That the dream can tell about the person: poses for a dream and their characteristic

That the dream can tell about the person: poses for a dream and their characteristic

Even in the fairy tale it is said that the dream for people is the loveliest. It helps a human body to be restored: both physically, and psychologically, and morally, and it is sincere. There are moments when the organism is so exhausted that we fall asleep literally standing. But there are also opposite situations: as we try, and the dream does not go, the body will not occupy the necessary pose in any way. As show researches, from a pose in which the person falls asleep, the sleep quality depends, and not only. Language of a sleepy body can tell a lot of things about physical and psychological human health, his customs, character, behavior. Let's consider in more detail in what situation it is better to sleep and that any given poses of a human body designate during curative rest.

Dream poses: character and health

Many of us do not think of gestures of the sleeping body. Honestly — to the tired person at all not before, to him to reach a bed. But there are also those which pay to sleepy sciences much attention, trying to open a secret of in what pose it is better to sleep, and as a result force the body to occupy that or other.

However advantage of it is any. When the organism is in consciousness, we are capable to operate the body; when it enters a condition of a dream (unconscious), the body becomes to itself the owner. It is not strange that we fall asleep in one situation, and wake up absolutely in another. And this, unconscious situation is a source of knowledge of a body of the owner.

Whether you know? God of a dream the representative of the Greek Olympus — Morpheus is considered. He owns a land of Nod, designates the nature of dreams. Traditionally Morpheus is represented as the humanoid with wings. Characteristic feature of this deity is the wreath from poppy flowers on his head, poppy is treated long since as a symbol of dreams.

There are poses which are capable to do harm to human health (on a stomach), but is also such that help to recover physically and psychologically (on a back, on one side).

Main poses

Quite often our organism gives to us a signal of breakages by those or other gestures in a dream.

Germ (embryo)

Supporters of a pose of germ can exult: position of a body on one side, with the knees tightened to a stomach, helps a body to be restored qualitatively and loads with a positive for the whole day. It is the most natural pose, it is occupied most often by the baby until the birth.

Whether you know? The Tibetan aged men claim that the provision of germ helps to prolong life, and yogis are sure that during sleepy rest on the left side the organism is warmed, and on right — is cooled.

These gestures of a body can also demonstrate vulnerability, both men, and women, about a lack of attention and care of their life.

Such situation helps to have a rest to a back and internals, is capable to eliminate snore.


Difference of this pose from previous — hands, legs and a back hold ideally equal position. But it does not mean what sleeping extends extremities under a ruler. Hands and legs can be scattered on a bed. So active people on whom it is always possible to rely sleep. Freedom for them — above all. Their analytical mind and ability it is quiet to assess a situation help to adapt to changeable vital circumstances easily.

Doctors consider correct this position of a body during sleep as the organism is given an opportunity qualitatively to have a rest without any load of internals.

Important! Hypertensive persons and having heart troubles should remember that they cannot go to bed on the left side.

Stretched (falling)

The open pose differs in the fact that people are put to bed on a stomach, widely scattering legs and hands. Quite often they prefer to sleep in the center of a bed. It seems that they just jumped out of the plane and fly, for the present with an unsolved parachute. If to speak about advantage of this situation, then it concedes to harm. Everyone has to understand that going to bed on a stomach, the body dooms to torture, all internals, a thorax, lungs and heart suffer, strong compressed between you and a bed.

Supporters of a dream on a stomach doom the brain to bad blood supply. It is connected with the fact that it is impossible to sleep, having buried the person in a pillow — it is necessary to turn the head on one side owing to what the carotid peredavlivatsya.

Important! The twisted neck leads to stretching of cervical vertebras and pinching of a nerve.

Besides, if you sleep on a stomach, your lungs and a thorax are in the clamped state that complicates respiratory process. Also other internals are squeezed that can provoke even problems of sexual nature. Therefore if you want to find out in what pose it is correct to sleep, you should not stop on this. As for symbolics of corporal language, freedom-loving people who differ in persistence and obstinacy so prefer to sleep. They are too pedantic, all their actions are accurately planned, with small steps they firmly approach goals. It should be noted that so sleep as well people who, alas, do not accept criticism in the party.


One of the best poses for sleepy rest is situation on a back which is fraught only with one unpleasant moment: snore. Any doctor, the cosmetologist, the nutritionist and the psychologist will recommend you this pose as it the most useful to health. It is called royal: as the representative of royal blood prefers to be in the center of everything, sleeping in such pose takes the place on the center of a bed. In such pose extroverts, self-confident people who quite often are in the lead in everything sleep.


Slightly bent hands and legs of sleeping are characteristic of the provision of a semi-germ. The body is located on a bed freely and easy. This pose of the sleeping person quite widespread. As well as the provision of embryo, it has useful effect on a human body and promotes its high-quality restoration during rest as all bodies are weakened and are not clamped.

So the balanced, sane people possessing steady mentality sleep.

The factors influencing poses

The set of factors can influence the choice of the correct pose for a dream:

  • condition of physical human health;
  • customs and tastes of sleeping;
  • psychological state of the person (resistance to stress, tranquility, ability to possess itself in unpleasant situations);
  • character of the person;
  • the person sleeping with you in one bed;
  • quality of a bed and mattress;
  • conditions indoors (lighting, temperature condition).

Change of poses during sleep

Quite often we are surprised: as it to our body is possible to get any given position in a dream. We fall asleep in one situation, and we wake up in absolutely another. Quite often the body surprises with the abilities. The thing is that how argued and doctors advised, the human body finds that pose in which feels in the most convenient, comfortable and cozy way in a dream.

Whether you know? According to researches, people are capable to turn over, turn in a dream and to change position of a body to 40 times in a night and if the person is in a condition of a stress, then longer.

As you can see, the consciousness of the person comes to an end where the dream sets in. In this state each of us carries out a third of the life. Unconscious impulses are capable to tell a lot of things about people, to reveal those secrets which are not even known for him. Quite often a mirror of a human soul is the pose in which the person sleeps. Reserved language of the sleeping body conceals in itself a set of meanings, in it information on character, customs, habits, health and other lines is coded.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team