Than it is useful and as it is correct to make tea from a camomile

Than it is useful and as it is correct to make tea from a camomile

The fact that the camomile is the most useful and even curative plant is known to much. Infusions and broths of this flower help to protect an organism from a set of microbes and also allow to accelerate process of therapy of a number of diseases. It contains many useful substances and vitamin components. At all this, it is very important to use a plant correctly that it brought only benefit and did not do to an organism harm. In more detail we will tell about curative properties of a camomile further in article.

Than camomile tea is useful?

Tea from a camomile has soft and gentle taste and also pleasant aroma. In addition in it there is a set of useful properties both for men, and for women to which surely it is worth paying attention.

For women

Much know that camomile drink was used for treatment of some female diseases still for a long time. In the sphere of gynecology the considered plant does not lose relevance and till today. The American scientists even conducted special researches on interrelation of a camomile and life expectancy of women. The result was more than is surprising as the risk of early death on many indicators was reduced by 29%.

In the course of such researches which continued within 7 years the experts recorded that the camomile contains glycine in a large number at the expense of what makes the calming impact on nervous system and also helps to lower pain which women can feel at periods.

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For men

The camomile is capable to normalize functional work of internals, including kidneys. Regularly using teas and broths on the basis of the considered plant, it is possible to secure itself against various endocrine violations. Thanks to properties of such product of the man can prevent manifestations of pathologies of adrenal glands and testicles, at the same time the necessary speed of formation of testosterone remains. Also substances which contain in a plant help to avoid an emotional overstrain, stresses and causeless experiences. If to mix camomile broth and juice of a yarrow, then such medicine will be the excellent assistant at impotence which arose because of various negative factors.

Whether you know? Once camomiles grew in the territory of the Central Africa. But tribes which lived there completely destroyed at the time it plants as considered that such flower attracts on their earth of evil spirits.

For children

As for children, warm drink from a camomile, perhaps, the most often used house means which parents almost always have near at hand. It helps to save the child from pain which disturbs him at a teething. Also by means of such natural medicine it is possible to calm gripes in a stomach of the kid, to conduct therapy of catarrhal diseases and also to normalize the child's dream. Very important at all this to observe the correct dosage therefore not to be mistaken, before use of such folk remedy it is necessary to talk first of all on this subject to the doctor.

Important! In general, children under 5 years in day are allowed to drink no more than a half of a cup of camomile tea. Drink at the same time cannot be done excessively concentrated.

Experts advise to allow children to have such tea courses as thus it will be possible to avoid accustoming. At all this first drink needs to be given teaspoons if the child absolutely small, and only over time the dose can be raised.

How to choose flowers for tea upon purchase

It is possible to buy a camomile for preparation of warm drink not only in drugstores, but also in shops where various herbs are on sale. If to acquisition fresh flowers are planned, then it is necessary to keep track of their appearance attentively. Leaflets and flowers have to be whole, on them damages or darkenings should not be looked through and also it is important that on petals there was no dusty covering. If among flowers wreckers are noticed, then it is impossible to buy such product.

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In drugstore it is possible to get packing of the dried-up camomile. The product can have an appearance of whole flowers or crushed. Certainly, it is necessary to trace a period of storage on packing, but first of all nevertheless we recommend to look at date of production of a product which is always specified on a box. Thus it will be possible to understand degree of freshness of a camomile. Certainly, packing should not be damaged, but it is more important that the package in which just and there are camomile flowers was tight.

How to make tea from a camomile: the best recipes

It is quite simple to cook tea on the basis of a camomile, but nevertheless there are some secrets which further we will share. It is important to understand that useful camomile drink can be cooked not only on the basis of one product. If to add to it other correctly picked up ingredients, then such medicine will become even more tasty and useful.

Camomile and mint tea

To make camomile and mint warm drink, it is necessary to put in that teapot where tea on the basis of a camomile, a mint branch is ready. It is the best of all to use a fresh plant, but in the absence of such opportunity dry mint quite will approach. Such drink very tasty and at the same time the most useful. Camomile and mint tea weakens an organism, reduces a stress and helps to calm nervous system. Also it can be drunk at stomach pains, at a headache and also when it is impossible to fall asleep. The considered drink will help to eliminate all above-stated symptoms.

Whether you know? Residents of Ancient Egypt used the discussed flowers in the course of holding the rituals which were devoted to god of the Sun by the name of Ra.

Camomile tea with a melissa

Also with a camomile it is possible to add a half of a teaspoon of a lemon melissa to a teapot. Such grass composition not only will make taste more saturated, but also will help to get rid of a number of discomfortable feelings in an organism. For example, indications to consumption of such tea are spasms in a stomach, weak manifestations of cold, irritability and neurosises, small appetite and so forth. Also this drink perfectly helps at sleep disorders. Well and, of course, it is necessary to remember aroma of such medicine as it is tremendous.

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Camomile tea with ginger and honey

In winter time when to catch a cold much more simply, than during other seasons, the recipe for tea with ginger and honey will become irreplaceable. For this purpose it is necessary to cut first of all pieces a ginger root (about 5 cm are required) and to warm it. Further the pan where 2 l of water, a dried peel of 1 lemon and, actually, ginger are added undertakes. Such mix needs to be brought to boiling. As soon as drink begins to boil, it is necessary to add juice of a lemon to it and to remove capacity from fire. Tea is poured in a separate teapot where it is necessary to throw several bags of a pharmaceutical camomile (3–4 pieces) and bee fresh honey to taste. The consistence infuses about 4-5 minutes then the camomile needs to be got from broth. Everything, tasty and useful camomile tea is ready.

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Camomile tea with a thyme

It is also possible to add a thyme for preparation of warm drink to a camomile. For tea brewing to a camomile it is necessary to enter about one teaspoon of a dry thyme into a teapot. Drink will turn out fragrant and saturated. It is recommended to be used that who has problems with a dream, constantly is tired at work and so forth. It is noted that camomile chabretsovy warm drink is capable to stimulate intelligence. It is recommended to drink such natural medicine to people sluggish and weakened.

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Camomile tea with officinal herbs

Those recipes which were stated above are not only. It is possible to cook warm medical drinks on the basis of a camomile, adding to them a set of other herbs. For example, Donic and a St. John's wort will become a good combination. It is necessary to take these plants in equal proportions and to connect to camomile flowers then to fill in with hot water and to insist within 30 minutes. The medicine has the soothing and rejuvenating effect, and still will surely adjust a dream, doing it healthier and strong.


The dogrose, crimson leaves, mint, linden, leaves of blackcurrant, magnolia vine, dry orange thin skin and directly flowers of a camomile will be necessary for preparation of vitamin camomile drink which will become the irreplaceable assistant in winter time. Such tea is called still vitamin explosion as drink is extraordinary useful and saturated with vitamins. The medicine well works as preventive and therapeutic means of catarrhal diseases and also well supports an organism which weakens from hypovitaminosis.

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It is possible to add flavoring and curative characteristics of such warm drink by means of a lemon, honey and ginger which need to be added to a ready medicine.


The toning tea is cooked from a pharmaceutical officinal camomile. It is necessary to take on 1 tablespoon of a camomile, black tea and hibiscus tea. If there is no hibiscus tea, then he can be replaced with 10 petals of a tea rose. There it is necessary to add the cut orange crust (to taste) and it is a little cinnamon. All dry components need to be mixed and filled in with the begun to boil water (1.5 l). Drink infuses 40 minutes then it can be used.

What else can be added

Certainly, many other herbs can enhance curative properties of tea from a camomile. For example, it is possible to add such useful and tasty drink with a motherwort, cowberry, a marjoram, mint, a dogrose, a dandelion, a yarrow and so forth. Also that needless to say, it is possible to add to tea honey, a lemon and ginger.

Each of components bears the advantage to an organism, but at the same time can do also harm in separate situations. Therefore it is very important to monitor changes in the organism, to listen to it and also to consult with the doctor in the presence of any doubts.

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How often it is possible to drink

The question of admissible norm of the drunk camomile tea interests many, which is not surprising. There are those who can drink such drink daily on several cups. Experts say that it is possible without fears to drink every day 1–2 cups of camomile tea provided that in it there are no additional ingredients in the form of curative herbs.

As for small children, there are here features which first of all depend on age and the state of health of the specific child. It is necessary to consult first of all with the pediatrician but only then to give to the kid camomile tea. But in general, for acquaintance, it is specified that the baby to 4-month age can give in the evenings 2–3 teaspoons of the considered drink in cases when the kid is disturbed by gripes. For children is more senior a dosage it will be possible to increase gradually. The child from 11–12 years can already drink a full cup of such tea in day.

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Whether pregnant women can drink

On admissibility of the consumption of camomile drinks by pregnant women, disputes till today are conducted. But in general opinions of doctors agree that such tea nevertheless is undesirable to those who bear the child. Such ban is connected with the fact that the considered plant provokes estrogen emission, and it can become the abortion reason.

It is important! If the woman nevertheless cannot refuse consumption of camomile drink, then she has to do it with care and only after consults to the doctor. In that case it is necessary to reduce usual concentration of tea, and to reduce a dosage to 2–3 cups a week.

Contraindications and possible harm

Useful properties of the discussed drink are indisputable. But at all this, as well as any other drink, camomile tea has too a number of contraindications to which it is necessary to pay attention:

  1. The first moment which costs attention is the individual intolerance as, surprisingly there are cases when as a result of consumption of tea with a camomile the allergic reaction or indigestion was shown.
  2. Also experts strongly recommend to exclude consumption of tea on the basis of a camomile during the same period when any demulcents or the drugs with diuretic effect are taken. The reason is that all these products have similar properties, so, their combined use can lead to overdose by active agents.

Summing up the results, once you once again note a set of positive properties of such plant, a camomile. At the same time it is important not to forget that this herb, so, it is necessary to have tea on the basis of a flower intelligently and judiciousness. Excessive use of such product can also do harm to health, but if it is correct to do everything, then impact on an organism will be only favorable.

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