Than cod-liver oil is useful?

Than cod-liver oil is useful?

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approach of fall it is necessary to be engaged in immunity. Many problems with health can be solved with the help of cod-liver oil. It is got from a liver of a mackerel, a cod, a herring or from other sea fish.

The advantage of cod-liver oil is based on three whales: omega-3, vitamin A and vitamin D. Each component is very useful in itself, but together they work wonders.

For example, without vitamin A the normal metabolism is impossible. He plays very important role in activity of the immune system, is responsible for a condition of mucous covers and health of skin, protects from negative impact of free radicals, is excellent prevention of cancer.

Vitamin D helps to acquire phosphorus and calcium which are very important for health of bones. At their deficiency the development of rickets or osteoporosis is possible. The omega-3 reduces risk of formation of blood clots, promotes expansion of vessels, makes anti-inflammatory impact.

Omega-3 in medical use the druggist from Norway Peter Meller introduced for the first time. Norway which consumes sea food in large numbers knew about advantage of fish for a long time. Later the Norwegian experience extended worldwide.

Then fat fish is useful. Experts recommend to use two portions of such fish a week. If you do not like taste of fat fish, can use fast, but only quantity of portions it will be necessary to double a minimum.

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The Athenian scientists came to a conclusion that fat fish prevents formation of diseases of a cardiovascular system. The Boston scientists supported this hypothesis. They also noted that for prevention of cardiovascular diseases it is worth giving preference to fish with dark meat, for example, to a mackerel or sardines. Cod-liver oil prevents risk of development of rheumatoid arthritis and arrhythmia. Also he struggles with Alzheimer's disease and heart attacks. A brain of patients who suffer from Alzheimer's disease the omega-3 has deficiency of fatty acids. The lack of this element leads to memory loss. Besides, cod-liver oil normalizes work of digestive tract, reduces cholesterol level, promotes weight reduction and reduces negative impact of alcohol on a human body. Also cod-liver oil increases happiness hormone level in blood – serotonin.

Today cod-liver oil is produced in capsules, flavourless and taste.

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