The correct way of life - MORNING!

The correct way of life - MORNING!

most interesting that is valid, health is an invaluable gift most of which of all neglect. It would seem that it always is on the ball, sometimes you will be ill a little and everything, you feel quite normally next day. Grazes quickly drag on, temperature decreases, the throat is cleaned in 2-3 days, cough disappears with acceptance of tablets, joints cease to hurt after rest. There is a lot of such trifles that sometimes you do not think, and there is actually some limit.

In reality as doctors speak, health begins to show sores after 30 years. That is all that way of life, all addictions, lack of physical activities which have to be constant gradually influenced an organism and after a certain term the last nevertheless will begin to show the displeasure. How does it become noticeable?

And everything begins simply – waking up in the morning, begin to feel weakness, sometimes and even temple pain, some pressure which from weather can often change. Joint pains and, especially in a back which pass only from good morning exercises and greasing of sore points with medicinal ointment. Or in general, you wake up in the morning, and at once overtakes cough moreover such strong that it seems, you can lose all the interiors. And also the phlegm constantly leaves in large numbers. The sour smack in language which reminds gastric juice after a yesterday's lunch also joins it. Yes, and at these moments it is told – hi, I arrived. The organism began to show the of harm. Well and it is correct, it was not necessary to smoke, drink and eat so much.

I understand what is wanted to cry – Guard, my life is in danger!, but it especially will not help. It is time to change something. It is not necessary to run to doctors at once, to conduct researches, to buy tons of drugs and to try to treat all at once. By itself, all this will be then, but for a start it is necessary just to lead the image life slightly closer to the classical standard. It still that it?! - you ask. Well, it wash a little the term which designates the correct way of life with healthy food, absence or reduction of addictions and full-fledged physical occupations, be on that sport or work.

And so, went. What needs to be known during the first time of change of the way of life?

Having woken up in the morning, and there is a wish to crack on the alarm clock that it stopped to ring as abnormal. But, it is not necessary to do it, and it is time to run quicker to the bathroom to wash cold water. Yes, cold as instant awakening of an organism will be reaction to it and it is a great way of fight against hypostases on a face after a dream. I in general, prefer a cool shower, but it is better to accept it after charging which is begun after washing. I do not ask to carry out difficult intricate exercises, morning run or dumbbells to swing a biceps, no, but simple bases are necessary at least. They are ordinary, as well as at old Soviet school:

  1. Neck. Circular motions, at first at the left 10 times, then to the right 10 times. Movements up-down 10 times, then from left to right 10 times. It is possible to increase, of course, the number of repetitions and approaches, but for a start is the most suitable option.
  2. Movements by shoulders up-down, and hands have to be parallel to a trunk and are pressed to them a little. As well as always – 10 times.
  3. Wide waves hands or just their circular movement on the maximum scope, as though emotional surge in amazement. 10 times usually and 10 times back.
  4. The waist can be warmed up with circular motions, at first to the left, and then to the right. Also on 10 times.
  5. Do not forget about squats – they need to be done surely. For a start also, only 10 times.

It is only a small basis, but it is worth not to forgetting that it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions and to add approaches, and including additional exercises in morning exercises. It will add new forces, a charge of energy and just excellent morning mood.

And so, you washed cold water, did exercises and now it is time a cool shower. You should not say that it is necessary after charging as the refreshing factor. And it is possible to use a usual cool, and contrast shower. Well, for this purpose, who you do not know what is it, we will remind that this combination of a poocherednost of hot and cool water. Tempers an organism very well so take into consideration.

One of the main factors of morning – a good breakfast, and especially after charging. Two eggs hard-boiled enter my usual diet, it is a little cottage cheese (low-fat) or porridges (porridge, semolina, rice or buckwheat) and also several slices of cheese (low-fat and not salty) with greens (fresh and well washed up) and bread (1-2 day prescription from rye, the second grade or otrubny flour). It is good to drink fresh juice, milk or green tea with slices of a lemon or apple. Do not condemn me, all of you can get it at the average salary and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I understand that all of you work and lead very active office or other life, but nothing prevents us to conduct healthy nutrition, without leaving office. Frequent food, about 5-6 times a day, but in the small portions is recommended. For what? And everything is simple, it for a start will reduce the volume of a stomach and will help an organism quickly and to carefully digest the eaten food. It is by the way one of methods of prevention of gastrointestinal diseases and obesity which is very widespread among age of 30 years. And all because by this period many stop playing sports, got family and completely went to work, staying on it for day if it is no more to earn and increase the financial capital. And at the same time forget that subordinating to risk health, they will spend money for its restoration which will not be for all 100 percent. Is what to think of. And so, you it seems not really thick, but nevertheless it is possible to throw off it is sensitive weight. How to define? There is an old system allowing to find the ideal weight. To take growth indicators, and you to subtract 100, for example, you growth 180, means about 80 kilograms and so on have to weigh.

But it is not absolutely correct method, and for exact definition there is a body mass index, but let doctors be engaged in it, and we and have enough these data. And so, decided to feed normally, it is not enough decision, it is necessary actions! The second breakfast is obligatory, and it can look as usual having a snack in a look couple of apples or pears, the main thing that the stomach was not empty. Already each 2-3 hours. And the most important that the feeling of hunger vanishes and there is no wish to fill the interiors in the huge portions of food.

And so, it was only morning, ahead still the second half of day, to be continued …

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team