Useful properties and application in the medical purposes of broth from a dogrose

Useful properties and application in the medical purposes of broth from a dogrose

Even the people very far from medicine in general and from national, in particular, know that dogrose decoction — it is useful. In what, they can not answer, but this thought sits in the heads tight because passes from father to son practically in any family. From this a natural conclusion follows: this master of thoughts about strengthening of health within several centuries has to have really outstanding medicinal properties. And this is true. It is not enough on light of plants in which, as in a May dogrose, all is useful literally — both fruits, and flowers, and leaves, and roots. And if not separate contraindications, dogrose decoction could become ideal treatment-and-prophylactic means.

Caloric content

The citizens watching the weight can not worry: caloric content of this drink is small and is only about 50 kcal on 100 g.

Useful properties

But the other, promoting strengthening health and warning diseases in dogrose decoction there is a lot of all.

For example, on vitamin C content the dried fruits of the dogrose called still a wild rose advance recognized carriers of ascorbic acid ten times — blackcurrant and a lemon. Of course, all this wealth passes also into broth.

In the same place it is possible to find also widely presented group of the vital vitamins B and also vitamins P and K, minerals in the form of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and chrome, and still flavonoids, lycopene, organic acids, tokoferola, tannins and pectins.

Especially it is necessary to add the carotene improving sight of which in a dogrose it is more, than in champions on the content of this substance of carrots and a sea-buckthorn to this list which does not exhaust all useful substances of a wild rose.

Whether you know? In old times on October 1 called in the Afternoon of Arina-shipovnitsy which was considered as the best for collecting a dogrose as this day it was the most useful.

Application in the medical purposes

Dogrose decoction intensifies exchange and oxidation-reduction processes in an organism.

Considerably this drink strengthens immune and cardiovascular systems, it is curative influencing a cardiac muscle, blood vessels and capillaries.

To help strengthen a cardiovascular system cowberry, radish black, radish daikon, honey from sunflower, dried apricots can.

It is promoted by the antioxidants which are contained in a dogrose which effectively fight against an organism zashlakovannost, first of all, with harmful cholesterol.

Drink from fruits of a wild rose is capable to fight really against an anemia, intensifying development of erythrocytes in blood. It helps also at problems with a liver and a gall bladder and also with other digestive organs, counteracts a hypertension and pancreatitis, making salutary impact on the got sick pancreas. Also the undoubted role of broth in activization of mental activity is noticed.

Besides, the dogrose has medicinal properties of antiseptic character, successfully participating in healing of wounds, in treatment of a tonsillitis and simplification of problems with a mucous membrane of a nose.

Antiseptic properties cinnamon, dyagilevy honey, a bergenia, a peppermint, cowberry leaves, a calendula, a carnation, ginger, a lyubistok also have.

Drink from a wild rose is shown and at bronchial asthma.

Important! At fight against high pressure it is necessary to know what reduces only its drink from a dogrose on water, and on alcohol, on the contrary, raises.

So numerous medical talents of this drink are not limited only to its reception inside. Perfectly it proved and at fight against face skin problems for what it is recommended to be applied to washing in the mornings.

Considerably broth also influences hair, doing them strong, dense and brilliant.

Learn how recommend to apply and use for beauty and health of hair vitamin A, vitamin E, B7 vitamin.

For this purpose it is enough to rinse after each washing of the head hair with this natural means.


Diverse properties of broth from a dogrose assume also various recommendations for its use by pregnant women, nursing mothers, babies, more senior children and, for example, people, caring for the figure.

At pregnancy

Saturation of this drink does by vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, other useful components it very demanded at pregnant women. Their organism feeding also the growing fruit, needs fast completion of the spent resources of useful substances, the majority of which just and is in broth.

Its important property is also the ability to strengthen work of kidneys, working as good diuretic that is especially relevant for future mothers staying in the third trimester.

Diuretic and anisetree, berry cloudberries, a mushroom of a chag, a tansy ordinary, a mountain ash red, an asparagus, birch kidneys, a black-fruited mountain ash work as.

And, of course, many pregnant women taking this drink will tell it thanks for disposal of nausea and heartburn.


Pediatricians recommend to give to children dogrose broth from 6-8-month age. The daily dose has to make 100 ml. For more senior children, of course, the dose increases. But at the same time you should not forget that 100 g of the dried-up dogrose may contain monthly norm of ascorbic acid for children age from 1 year to 10 years.

It is important! Not to spoil the child's dream, it should not give broth for the night because of diuretic properties of drink.

For health of babies

Extremely valuable quality of broth from a wild rose for the nursing mothers is its ability to stimulate a lactation. Accepted before feeding, it intensifies development of milk at mother that goes only on the benefit to the baby.

And since eight months the baby is already allowed to accept broth in pure form.

For a slim figure

Not only the low caloric content of drink do it so desired for the people wishing to keep longer the figure of harmonious. The ability to hold it is normal exchange processes in an organism, to bring out of it slags, helps to keep optimum body weight.

Peaches, muesli, Pamela, a kiwi, oat milk, green radish, cape gooseberry, carrots, spinach also differ in low caloric content.

Important and that circumstance that many fighters against excess weight go on various diets in the course of which they deprive the organism of receipt in it many useful substances. Drink from a wild rose and here will come to the rescue.

Maintaining symmetry of a figure is promoted also by diuretic properties of a dogrose which help to bring excess liquid out of an organism and to liquidate hypostases.

Harm and contraindications

As well as in others medical and prophylactics, the main place in contraindications on intake of this drink is taken by individual intolerance his any given person.

Besides, broth has also specific properties which are peculiar to it and are capable to do harm to an organism of some people.

Drink is contraindicated to these people if at them are observed:

  • problems in functioning of a cardiovascular system, in particular, with the lowered pressure;
  • tendency of an organism to formation of blood clots;
  • gastric diseases in the form of an ulcer, gastritis, the increased acidity;
  • pathologies in functioning of a liver;
  • problems in activity of intestines;
  • skin diseases;
  • surplus of ascorbic acid in an organism.

Important! After each intake of broth from a dogrose it is necessary to rinse a mouth because of potential negative impact it on enamel of teeth.


If there are no contraindications and personal intolerance, then this drink is recommended to accept on three times daily within a month before food. An optimum dose — 100 ml. The break between monthly courses has to make two weeks.

This drink tested in centuries by many people as we see, has also quite serious contraindications. However its huge popularity and demand prove that advantage dogrose decoction brings to the person incomparably more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team