Tibetan massage: we get acquainted with secrets of east medicine

Tibetan massage: we get acquainted with secrets of east medicine

Tibetan medicine considers: to revitalize the body and to recover from diseases, insufficiently only one physical impact on an organism. The thought that the root of all problems with health first of all lies in the spiritual sphere of the person is still popular in Tibet. So, improvement has to be complex, including harmonious influence both on a body, and on a spiritual state. The Tibetan massage of Ku-Nye is considered one of the most effective methods of such beneficial influence on an organism.

What massage is, than it is useful and what differs from traditional types of massage in

To understand what is it — the Tibetan massage of Ku-Nye, it is necessary to get acquainted with the main secrets of medicine of Tibet. This massage is external therapeutic impact on the physical beginning of the person, however combines not only external receptions, but also harmonization of spirit by means of relaxation and meditation. There was Ku-Nye long ago — even before origin of the Buddhism. It is dated approximately 1900 B.C. Massage includes pointed impact on a body with use of salutary oils that is visible even by the name technicians — Ku means putting oil, and Nye — directly massage actions.

Whether you know? Jude-Shi is an ancient Tibetan treatise which was made in the XI century. According to legends, it was written by Buddha Shakyanumi in the medical embodiment. This work contains all secrets of the Tibetan medicine.

Massage influences an organism at the physical and power level, and consists in relaxation and improvement of muscles and ligaments, sinews and the musculoskeletal device. Also it rejuvenates skin and slows down processes of its withering and aging.

Of course, in Ku-Nye also classical technicians of massage like a razminaniye, strokings and grindings are applied, but at the same time there are specific methods - it is an akupressura or pointed impact on acupuncture points. It is considered that these points are on certain meridians in a human body which are places of course ци — vital energy.

The advantage of this Tibetan massage is unambiguous, it:

  • harmonizes a body and soul;
  • is prevention of many diseases;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • brings an organism into a tone;
  • accumulates vital forces and energy;
  • treats diseases of joints, bones and ligaments;
  • strengthens heart;
  • calms nervous system;
  • rejuvenates an organism in general;
  • gives to skin the healthy and shining look.

After Ku-Nye's sessions of people feels well rested, vigorous and full of strength, besides psychologically comes to a condition of harmony with itself and with the world.

Important! It is possible to carry out massage not only to adult healthy people, but also elderly, to children and pregnant women. It belongs to the category SPA procedures and can be complemented with practicians of yoga and meditation.

Ku-Nye has the general impact on an organism as during the procedure all parts of the body are studied, beginning from the head and finishing with toes. Use of useful oils influences all systems of bodies, tightens skin, purifying it, gives it fresh complexion and even normalizes hormonal balance.

Differs from traditional massage of Ku-Nye:

  • performing preliminary full diagnostics;
  • inclusion meditative the practician and receptions from yoga;
  • influence it is absolute on all surface of a body;
  • use of various special oils which are selected to everyone individually depending on necessary influence and the available disease;
  • lasting session from one and a half to two and a half hours and also with a various length of course from 8 to 30 sessions. Duration of a course and duration of each separate session is determined individually by indications;
  • impact on various acupuncture points for everyone it is individual;
  • drawing barley or pea meal on those places which were studied that flour absorbed not only the remained oil, but also toxins emitted through a skin time.

Thanks to general impact on each section of a body, Ku-Nye allows to get rid of a condition of chronic fatigue and to reduce severe and long stress.

Main types, receptions and technique of carrying out

There are several types of the Tibetan massage:

  1. Massage of all body on Ku-Nye's equipment — is massed all body, and the procedure begins with an occipital part of the head, and progresses along a back further. For a start it is necessary to apply on a body with the combing movements oil, to rub it with circular motions, then by means of thumbs to walk along a backbone. Further stronger pressing prominatsya lines from a backbone on each side, joints of shoulders are studied. Muscles of a back need to be pounded and warmed up alternately. A back part of a neck is massed by the palm back. Pointed movements in the Tibetan massage are carried out by fingertips or bones, making movements in a circle. And then along a backbone and on perimeter of shovels the massaging of a back by means of vacuum jars is made. On end to calm skin, it is necessary to smooth a back with soft touches. And right at the end in a body flour for absorption of oil and toxins is rubbed. The same method carries out massage and all other parts of a body.
  2. The Tibetan massage for face rejuvenation begins with cervical area too and progresses to a front part up. Previously skin has to be carefully cleaned and oiled by the basic to which it is desirable to add couple of drops of the essential oil which is picked up individually to type and a condition of skin. At first stroke a neck on each side, then from one ear to another. Further strokings of all area of a face — cheeks, nose wings, a forehead, space around eyes are made. Experts study each face muscle, carrying out sculptural massage.
  3. Power massage of the Tibetan monks is a hormonal procedure which normalizes work of an endocrine system and normalizes balance of hormones in an organism. Also the procedure is called power gymnastics because massage influences a biofield of the person, correcting it and also cleans chakras. This equipment belongs to self-massage and is carried out only in the morning, it is desirable even before you get up.
  4. Massage by means of the Tibetan singing bowls. The essence of the procedure is in what on a human body is established by several bowls which walls differ on thickness. These bowls are made of seven various metals, including with use of meteoric iron. Massage is performed by the vibrating percussions on bowls, at the same time they begin to publish fluctuations at the level of ultrasound. Such influence affects deep cellular level and has improving effect on the smallest corporal structures.

Important! Only the professional of high level as ultrasonic fluctuations at illiterate approach can do harm to health can carry out massage by the Tibetan singing bowls.

In the mornings it is better to carry out the Tibetan massage in a period from 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning as this period in the best way is suitable for recharge of an organism energy. Self-massage is carried out, lying on quite firm surface and having put the roller under the head. Massage movements have to be carried out rhythmically, with a frequency on one movement in one second, and so on thirty movements on each approach.

For normal work of all organism the person needs to get enough sleep. Some people have insomnia and cannot fall asleep, and others on the contrary want to sleep all the time. Read what the chronic sleep debt and why it is impossible to sleep in the afternoon is terrible.

The first that needs to be made — actively to rub palms the friend about the friend, warming them. The condition of palms testifies after that to a condition of an organism. If palms heat up long and become humid it means that with a biofield not everything is all right. The good condition of a biofield is demonstrated by quickly heating up and dry hands.

To understand how to make Ku-Nye to itself, it is necessary to study technique of the procedure and to adhere to it:

  • at first we carry out massage of eyes, pressing on them palms and keeping a rhythm, after that approximately for 30 seconds we leave hands pressed to eyeballs;
  • likewise we press on ears;
  • further we massage a face the clenched fists, beginning from a chin, and gradually we move to ears;
  • then we warm up a forehead the compressed hands, describing shuttle movements;
  • we carry out contactless movements by hands from a forehead to a nape at distance of several centimeters from the head;
  • we repeat the same in the direction from a thyroid gland to the center of a stomach;
  • further we describe circular motions clockwise on the stomach plane;
  • we adopt the provision of the boat, raising slightly legs and hands, small we shake 30 times them;
  • beginning from soles, we pound legs, moving ahead to coxofemoral joints, repeating massage movements on 30 times in each part.

Such massage loads with energy for all day, stabilizes an organism and brings a condition of spirit into harmony.

Important! The expert can see off all these technicians by means of various devices: grass sacks, bamboo sticks, hot stones, sound bowls, pointwise for legs and, of course, in a classical look.

To whom the procedure is recommended

Ku-Nye's feature is that it can be done practically to all — and in a condition of a disease for its treatment, and if you are healthy, for the sake of prevention of diseases, and it is even simple to relax and remove stress.

Especially Ku-Nye is recommended to those who suffered injuries of the musculoskeletal device recently whom the back hurts or heart disturbs. Also there is a number of indications to application of the Tibetan massage:

  • problems of digestive system in the form of stomach ulcer and gastritis;
  • violations in work of heart;
  • neurology, chronic fatigue and stressful state;
  • lowering of arterial pressure;
  • sciatica;
  • myocardial infarction;
  • diseases of a respiratory system in the form of bronchial asthma and pneumonia.

There are states in which the Tibetan massage is not allowed to be carried out. It:

  • exacerbation of a SARS with temperature increase;
  • any skin pathologies in the form of inflammations, depriving, zagnivaniye;
  • recent wounds, cuts and injuries;
  • allergic reactions, in particular if the allergy to any of oils is observed;
  • the period of critical days at women;
  • oncological diseases of both the good-quality, and malignant nature;
  • heavy violations in mentality and psychoses;
  • varicosity;
  • permanent increase in arterial blood pressure.

How to be prepared for this massage

It is the best of all to undergo the procedure after a lunch. Previously you have to be adjusted on relaxation, not take the day before alcohol, coffee and cigarettes. It is nourishing it is not necessary to gorge on before a session also. It is the best of all to have a bite slightly in a couple of hours before. Before the procedure make all necessary physiological affairs that then it was not necessary to distract — drink waters, visit the bathroom, make toilet, having performed hygienic procedures. Take a shower, purify leather from skin fat and cosmetics.

The yoga helps to get rid of fatigue, it is better to remember information, to lose excess weight and to keep the taken shape at weight loss.

It is better to come to a session in comfortable clothes from natural soft fabrics. You have to feel comfortable and easy.

On completion of a session dare half an hour more to relax. You do not take the wheel, do not drink the drinks containing caffeine; you can even switch-off phone that there were no stressful factors.

When it is better not to do

It is the best of all to begin Ku-Nye's sessions in cold season. It is undesirable to do it in the summer.

Important! It is better for Ku-Nye not to do to people who are in an active form of a disease.

Massage is contraindicated to those at whom skin — for example is injured, owing to wounds or burns if at the person the parasitic, viral or fungal disease develops. Also it is impossible to carry out the procedure during an allergy if there is acute and severe pain of any etiology or if the back with restriction of mobility is injured.

Women should avoid Ku-Nye during periods and on deadlines for pregnancy. Actually pregnancy — not a contraindication, but at future mother can arise allergic reaction to oils as the organism during this period is extremely weakened. Also on deadlines not all types of massage can be available to the woman in situation for the physiological reasons.

Whether there can be a harm

This procedure in itself has salutary effect and unambiguously well affects a condition of an organism. Harm is possible only if the patient holds a session in the presence at himself any of contraindications. At tendency to an allergy there can be a reaction to base and essential oils which are used in the equipment.

The only type of massage which can do harm because of the wrong execution is a massaging by the singing bowls. Influence happens by means of ultrasound and vibration and influences an organism at the cellular level. Therefore incorrectly carried out procedure can damage to internals and systems. Choosing such type of Ku-Nye, it is better to make sure that the highly qualified specialist will see off it to you.

It is considered that the zhiznetvorny force of massage is so big that on recovery effect can be equated to almost eight-hour night sleep.

Whether you know? Tibetans consider that guarantee of human health consists in harmony of three components of our body slime, bile and wind. Violation of harmonious interaction of these substances leads to diseases.

Technology of the Tibetan facial massage

The rejuvenating acupuncture facial massage well influences a condition of skin:

  • tones up;
  • smoothes wrinkles and prevents emergence of new;
  • treats an acne and acne rash;
  • removes dark circles under eyes;
  • minimizes quantity and depth of extensions;
  • reduces the second chin and puffiness;
  • kills chronic headaches.

Facial massage begins with a neck:

  1. From a neck bottom softly we stroke skin finger-tips, directing movements up, to a skull base.
  2. By the palms put in the boat it is carried out several times from one auricle to another.
  3. We move from a stone to an ear near by, from an ear we outline the line of cheekbones, we rise to other ear. To repeat the movement about five times.
  4. Fingertips we mass nose wings, moving from below up.
  5. We study a forehead, stroking it, beginning from eyebrows and moving ahead to roots of hair up.
  6. We start eyes, stroking eyelids — at first top, then lower. On an upper eyelid of the movement have to be directed from an external corner to internal, and on a lower eyelid — on the contrary.

Whether you know? To define a disease of the person, it is rather simple to Tibetan doctors to measure pulse and to make the analysis of urine. But not everything is so simple. Doctors by means of measurement of warm reductions interact with thin structures of a human body and diagnose a disease not only on the general external signs, but also at the metaphysical level. Tibet considers that each disease is manifestation of violations in the spiritual sphere of the person.

The expert when performing massage will work each acupuncture point on your face. The Tibetan monks knew about 100 points on a human face, each of which is responsible for any body and has impact on an organism.

Massage has the stimulating impact on production of endorphins which are much more effective, than artificial antidepressants. One hour of massage provides the person with excellent mood for all day.

So, Ku-Nye — an ancient method of the Tibetan medicine which has complex impact on an organism revitalizes a body and harmonizes a biofield of the person. The procedure suits everything, irrespective of age, and also removal of a condition of a stress, but also and just to pleasure can be applied not only to treatment, prevention of diseases. But to join the mysteries of east medicine, it is necessary to choose massage parlor with good reputation where recognized masters work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team