Useful properties and features of use of D3 (D3) vitamin

Useful properties and features of use of D3 (D3) vitamin

All of us know that our organism constantly needs feed by vitamins and minerals. Without many useful substances the correct functioning of a human body is impossible, and it means that it is necessary to watch the normal level of vitamins and balance of mineral connections carefully. And in this article it will be a question of one of the vitamins, most significant for people, of category D which is also called cholecalciferol. If you still heard about D3 vitamin existence, then the word cholecalciferol raises only one question: What is it? So, let's understand.

D3 microcell — one of the few organisms of vitamins generated which constantly participates in processes of digestion, splitting and absorption of such substances as calcium and phosphorus.

It is known that calcium participates in processes of formation of bone structure and teeth in a human body. This chemical element is especially important for ensuring durability and endurance of our skeleton.

Phosphorus, besides participation in creation of bones and teeth, is important for the person as one of the elements transforming proteins, fats and carbohydrates to energy.

You already learned something about useful properties of cholecalciferol, and time to expand these data and to understand what vitamin is useful to D men, women and children to came now.

Learn what vitamin F, selenium, potassium, methionine, Retinolum, paraaminobenzoic acid, ascorbic acid, metoksantin, inositol, a left carnitine are useful to an organism.

Babies especially need additional vitamins as their organism has yet no that immunity which is possessed by adults. It is good if the kid is on breastfeeding and receives all necessary nutrients from milk. But if the baby is fed artificially, then it is necessary to watch closely indicators of his health and to regularly enter vitamin complexes into its diet.

Thanks to D3 microcell at children of infantile and preschool age the skeleton is correctly formed, bones are sated with necessary minerals, and teeth napityvatsya by calcium, creating a strong layer of enamel for protection.

Power generation and processing of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is in addition normalized that especially important for children is more senior than 1 year when feedings up are actively entered into a food allowance, and breastfeeding recedes into the background.

Important! It is possible to begin intake of cholecalciferol from first month of life of the child, in cases when its insufficiency is found. The standard daily rate of this form of vitamin D for children is equal 500 ME (5 drops of medicine).

For a male body cholecalciferol also plays an important role. He participates in processing and embedding of calcium and phosphorus in bone structure and promotes processing I WATCH in energy. In cases of shortage of calcium in bones on its place testosterone molecules which are very important for normal functioning of a male body enter. Sufficient saturation by calcium of bones and redirections of molecules of testosterone in requires the course and D3 vitamin is required.

Besides cholecalciferol participates in development of immunity, maintenance of functions of nervous and endocrine system and also promotes process of interchangeability of cages in an organism.

Whether you know? At men the process of synthesis of D3 vitamin comes from sunlight quicker, than at women and therefore if the man actively acquired a tan in the summer, then the charge of the produced cholecalciferol will be enough for all cloudy period of year.

Needless to say that D3 vitamin is necessary as well to women. It becomes the conductor of nutrients in bone tissues and maintains power balance in an organism for what processes the food coming to an organism. At women, as well as at men, thanks to a microcell of D3 the immune system improves, the died-off cages are restored and the balance of nervous system is leveled.

Women also receive a cholecalciferol dose in solar season, but sometimes this volume is not enough for the autumn and spring period, and therefore it is necessary to carry out additional vitaminization of an organism in cases of decrease in indicators below norm.

An indisputable champion in the list of the products containing cholecalciferol is cod-liver oil.

Whether you know? In 100 g of cod-liver oil the 20-day norm of cholecalciferol for the average person contains.

And now let's sort in details the list of the best products containing D3 vitamin. So, it is possible to include in it safely:

  • seafood: a halibut, a cod, a herring, a mackerel, a tuna and a mackerel (in a liver of these fishes the concentration of cholecalciferol is highest);
  • crude egg yolks;
  • beef and pork liver;
  • dairy products: hard cheese, cottage cheese, butter, fermented baked milk and kefir;
  • potatoes, cereals and parsley.

Having included the products given above in your daily diet, you will be able to provide the organism with enough cholecalciferol, than will secure yourself against many undesirable problems about which possible emergence we will talk a bit later.

As it was already told earlier, children, especially during active growth, most need sufficient supply of an organism with vitamins of group D. For example, for the newborn standard daily rate of D3 vitamin — 400-500 ME, that is 4–5 drops of medicine.

Important! For women during pregnancy the norm increases up to 400-700 ME in day (sometimes and up to 1000 ME). Anyway your norm is defined by the doctor.

For adults the norm of this microcell is 200-600 ME in day. Everything depends on a way of life and the weight of the person. The activity is more active, the consumption of substances is higher and the stronger the organism needs additional vitaminization.

As well as other vitamin complexes, a reserve of cholecalciferol can be filled thanks to not only food, but also special medicines. Generally vitamin D is produced in the form of tablets or liquid which dosage pays off in drops.

Children especially need maintenance of the correct balance of nutritious minerals, and therefore during the spring and autumn period (when the organism is most weakened) it is recommended to apply such medicines to carrying out vitaminization:

  • cod-liver oil which is produced in the form of capsules;
  • Aquadetrim and Vigantol which is on sale in the form of solution;
  • Kolekaltsiferol (for prevention of rickets at children) in the form of solution;
  • Kaltsemin in the form of tablets.

In general sets of other medicines can add this list. For the correct dosage and the choice of medicine you need to consult with the family doctor. But at correctly combined food allowance and rather spent time on the street in a sunny weather your child will be provided with the necessary volume of cholecalciferol, and it will not be required to resort to drugs.

All listed above medicines can be given to children of 2 months

All medicines recommended earlier are produced as well for adults. Besides them it is possible to allocate some more medicinal complexes including not only D3 vitamin, but also other vitamins in which interaction with cholecalciferol the effect only increases:

  1. Stay Healthy (Be healthy), is issued in the form of tablets. One tablet contains a complex from 25 useful minerals, each of which is presented in standard daily rate for the adult.
  2. Natura Vigor. One tablet of this medicine includes 600 mg of calcium and 50% of day norm of D3 vitamin.
  3. Tsenturi 2000. One tablet includes standard daily rate of 24 vitamins equally useful both for men, and for women.

Before to play the doctor, even adults should consult with the family doctor and to choose the most optimum form and a dose of medicine for maintenance of the correct functioning of an organism.

Vitamin D can do harm only in case of overdose.

In excessively large number this microcell is toxic and can cause disorder of digestive system, to become the reason of development of atherosclerosis and deposits of calcium on walls of vessels and a number of internals that in the future can cause undesirable problems or even the serious diseases caused by obstruction of vessels.

Also carry iodine, chlorine, fluorine, chrome to minerals.

At the same time locks, vomiting, nausea act as the first symptoms of overdose of cholecalciferol, as a rule, plentiful diarrhea is more rare.

  • various diseases of heart and vessels;
  • presence of tuberculosis;
  • diseases of kidneys or liver;
  • inflammatory processes in intestines;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • atherosclerosis and some other granulematozny diseases.

Therefore it is especially important to adhere to doctor's instructions and rules stated in the instruction to medicine and norms of reception. Summing up the result, one may say, that cholecalciferol is the major microcell allowing to normalize and balance the correct functioning of a human body.

He promotes digestion of calcium and phosphorus and also participates in processes of transformation of the proteins coming to an organism, fats and carbohydrates in the energy necessary for full activity.

Both for adults, and for children, since first months of life, it is important to observe and maintain the correct balance of minerals and vitamins to minimize risks of emergence and development of various diseases.

Vitamin D is capable to bring indisputable benefit in issues of cell regeneration, normalization of a metabolism and formation of strong and steady immunity; but, at the same time, it can do also harm if the norm of its consumption is exceeded. At correctly created way of life in which we will be many walks in the fresh air and the sun and also the balanced food you should not ask for the help doctors and medicines, and your organism will be grateful to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team