Thermal burns"

Thermal burns"

burns – very unpleasant wound got from a strong source of heat with a possibility of damage of an integument of a human body and other layers – hypodermic and fat cellulose, muscles and even bones. The most frequent phenomenon in use are a burn from sources of hot liquid or fire. Usually it is the boiling water, vapors from fire sources, fires, any fires and many other things that exceeds temperature of our body many times over.

Very often burns are got from misuse of household appliances, on production or careless children. The last especially hard have such wounds as adults are usually more patient to severe pains.

And if nevertheless burn was got, what to do and how to give first aid to the victim? Everything is quite simple. It is necessary to get rid at once of a source which put burn damages to an integument then at once it is necessary to cool a wound surface with cold water or to apply a gauze bandage or a towel, previously plentifully having moistened it in cold water. Rest is necessary for the victim then call the ambulance car or go to the nearest hospital where the appropriate measures will be carried out.

On classification of burns there are four views which the ordinary population needs to know, not having knowledge in medical sciences. If the burn represents usual reddening with pain, then it is a burn of the first degree. If there were bubbles or blisters, then it is the second degree. At the third degree the blisters usually burst, and the fourth is characterized by presence of severe necrosis of fabric, the charred surface and lack of any local sensitivity.

The most important errors of first aid from friends, relatives or acquaintances who can be during incident nearby, that this pasting on a burn surface of unnecessary means – ointments, creams, oils and other. It is impossible to try to remove the clothes remains, to delete the stuck objects, to remove bubbles and in general to make unnecessary actions.

It is recommended to call anyway the ambulance car, especially if the child has deep damages, bubbles, blisters, darkening of sites of skin, the stuck clothes, any type of a burn, the burned intimate area, temperature increase at a burn and severe pains.

Remember that not the timely address to experts bears in itself possibility of various complications!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team