Than the chlorophyll is useful to the person: indications to use of useful properties of substance"

Than the chlorophyll is useful to the person: indications to use of useful properties of substance"

In the thirties the last century scientists found out that the green pigment which participates in photosynthesis and gives to plants green color is in many respects similar to hemoglobin. Useful properties of many plants, such as broccoli, spinach, spirulina, wheat sprouts, are caused by existence in them of a large number of a chlorophyll. Experiments with this substance were made in clinics of the USA, Israel, Japan. All of them confirmed a number of its positive actions. Now dietary supplements with a chlorophyll were available for sale. Usually is their part derivative this substance — chlorofillin. Let's consider in this article that for substance a chlorophyll and as it influences a human body and also what its derivatives differ from it in.

The higher plants, seaweed and some bacteria contain different types of a chlorophyll. Now four groups of this pigment — and, by b, with, d are found. And only the group takes part in photosynthesis and. A formula and - a chlorophyll of C55 H72 O5 N4 Mg.

The porphyrine representing connection on the basis of magnesium atom, and the high-molecular hydrophobic alcohol attached to it which promotes embedding of a chlorophyll among a lipidic layer of photosynthetic membranes in chlorolayers of plants forms a basis of the chemical structure of a chlorophyll of various groups. Absorbing sunlight, it transforms it to energy of chemical processes in cages of plants.

Whether you know? For the first time the chlorophyll was completely synthesized by the American scientist-chemist R. Vudvord in 1960. And the French chemists P. Peltier and Zh. Kavant in 1817 gave the pigment painting leaves in green color the name "chlorophyll".

The structure of this vegetable pigment is in many respects similar to structure of hemoglobin. Only in hemoglobin the structure of protein is formed around an iron molecule, and magnesium molecules are a part of "green blood of plants".

Is the connection, unstable in the sun, capable to oxidation. It is soluble in fat, but is not dissolved in water.

The chlorophyll contains in thistle oil, a goutweed grass, an asparagus, a nettle, a celery, a passionflower.

This substance has a number of the most useful properties for a human body. The most important of them — to strengthen and protect cages from harmful effect of carcinogens already at the level of DNA. It is effective natural anti-carcinogen and an anti-mutagen that is very relevant for the modern people who are living not in the purest ecology and quite often consuming synthetic nutritional supplements.

Not for nothing greens are considered very useful product for an organism, along with a set of vitamins and useful minerals in it there is a lot of chlorophyll.

Whether you know? Not each person can eat a lot of greens for time. Therefore now there are popular green cocktails from various garden greens more and more (parsley, fennel, a celery, spinach, salad and other), a young tops of vegetable of some vegetables, germinated greens of cereals and leaves of herbs (a nettle, mint, a dandelion and other). Greens are crushed the blender together with fruit in the ratio 4:6 and received very useful to smoothie.

As the green pigment of plants not much more differs from a red pigment of blood, the chlorophyll promotes increase in level of hemoglobin. It will be useful to people with anemia, to restoration after operations or injuries. The vitamin K which is contained in it promotes fibrillation.

Pay attention that vitamin K contains in such food as: green tea, hips, avocado, kiwi, banana, spinach, white cabbage, parsley, horse-radish, potatoes, wild strawberry, green onions, broccoli, sea cabbage, dates, grapes, apples.

It protects a cage from oxidizing reactions as has available magnesium and antioxidants. To all other helps production of enzymes which rejuvenate and clarify skin, its regenerations promote.

This substance literally rejuvenates the person from within and enters ten products against aging.

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The chlorophyll transformed from a spirulina alga is used by modern medicine for photodynamic cancer therapy as at introduction to blood collects in malignant tumors. When lighting in aerobic conditions they start the reactions destroying sick cells. At the same time the substance used in such treatment does not harm healthy cells, and, on the contrary, protects them.

Reception of a chlorophyll in dietary supplements or the constant use of the products rich with this substance is excellent prevention of cancer as:

  • protects a cage from effect of carcinogens;
  • is an anti-mutagen;
  • brings many toxins out of an organism;
  • increases immunity of a human body.

It was established by scientists from Japan, having made a number of experiments and using about 60 different plants. They found out that the plants containing the high level of this substance possess the most anti-cancerogenic action.

Also, fruit jelly, cucumbers, watermelon, semolina, black bread, sheet salads, birch and tomato juice, a lemon and black radish perfectly brings toxins out of an organism

  • destroys and oppresses pathogenic microflora;
  • the deodorizing properties (for an oral cavity, skin, digestive system and so forth);
  • the organism detoxication as connects and removes various toxins, carcinogens;
  • improves and revitalizes digestion;
  • takes off fatigue, removes insomnia;
  • alkalizes an organism, increases immunity;
  • perfectly heals wounds and burns;
  • treats cold, rhinitises and sinusitis;
  • prevention of an urolithic disease;
  • treatment of diseases of an oral cavity;
  • it is necessary for bones;
  • maintains hormonal balance.

Whether you know? The known Chlorofillipt medication is mix of a chlorophyll from eucalyptus leaves. It is applied in medicine to treatment of diseases of the upper airways.

The chlorophyll in a natural form is considered completely harmless, and at the moment on its application no contraindications are revealed. But this substance is not stable. For convenience of consumption of this substance it was created chlorofillin — the soluble chlorophyll extract in water received from a lucerne and produced by NSP. Stability to this medicine was given that atom of magnesium was replaced with copper atom.

Whether you know? The chlorophyll is applied as nutritional supplement which is used generally for coloring of confectionery with registration number E 140. Chlorofillin is applied as food E 141 paint now.

  • diarrhea and meteorizm (gas generations). Is followed by indigestion, at the same time pains and gripes in the top part of a stomach are noted;
  • allergic reactions. Reddenings, an itch, hypostasis (especially in a face and a neck), violations of respiratory functions can be shown in the form of rash;
  • decolouration of stool and urine and also language. Administration of drugs containing a chlorophyll can cause such by-effect as decolouration of allocations. At the same time the chlorophyll can paint a little them in greenish color. After the termination of intake of this medicine such phenomenon completely disappears.

At emergence of above-mentioned by-effects it is necessary to consult with the doctor. It is desirable for the pregnant and feeding with breast milk women to refrain from intake of the nutritional supplements containing a chlorophyll or chlorofillin.

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It is desirable to consult with the attending physician concerning use of synthetic analogs and nutritional supplements on the basis of a green pigment of plants, especially in the presence of any chronic diseases.

  • cardiovascular activity — myocardites, varicosity, pericarditises, arrhythmia;
  • bodies of a respiratory system — asthma, bronchitis, a tonsillitis, pharyngitis, inflammations of gaymorovy bosoms, diseases of lungs;
  • nervous system — insomnia, nervous breakdowns, chronic fatigue, a nerve and intellectual strain;
  • digestive system — dyskinesia of bilious channels, colitis and pancreatitis at a chronic stage, a metabolic disorder, dysbacteriosis;
  • bone and muscular system — osteoporosis, gout, after injuries (fractures, bruises), inflammation in muscle tissue and joints;
  • mouth — stomatitis, various inflammations of gums and other;
  • viral and bacterial infections — the milkwoman, herpes, ORZ;
  • hormonal violations — diabetes, violation of activity of a thyroid gland;
  • anemia, postoperative states;
  • tuberculosis;
  • wounds and burns, inflammatory diseases of skin, allergic reactions.

Important! The chlorophyll is an important component for normal activity of the person. Its shortage in an organism can be the cause of a syndrome of chronic fatigue, frequent viral and catarrhal diseases, anemias, metabolic disorders, etc.

The modern person is subject to influence of various carcinogens, toxins and radiations. Such anti-cancerogenic and anti-mutagen substance as a chlorophyll, can help it to endure these influences and to keep the health. Its derivatives can be bought in the form of dietary supplements, but consumption of green cocktails and smoothie in which he is in a natural form will be more reliable and more effective and it is complemented with the whole complex of useful minerals.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team