seconds.
  4. Imagine the following subject and repeat process.

Objects can replace each other pretty fast. You change images the same as if you touched alphabet letters to make a word.

Rocking and movement

Doctor Bates assumed that the manner of the movement of eyes affects sight. He assumed that if to shift eyes back or forward, then you receive rocking illusion. And the area of rocking, the more advantage for sight is less.

Important! Now many techniques using Bates's principles simplify a rocking method before simple movement of a look up / down and to the right / to the left. It, of course, is simpler, but also after simplification of a technique so far nobody reported about reliable steady results.

To make it, you need to present that you look at the text in the newspaper. It is grouped in columns. Try to move eyes on width of one of columns. If at you it badly turns out, then increase width of mental scope. Over time you will be able to pass to the necessary width, and the spasm, respectively, will decrease together with it.

Blinking (gleams)

The "bad" sight does not allow you to consider well objects close or in the distance. Because of a spasm of muscles an eye needs more time for focusing. For control of your focus the blinking is used.

The following list of actions is the cornerstone of exercise:

  • — close eyes to the account of times;
  • into the account two — you just sit blindly;
  • on three — open eyes and you look afar.

Learn how to improve sight with the help it is wise.

To improve accommodation (focusing), place on a wall the table for sight or a leaf with the text. Opening eyes, you look at a white interval between lines. Close eyes and when you reopen them, look at the following white interval. And so continue to go down from top to down, moving on lines.

If your sight is not identical to the left and right eye, then exercise is recommended to be carried out for each eye separately. Such "control" will be more useful.


Bates considered that eyes have to be affected periodically by sunlight, and at the same time people with normal sight can look at the sun without injuries and discomfort. Of course, it does not designate that it is necessary to experiment over with own eyes.

To receive the maximum advantage, try to close eyes and to direct a look towards the sun, and then take a look aside and open eyes. Exercise needs to be begun since several seconds and to gradually increase time up to several minutes.

The advantage of this exercise is that you accustom an eye to activity in the conditions of different intensity of lighting. If desired you can complicate a task, turning the head here and there. Turn time — 7–10 seconds. Exercise surely has to come to an end with a palming.

Whether you know? Under the influence of sunlight, inflammatory processes disappear, there passes the discomfort, the ability of an eye to accurately perceive objects at intensive lighting improves.

The technique of doctor Bates is based that the sight improves as a result of recovery of mobility of muscles. If violations are not connected with muscles, then this method will not work. Therefore those at whom the sight is not normal need to begin with specification of the reason of such phenomenon at the ophthalmologist. Also consider that correction is possible and effective when your deviations are not too big — from-3 to +3 dioptries. For more extensive violations the method will help to improve sight, but will hardly be able to make it absolute.

These methods will show the best result if deterioration in sight only began. It is also great way of prevention of problems with sight for school students and students. In other cases everything depends on your persistence and regularity of occupations.

Also you remember that any method — is not a panacea and it is better not to start the beginning of a problem, than then to eliminate it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team