"Than the egg shell is useful to the person: application in traditional medicine, cosmetology, economy

"Than the egg shell is useful to the person: application in traditional medicine, cosmetology, economy

Calcium represents one of the most necessary for normal functioning of an organism a macrocell. Many products can fill its lack of an organism, make it quickly, safely and with the minimum financial expenses only the egg shell is capable. That, it is how useful to an organism, scientists and physicians investigate long ago, and most of them incline that it is the safest nutritional supplement capable to eliminate deficiency of calcium at the person, to fill with some other minerals and also to become the irreplaceable assistant at the solution of a number of problems.

Chemical composition

The shell from eggs is the real treasury of useful nutrients about which existence still our far ancestors knew.

Whether you know? In old times noticed that wild animals of which fortress of bones all know use together with an egg-shell from the ruined nests and from other places of hunting, they will not eat up a yolk or protein rather, but will eat a shell surely.

It was found out that except the considerable level of digestible calcium at all age which in this product over 93%, in it are also available over thirty minerals, such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, silicon, potassium, sodium, iron, fluorine and great number of others. Also the shell is enriched with amino acids and some other the most valuable components. Besides, these components stay in very convenient form to be comfortably acquired by an organism.

At hit in digestive tract they quickly enough undergo absorption process. If to compare to the calcium medicines received in the artificial way, then it should be noted that the firm cover of egg differs in the big level of safety at the use. It is also necessary not to forget that the egg shell is capable to bring the maximum benefit only at a competent dosage.

Than the egg shell is useful

Firm cover of eggs — the real treasury of natural calcium created in the natural way. Of course, this macrocell is in a set of other products, but only here it is acquired by an organism almost completely and does not promote adjournment of stones. It becomes possible because this product is identical to calcium of human bones and teeth. For obtaining the best result on fast and effective comprehensibility of calcium from it, it is better to diversify food with products with a large amount of vitamin D and also to provide solar bathtubs.

Learn what products are a calcium source.

The shell promotes stimulation of formation of blood marrow. It assists in removal from a human body of radioactive connections, at regular inclusion in food this product does not allow to accumulate such substances as strontium-90 in marrow. At competent consumption the shell from eggs will do good to both children, and adults.

Whether you know? At a humming-bird the smallest bird's egg, its diameter — 12 mm, the largest egg, certainly, at an ostrich — 15-20 cm in the diameter.

For the adult

The egg shell for people helps with adult age at such problems with health:

  • anemia;
  • limp hair and nails;
  • digestive tract diseases, gastritises, ulcers, diarrhea;
  • callosities, not healing wounds (by means of a film from a shell);
  • burns;
  • stones in a bladder and kidneys.

On average, the optimum dose of powder in day for the adult makes a quarter of a teaspoon. It can be filled up in food, to wash down with water. The course of reception makes one month then the break is necessary. Further the course renews.

Important! At reception of a firm cover of eggs, it is necessary to exercise control over the use of other products in which there is a lot of calcium, in order to avoid hit of ultrahigh doses of substance in an organism.

For pregnant women

Quite often pregnant women have deficiency of calcium and iron. Therefore doctors recommend them these minerals in the form of tablets, but it is possible to fill this shortcoming in quite natural way — at systematic reception of specially prepared firm skorlupka from eggs. The lack of calcium of an organism of future mothers can become the main reason for difficult delivery, also it leads to the fact that uterus muscles weaken.

We advise to get acquainted with necessary vitamins for an organism of pregnant women and the feeding mothers.

Calcium level in an organism of the pregnant woman has to be up to standard, especially during formation of skeletal system of future child. In all these cases an egg shell — an optimal variant.

For children

For kids the shell represents special advantage. Their organism is formed with high intensity and mineral substances are required for it especially. Up to three years at children the bone tissue for formation of a skeleton is formed constantly that does intake of calcium in an organism appropriate and desirable. The use of this wonderful product helps to strengthen bones. Also completion of deficiency of calcium at children's rickets, diathesis and anemia helps with fight against these problems. At frequent diseases and lag in growth of the child also you should not ignore such valuable product. For kids the skorlupka crushed in flour mixes up with baby food, the dose for the smallest — on a knife tip, for children is more senior it doubles.

For elderly people

With age more and more noticeable the lack of calcium of a human body is felt therefore the shell from eggs is of special value for people of advanced age. It is important to use it to such people every day as their bones begin to differ in the increased fragility and fragility.

To warn presenilation it is necessary to use seafood (mussels, shrimps, squids), to reduce amount of salt in a diet, to replace sugar with honey, to cook various grain dishes more often (buckwheat, oat, rice, semolina, yachnevy, wheat).

Also this product helps elderly people with strengthening of teeth, improvement of functioning of a GIT, it is effective at locks, rheumatism, bleeding of gums, irritability, an allergy. There are recommendations of traditional medicine about application of a firm cover of eggs promoting decrease in manifestations of asthma, duodenum ulcer, crushing of stones in a mochetochnik and kidneys. At osteoporosis the people of advanced age are recommended to eat a half of a spoon of powder, washing down it with milk or cream.

How to prepare before the use

The shell of eggs of any domestic and wild birds is suitable for treatment, each of these types of a product has the nuances. The shade and color of a product do not matter.

Whether you know? Since 1996 many countries celebrate the World day of egg. Celebration takes place on the second Friday of October.

The shell from fresh eggs is recommended for application, naturally, degree of advantage of such product will be maximum. Also the amount of useful and harmful properties in a shell directly depends on the correct process of drying during which there has to be a disposal of the main danger of this product — salmonellosis. Therefore heat treatment of a product is obligatory.

It is necessary for preparation for the use of an egg shell:

  • it is good to wash eggs warm water with use of laundry soap, to rub carefully a brush;
  • to pour out contents of eggs, to subject a shell to boiling within five minutes or to soaking for half an hour in solution from a glass of water and 1 tablespoon of soda;
  • to subject to drying (in the sun, in an oven or any other way, but temperature of drying should not be higher than 50 degrees);
  • to process the dried-up product to a powder form;
  • the prepared product is accepted in food at addition to various dishes and drinks.

At categorical intolerance of powder of a shell or unwillingness to feel it in food, it can be placed in soluble capsules from drugs and to accept as usual tablets.

As well as than it is better to crush

It is recommended to crush a firm cover of eggs manually before formation of powder, it is for this purpose better to use a mortar from porcelain, the mill will also be suitable for spices with glass knives. Objects from metal as from contact with metal there is a decrease in efficiency of minerals of which the product consists are not suitable for such process.

We recommend to examine application of quail eggs for female and male health.

How to store in house conditions

It is recommended to store powder in the dry place in glass tanks with covers in order to avoid emergence of lumps.

As well as what diseases it is possible to treat

For satisfaction of standard daily rate of calcium in an organism it is necessary to eat kilogram of cottage cheese. Therefore the spoon of an egg shell represents a quite good alternative to such quantity of kaltsiysoderzhashchy products. Practically any chemical process in a human body is carried out with the participation of calcium, and it, in the absence of receipt of a new dose of mineral, becomes the cause of various problems with health. A firm part of eggs helps with treatment:

  • lack of calcium (osteoporosis, fragility of bones);
  • various injuries of bones (at rehabilitation);
  • diarrheas;
  • heartburn;
  • diathesis at children;
  • at cuts and scratches.

Important! Established that the shortage of calcium — the major causal factor for emergence and aggravation of vegeto-vascular dystonia.

At the shortage of calcium

At deficiency of calcium a shell of eggs with a lemon — the effective means promoting also clarification of an organism. It quite suits also children. The recipe is simple: lemon juice before formation of gruel is added to powder.

At osteoporosis the treatment is carried out every year, duration is up to one month. Once in day in the evening through a quarter of hour after a meal a half of a spoon of powder is accepted inside and is washed down with milk, kefir or juice. It is possible to mix powder with salt 1:2 and to salt dish mix after the end of cooking (1 teaspoon a day).

At bone fractures

The egg shell makes favorable impact at bone fractures, it helps them to grow together, be gathered rather than additional fortress. It is the for this purpose best of all to take 20 eggs, to lower them in the glass capacity of 3 liters, to fill in with juice of twenty lemons, to cover a neck with a gauze, to stick, put in the place protected from light for twenty days, after to filter, add a cognac liter floor. Ready means to define in the fridge, to accept on a tablespoon four times a day after a meal. This means will help and to strengthen hair and nails if desired.

Powder mix with tea or milk will be not less effective. It is necessary to use such means three times a day. Especially effectively it at osteoporosis. Considerably accretion of changes will accelerate if three times a day just to use on a shell powder teaspoon, having stirred it previously in a glass of water. All these means need to be accepted before full accretion of the injured bones.

Whether you know? China learned to do eggs manually. The shell in them is made of carbonic calcium, and egg yolk and white — gelatin together with food colorings.

At diarrhea

Surprisingly but the firm cover of eggs is capable to help also at diarrhea. For this purpose it is necessary to pour out half a teaspoon of its powder in a glass of grape wine and to drink. By means of such means also crushing of stones in kidneys and a bladder is possible.

At heartburn

For simplification of a state at heartburn all know effective means — baking soda, but shell eggs powder is much more effective, is more useful, action continues much longer. As soon as there is heartburn, it is necessary to pour out 2.5 teaspoons of powder in a glass of milk, to stir and drink carefully. If desired it is necessary to finish heartburn this means to accept every day for half a year and more.

Potato juice, camomile, baking soda will help to escape from heartburn.

At gastritis or stomach ulcer it is recommended to use powder in the dried-up look and roasted in a frying pan without oil. Such means accepted on an empty stomach promotes decrease in acidity and disposal of heartburn and pains in a GIT.

At diathesis at children

A quarter of a teaspoon of powder needs to be mixed with a lemon juice tablespoon then to add the cooled boiled water 1:1. Means is recommended to be accepted to children after a meal. Duration of treatment is up to three months. The effect is characterized by relative firmness, in most cases diathesis does not develop any more even if to use products on which there was an allergic reaction earlier.

At cuts and scratches

It was already for a long time noticed that the egg shell crushed in flour is capable to stop bleedings and to heal wounds at scratches, cuts.

Important! The burns strewed with small crushed egg shell will heal much quicker.

How to use in cosmetology: house recipes

You should not throw out a shell of eggs as unnecessary waste even if there is no need for replenishment of an organism calcium. This substance helps also with various directions of cosmetology. It can be used not only inside, but also as a component of care products for skin and hair.

For strengthening of hair

Special attention the mask with addition of a cucumber and olive oil deserves. The cucumber small is cut, warms up to consistence of liquid, then powder from a shell is added to it. Olive oil joins the turned-out gruel. This mask is maintained on hair of 20 minutes, washed away. Strengthening of hair such means is recommended to be carried out twice a month.

Face packs

Egg shell — remarkable cosmetic for face skin, capable to feed it and to rejuvenate. This product represents also a hyaluronic acid source, it is widely applied in modern cosmetology. It possesses the fine moistening action, increases turgor of skin.

For receiving hyaluronic acid:

  • the shell from fresh eggs needs to be washed qualitatively;
  • to remove a film from within;
  • to crush;
  • the received material to pour out in boiling (distilled or cleaned) water;
  • mix is boiled rather long time, about 12 hours (if water boils away, then it is necessary to add);
  • after cooling, broth is subject to filtering through several gauze layers.

The filtered liquid represents hyaluronic acid, its concentration is directly proportional to quantity of the shell participating in preparation. Before beginning to apply the received solution as a basis for various masks, it is necessary to check it regarding existence of allergic reaction. It is not less, than one day before the beginning of application of a mask, it is necessary to process broth the small site of an integument on an elbow bend where skin possesses high degree of sensitivity if there is no itching and burning reaction with reddening, then it is possible to carry out the procedure. Means is applied to face skin (a forehead, around eyes) and also necks where there are problems with wrinkles. Previously before drawing skin needs to be cleaned. Process of drawing happens Q-tips or specially intended brush. Solution remains on skin before full drying.

On the basis of an egg shell various options of masks are possible:

  • with addition of a lemon. No more than three times a month are applied. 1 yolk and 1 tsp of a polished lemon dried peel to pound, draw half an hour in the covered capacity, to add 1 tsp of powder, 1 tsp of crude sunflower oil, 1 tsp of juice of a lemon, it is good to vent everything. To place on the person approximately for half an hour, after to remove with a tampon, to wash warm water;
  • with banana (for skin with feeling of dryness). 10 procedures in a day. 1 tsp of powder and 1 banana to knead. 2.5 tablespoons of cream, 1.5 tablespoons of fat sour cream, a half-glass of potato starch to stir, add to banana and egg mix. A face to clean, apply as a basis nutritious cream, means to put with a thin layer, after drying — one more layer, especially, on sites with wrinkles, then to cover everything with a gauze where openings for eyes, a mouth, a nose are cut through. Means is on a face up to forty minutes, later is removed the cotton tampon which is previously moistened in warm water;
  • with pumpkin (for any kind of skin). Perhaps constant application. To weld a half-glass of pumpkin, to pour in 1 yolk, 2 tsps of mustard honey, 1 tsp of powder will also be necessary, to stir. Means is put on a face in a warm state, through a quarter of hour is washed away by cool water. For bigger efficiency before drawing means on skin it is possible to make a water compress for several minutes. After the procedure, skin gains freshness and it becomes younger and more beautiful;
  • with rice flour (for skin with the increased fat content). 1 tsp of powder, 1 tablespoon of flour from rice, 1 tsp of honey, 2 tsps of juice of a lemon mix up. It is recommended to apply to skin on a quarter of hour;
  • with salt (for skin with the considerable fat content, inflammations and acne rash). 1 tsps of powder, 2 tablespoons of liquid honey, 1 tablespoon of juice of a lemon — to mix everything, to put directly on a face or to moisten a gauze bandage with cuts for eyes, a nose and a mouth in solution and to place on a face. It is necessary to refresh fabric by wetting. Action time — 20 minutes;
  • nutritious mask for oily skin. To wipe a tomato through a sieve, to fill up 1 tsp of powder, oat flakes, to add egg white. After 20 minutes after drawing the means is washed away by cool water;
  • mask for clarification with beet. 0.5 tsps of powder, 1 egg, half of a glass of pulp of fresh beet, 1 tablespoon of fat sour cream. Means cleans, feeds, tones up;
  • mask for clarification with cottage cheese. 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, the pulp of one orange which is passed via the meat grinder, 8 drops of olive oil, 1 tsp of flour from an egg shell. The time spent for the person — a quarter of hour.

Whether you know? The shade of a shell of eggs directly depends on color of feathers of chicken. White, cream, brown — standard shades, but colors from the category of exotic — blue and green are possible.

Face scrub

The egg-shell can be applied as an abrasive component in srubs. To remove the dead parts, skin pollution, black dots the cleaning srub on its basis rather effectively can. The shell is crushed, the yolk, consistence of a srub rather thin is added, mix is applied to the moisturized face skin, the massing movements are made. In a couple of minutes the srub is washed away, the skin is moisturized by cream.

Shell - not the only useful component of egg. We advise to study recipes of application of other parts of eggs in medicine and cosmetology.

Srubs on the basis of an egg shell are characterized by the sparing impact on skin. At oily skin add ground coffee, oat flakes, starch to srubs. At the dry and shelled skin in a srub fat cottage cheese, sour cream, cream or vegetable oil are desirable. Honey perfectly proves to be regardless of skin type. After clarification the improvement of processes of exchange happens a srub in skin, it ceases to be shelled.

Important! The main thing in production of srubs by own forces — is competent and correct to carry out selection of components for each type of skin and to observe proportions.

There are many options of srubs on the basis of an egg shell, are of particular interest:

  • cottage cheese. 1 tsps of powder, 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese, 1 tsp of sour cream or cream — everything properly to stir. To put a srub, massing, on the person, avoiding places around eyes, to wait 20 minutes, to remove with warm water;
  • oat. 1 tablespoons of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of powder — to mix everything, to rub in skin, to leave on a quarter of hour;
  • coffee. 1 tablespoons of powder, 1 tablespoon of a coffee thick, 1 tablespoon of milk — to mix everything, to place on the person and to leave on a quarter of hour. It is washed away by warm water.

Peeling for the person

For grease skin the peeling with addition of white clay is effective. It is necessary to take 0.5 tablespoons of clay, to fill up in it 1 tsp of powder. Such abrasive and nutritious particles as ground nuts, oat flakes, the dried-up herbs can be used. Everything needs to be mixed, parted with boiled water for formation of homogeneous mass, to define on the person, massing a couple of minutes, and for several minutes to leave, remove cool water. The peeling with a yolk will be suitable for skin with peelings and dryness. 1 yolk, 1 tsp of sour cream, 1 tsp of powder from a shell is necessary, to mix everything"

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