Than the lemon with honey is useful"

Than the lemon with honey is useful"

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Honey is necessary to the person for increase in immunity, normalization of work of internals and protection against presenilation. And the lemon is irreplaceable at hypovitaminosis, a hypertension, violations in functionality of kidneys, a cardiovascular system and digestive tract. In a tandem these products have the most powerful medical effect that at the same time saves from problems with health, excess weight and gives flavoring pleasure. How to prepare omnipotent mix from what it helps whether also to all it is shown — answers to these questions you will find further in article.

In what advantage of honey and lemon mix

The secret of medicinal properties of a lemon and honey was opened by wise men of a traditional system of the Indian medicine somewhere at the beginning of our era. Followers of Ayurveda treated this means all diseases. Despite of progress of medical science, to today popularity of mix did not die away. Modern phytotherapists also consider necessary it for full functioning of a human body and modulation of immune forces.

The curative magic of a lemon and honey combination consists in the following properties:

Recipe and scheme of reception

Traditional medicine offers a set of recipes with participation of these products. In many of them curative qualities of a useful tandem it is aggravated with additional impurity. Let's understand everything one after another: that with what, in what proportions and when to disturb.

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How to make

The classical compounding which reached our times from founders of medical science consists in clean connection of a lemon and honey.

It will be necessary for preparation of medical mix for us:

Before work the citrus needs to be washed up properly in flowing water and to scald a thin skin boiled water, it will be a part of medicine too. Then fruit is cut in small cubes or passed via the meat grinder. Important to take the remains of stones as they have unpleasant bitterish taste from the received gruel. Then measure the necessary quantity of a bee product and mix it with the prepared weight. Mix is mixed to uniform consistence and shifted in a glass jar, closed a cover and sent to the fridge for 3-4 days. It is necessary so much for time that the making ingredients exchanged the useful qualities.

It is important! If honey zakristallizovatsya, do not kindle it at a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius. The substance which is warmed up to this level loses the useful properties.

There are other variations of honey and lemon mix. The recipe for which preparation are necessary only enjoys the greatest popularity:

Remedy preparation, as well as in the previous case, should be begun with processing of a peel of a lemon. But for this purpose it is just dipped for 10 minutes into abrupt boiled water. After that from fruit it is necessary to squeeze out juice and to add to it honey. Mix is required to draw some time in the cold place too, but not in the fridge.

How to accept

Owing to specific features of the honey losing the curative qualities at high temperatures, and a lemon it is important to follow Regulations of Admission of medicinal mix.

If you noticed the first symptoms of cold, can, without waiting for a strong indisposition and heat, to immediately begin preventive therapy. For this purpose daily eat up to 3 tablespoons of the prepared means. In case of the sharp course of cold it is recommended to begin treatment with thrice application of a 30-gram portion of mixture.

We advise to read about differences and useful properties of types of honey (meadow, forest, mountain, May, flower, akatsiyevy, lime, buckwheat, sunflower, chestnut, dyagilevy, donnikovy, honey in cells) and also advantage of honey for women.

If cough torments, phytotherapists advise to be treated by liquid honey and lemon mixture, accepting it on 1 teaspoon 4 times a day. At improvement of an otkharkivaniye the daily dose should be reduced before one-time reception.

And for persons interested to lose weight the experts advise daily on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cold water with juice from a lemon quarter, jamming drink a teaspoon of honey of any kind. This drink is considered a source of cheerfulness and vital energy. It is recommended to drink it at atherosclerosis, failures in work of a cardiovascular system and digestive organs.

At insomnia and for stress relief for the night it is useful to drink warm tea with a spoon of honey and lemon juice. Remember that the citrus cannot be added to hot drink as the vitamin C which is contained in it collapses at high temperatures.

For treatment of children is younger than three-year age the standard daily rate of mix should not exceed 1 teaspoon. Such restriction is connected with features of yet not created organism and a possibility of allergic reactions. It is strong you should not be fond of similar means of the adult too. For the general strengthening of an organism it is recommended to accept it courses lasting 30 days. It is important to listen to the body.

Important! Honey and a lemon unites one more quality — both products are strong allergens. Therefore similar therapy is categorically contraindicated to people with tendency to manifestation of allergic hypostases and rash.

What else it is possible to add to a lemon with honey

For improvement of medical effect many experiment with different useful additives in the form of garlic, ginger and orange. Whether similar variations of honey with a lemon really help and that such means can be cured — we will tell further.

With garlic

Traditional medicine recommends honey and lemon and garlic mixture to all for whom problems in work of a cardiovascular system are diagnosed. Teeth of garlic act in this trio as the component lowering arterial blood pressure. But interaction of all ingredients affects all an organism.

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First, the person consuming similar mix has chance to get rid of hypotonia (on condition of the beginning of a therapeutic course at early stages of development of a disease).

Secondly, there is a strengthening and parallel cleaning of blood vessels and arteries. Thus blood gets rid of the collected hazardous substances and cholesterol that well influences work of all system. Thirdly, owing to the started chain of physical and chemical reactions, at the patient the memory and brain activity improves.

Fourthly, in an organism at the cellular level there is a rejuvenation.

Will be necessary for preparation of such medicine:

In this case no preliminary preparation of ingredients is necessary. It is rather good to wash out a lemon in flowing water, and garlic teeth — to clean from a peel.

The citrus together with a thin skin is rubbed on a small grater. If there is no desire and time for this invention, it is possible to use the blender. Garlic by means of a press is crushed to a kashitseobrazny state. Now all components need to be connected in glass capacity and to stir. After that mix should be infused within a week in the cool place. At the final stage of preparation of medicine it needs to be filtered. To apply mixture national Aesculapians advise on a teaspoon 3 times a day. You should not be afraid of garlic aroma — during insisting it is completely neutralized by a lemon.

Whether you know? In the Middle Ages honey was equated to gold. This product it was possible to pay a penalty and to pay for the acquired goods. And today the most tasty and expensive delicacy is produced in one of valley caves Saikair that is near the city of Artvin in Turkey. The cost of 1 kilogram of this delicacy starts from 6800 US dollars.

With orange

The combination of honey, lemon and orange differs in intensive impact of mix on a krovoobrazovaniye and a condition of veins. In particular, means is recommended for treatment and prevention of varicosity and also other venous diseases. It is applied to strengthening of vessels, by improvements of a krovoobrazovaniye, removal of severe headaches and modulation of immunity.

To make mix, will be necessary:

All citrus needs to be cleaned from a thin skin and to pass via the blender. Then to add honey to the received gruel and to allow to infuse in cold. Take medicine before food on the 2nd teaspoons twice a day.

It is important! To calculate excess impurity as a part of the honey bought in the market, it is enough to part a little product in a glass of water. Pour the received liquid in transparent capacity and observe: emergence of a deposit or dregs demonstrates availability of flour, sawdust and starch.

With imbiryom

If to add a little ginger to honey and lemon mix, irreplaceable immunomodulator will turn out. Besides, it is effective in cleaning of an organism of toxins and various parasites, in treatment of osteoarthritis, puffiness, intellectual and muscular fatigue. Traditional medicine recommends mix for cough, cold and flu.

Honey and lemon and ginger medicine from the following ingredients is prepared:

Initially wash up a lemon and a root of ginger. After that cut a citrus in large cubes, and rasp a root crop. Connect all components in a glass jar and mix. It is necessary to store a medicine in the cool place. To accept on 1 teaspoon at meal time, plentifully washing down with water. It is the best of all to mix medicine with porridge or curds. Especially this recommendation is relevant for children. Consider that mix is contraindicated to kids to two-year age.

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Other recipe of the similar trio provides the same components, but mix differently is prepared. It is necessary to cut in small cubes the crude root of ginger and by means of a spoon to knead 6-7 lemon segments, to connect these ingredients in a one-liter jar then to fill in with boiled water (that water on 2 fingers did not reach a neck). To cover a vessel, having left a small gap. In 20 minutes when mix is cooled up to 40-30 degrees to dissolve honey in liquid. To accept drink three times a day.

Whether you know? To make kilograms of honey, bees need to overcome about 50 thousand kilometers and to collect 5 kilograms of nectar.

Video: vitamin mix from honey, a lemon and ginger

With dried apricots, raisin, walnuts

The mix from a citrus, dried fruits, nuts and honey differs not only pleasant taste, but also a set of curative qualities. First of all it is useful to the people inclined to frequent catarrhal diseases, and those who is regularly exposed to big intellectual and also physical activities. As a rule, school students always get to this category. For them similar delicacy can quite replace candies.

Pediatricians advise to prepare for children a similar dessert during the demi-season period when the risk increases to ache with viral infections. Besides, mix will fully saturate an organism with necessary vitamins and minerals, having prevented development of hypovitaminosis. For adults too the effective means capable to lighten the mood and to save it from seasonal depressions.

Important! Hypotensive persons should refuse dried apricots impurity. The fact is that this sukhofrukt promotes lowering of arterial pressure.

Will be necessary for preparation of paste:

All ingredients need serially to be processed on the meat grinder then to connect to honey and carefully to mix to homogeneous mass. To store the received mix in the fridge. To apply on 1 tablespoon daily after a meal.

Whether you know? As a part of lemons the concentration of sugar (fructose) is much higher, than in strawberry berries.

Than water with a lemon and honey is useful

Many begin day with honey and lemon drink. For its preparation it is enough to dissolve a teaspoon of liquid honey in a glass of warm drinking water and to add juice from a third of a lemon. Such drink cleans an organism from toxic congestions and starts all vital processes in a human body, feeding each cage. According to experts, such composition of liquid is capable to provide internal comfort, peace of mind and a charge of cheerfulness. If to go deep into all processes which are provoked by interaction of honey and a citrus then are obvious:

We advise to read about advantage of water with honey and waters with a lemon on an empty stomach.

For the maximum advantage it is recommended to drink lemon and honey water on an empty stomach in 30 minutes prior to the first meal. And it becomes in a volley. Then it is desirable to do traditional morning exercises that will help the drunk liquid to reach intestines.

Video: influence of water with a lemon on an organism

Tea with honey and a lemon at cold

All know that at the slightest symptoms of a catarrhal disease plentiful drink is shown. Having appeared in a similar situation, everyone intuitively reaches for a cup of warm tea with a lemon, jamming it honey. But not everyone knows of the mechanism of influence of such drink.

Whether you know? Still Hippocrates proved ability of honey to prolong life. He daily several times used this product and, thanks to this habit, lived up to 110 years while the average duration of human life then was about forty years.

According to physicians, the warming effect which we observe after the first drunk glass, and the subsequent sweating — nothing but disintoxication effect. As a result at the patient temperature decreases soon and the health improves. Getting to an organism, such curative elixir washes away from it toxins and microbes and also in passing reduces inflammatory processes. Therefore for effectiveness of similar therapy it is recommended to drink for day up to 5 cups of tea with honey and a lemon.

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It is better to carry out treatment by grass collecting. In their structure, as a rule, there is an officinal camomile, a thyme, a St. John's wort, a nettle, a calendula. It is enough to sweeten the drink which cooled down up to 30 degrees with a teaspoon of honey and a segment of a fresh lemon.

Important! It is the best of all to make tea in faience ware and it is impossible to do it in a metal teapot at all.

Except sharp respiratory infections and virus disease"

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