The sun and children – concepts compatible!

The sun and children – concepts compatible!

it is correct to protect the child from the sun and to continue to enjoy joint outdoor recreation? The sun and the sea makes children such happy — it is only necessary to know when to stop.

The heat and the sun influence production of endorphins, improving, thus, our mood. Ultra-violet (UF) beams stimulate production of vitamin D, important for healthy growth of bones, in an organism. They are also responsible for suntan of skin which is her protective response to overdose of harmful ultraviolet rays.

Actually rather 15-minute walk in the fresh air to take only positive influence of stay on the sun. More long solar bathtubs can render opposite effect that will lead to weakening of the immune system. Ultra-violet radiation also mobilizes free radicals who, in turn, can damage skin fabrics. Parents need to treat with special attention solar protection of kids because their skin is very vulnerable to influence of sunshine, especially in the first year of life.

Skin of the child cannot still be protected from the sun. In order that skin adapted to sunshine there have to pass several years. Therefore it is important to parents to remember — babies should not be affected by direct sunshine!

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The skin reacts to UF radiation with brown suntan. It occurs because pigmentary formation of a cage answers UV rays with such reaction. Suntan, therefore, is a simple barrier of skin on sunlight. But except a beautiful bronze shade we receive also problems. Suntan leads to a skin thickening. But this natural protection of skin remains only provided that you too long and often arrive to the sun.

Adults depending on type of skin and force of sunshine are recommended to spend from 10 to 40 minutes in the sun. Kids have no natural protection against the sun as skin still very thin and sensitive, it cannot allocate a pigment in the form of suntan. Only at adults own system of protection of skin is quite mature and prepared for sunshine. Therefore sensitive skin of the baby needs special protection. After all, it is worth to remember that any suntan increases risk of cancer of skin. And only you can protect your child from it.

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