Useful properties and indications to application of tea and tincture from cowberry leaves

Useful properties and indications to application of tea and tincture from cowberry leaves

Red berries on an evergreen tiny bushy plant — here is how cowberry looks. Sweet-sour berries can be used fresh or to cook from them compotes, fruit drinks, teas. Our ancestors appreciated cowberry that it is a well of vitamins and useful substances. But you should not forget that not less valuable part of a plant are leaves: from them prepare remedies for fight and prevention of illnesses, maintenance of good health. Cowberry leaves need to be prepared before blossoming of a bush (in May), or till fall when the berry crop is already reaped.


Cowberry tea — the most common form of preparation of a curative medicine from leaves of this plant. It can be applied instead of traditional kofeinsoderzhashchy drinks, I am eager to satisfy, softly to influence an organism at illnesses and painful states.

Learn about advantage and harm of leaves of cowberry as to make them and to apply.


It is possible to prepare tea from cowberry leaves from various recipes, basic of which we will give below (from monoraw materials):

Recipe No. 1

·         1 tsps of leaves;

·         250 ml of boiled water;

Recipe No. 2

·         4 tsps of leaves;

·         500 ml of boiled water.

The basis from cowberry leaves can be supplemented with other officinal herbs (licorice, caraway seeds, rosemary, a juniper), berries, spices, honey.

Whether you know? There is a fine legend explaining evergreen color of cowberry bushes. Once the swallow decided to present immortality to all mankind. She gathered in a beak of curative liquid, but during flight she was stung by a wasp. Having screamed from pain, the bird dropped drops of life-giving moisture which, having fallen to the ground, presented eternal green coloring to leaves of cowberry and pine trees.

Instruction for preparation

Ways of preparation of above-mentioned recipes will differ a little:

  1. In the first case raw materials need just to be filled in with the specified amount of boiled water and to insist within 30 minutes.
  2. In recipe No. 2 for preparation of tea it is necessary to use a water bath. Raw materials need to be filled in with 0.5 l of boiled water, to keep on a water bath within 15-20 minutes. After capacity it is necessary to remove and cool and when tea cools down it is necessary to add boiled water to capacity top.

For preparation it is possible to use a usual scalded teapot.


Tea from cowberry leaves is an excellent alternative to habitual black and green tea which contain caffeine, negatively influence an organism and are contraindicated to many people. Therefore raw materials can be made and drunk with honey or other delicacies instead of usual tea.

According to above-mentioned recipes the turned-out amount of tea (250 or 500 ml) needs to be distributed for 3-4 portions and to accept before each meal in 30 minutes.

In traditional medicine often apply teas, infusions and broths of leaves of a sea-buckthorn, blackberry, currant, a wild strawberry, raspberry.

Medicinal properties

Cowberry tea was widespread in the territory of Russia in the 14th century, and not for nothing — our ancestors knew about its curative properties and abilities to struggle with diseases. What benefit is brought to an organism by cowberry tea:

  • reduces hypostases;
  • has soft diuretic effect;
  • has antibacterial effect;
  • tones up an organism, loads with energy, eliminates fatigue;
  • strengthens walls of vessels, returns them elasticity;
  • normalizes high HELL.

Important! It is worth understanding that at serious illnesses cowberry tea will not be able to save completely from a disease, but it is excellent means for prevention of a disease and also works as a part of complex treatment for strengthening of an organism.

Indications to application

Proceeding from curative properties of this drink, it is possible to select also indications to its use:

  1. Hypostases (at pregnancy, heart diseases).
  2. Diseases of the urinogenital sphere.
  3. Inflammatory diseases of gums and oral cavity.
  4. Cold and cold (for rinsing).
  5. The organism exhaustion caused by a long disease, emotional pressure, physical activity or other stress.


Infusion is another popular form of preparation of medicine from raw materials by flooding by its cold or hot liquid (water, oil, vinegar). It is remarkable that infusions are not led up before boiling for the purpose of preservation of the maximum quantity of medical components. If tea from cowberry leaves can be accepted as usual drink, then infusion is medicine.


Such components will be necessary for preparation of infusion on cowberry leaves:

  • 1 tsps of raw materials;
  • 100-150 ml of the boiling water.

Instruction for preparation

Today infusions usually are prepared in any glass container which is closed covers, but it is the best of all to use a thermos or a thermocup for preparation. In capacity it is necessary to fill up raw materials, to fill in with water, to close and leave to infuse at least for 3 hours. After this time infusion needs to be filtered. Now it is ready to the use.

In days of old infusions were prepared by a naparivaniye method. For this purpose used clay vessels in which filled in with boiled water raw materials and left for the night to cool down in the furnace. Today in rural areas and furthermore in the cities, such way is not applied. Besides at such way the medicine loses a part of useful substances.


Infusion needs to be accepted as well as tea from cowberry — the specified amount of liquid needs to be divided into several equal portions and to drink for half an hour before each meal.

Whether you know? It is difficult to believe that so tiny and gentle cowberry bush only 20 cm high is a long-liver among plants and can compete easily on life length with an oak. Cowberry bushes grow slowly, but keep viability up to 300 years!

Medicinal properties

This drink has such medicinal properties:

  • stimulates work of the immune system;
  • tones up an organism;
  • removes inflammation and, as a result, eliminates or reduces pain;
  • struggles with an infection;
  • removes puffiness of fabrics.

Indications to application

Infusion on leaves of cowberry needs to be applied as supportive application at the following painful states:

  • tonsillitis;
  • diseases of gums and mouth (stomatitis, gingivit, periodontosis, other);
  • bad outflow of bile;
  • flu and cold;
  • the increased sugar level in blood;
  • inflammations of joints.

Important! It is necessary to remember that to children to 12-year age treatment of flu and cold by means of any means on the basis of a cowberry leaf contraindicated!


Broth, apparently from the name, is prepared by way of boiling of raw materials from a herb on slow fire. For preparation of broths generally rough vegetable raw materials (for example, roots or bark, branches, rigid foliage) are used therefore rough leaves of cowberry are suitable for broths as well as possible. There is an opinion that preparation on a water bath is also considered a kind of boiling of a plant.


The first recipe for broth:

  • 2 tablespoons of raw materials;
  • 500 ml of water.

The following recipe includes cowberry berries besides leaves:

  • 1 tablespoons of berries;
  • 1 tablespoons of leaves;
  • 1 l of water.

In the following recipe we will consider necessary ingredients for medicinal collecting on the basis of cowberry leaves:

  • 5 parts of leaves of cowberry;
  • 2 parts of a grass of a St. John's wort;
  • 2 parts of hips;

Read about useful and harmful properties of tea, infusion, broth and oil of a dogrose.

  • 1 part of a train;
  • 200-250 ml of water.

Preparation of the last recipe on the specified amount of liquid requires 1 tablespoon of medicinal collecting.

Instruction for preparation

All above-stated recipes need to be prepared on such way: raw materials are located in a saucepan, are filled in with boiled water and pine on slow fire within 10-15 minutes. Further the saucepan needs to be removed, a medicine to filter and add boiled water so much to bring amount of liquid to an initial state.

It is important to remember that broths and infusions quickly lose the qualities and spoil therefore there is no sense to prepare large portions of these means. It is much more useful to prepare daily a small portion of fresh infusion or broth.


If there are no additional instructions on reception, broth of cowberry needs to be divided into several portions and to use evenly during the day. At many inflammatory processes of an urinary and musculoskeletal system it is necessary to accept broth shortly before food on 1-2 tablespoons.

Medicinal properties

Broth from these raw materials has bigger concentration of useful and medical substances as during boiling of a plant gives a considerable part of components to water. The advantage of broth consists in such curative properties:

  • reduces inflammatory process;
  • disinfects;
  • heals;
  • brings salts and excess liquid out of an organism;
  • renders antibacterial effect.

Important! In the course of long influence of high temperature, broth loses the most part of vitamin C therefore for toning of an organism, strengthenings of immunity, recuperation it is necessary to drink infusion and tea from cowberry raw materials!

Indications to application

Broth of cowberry leaves is effective at such states:

  • urine incontinence;
  • inflammatory processes of an urinogenital system at men and women (prostatitis, cystitis, nephrites);

For treatment of cystitis also use green tea, pumpkin, corn snouts, devyasit, a horsetail field, potato juice.

  • proktologichesky diseases (cracks of back pass, hemorrhoids, colitis);
  • the weakened sight;
  • stagnation of bile, stones in a gall bladder;
  • hypostases of various nature.

The use of broth, tea and infusion on cowberry leaves is useful at treatment of a bacterial infection as the transferred funds strengthen action of antibiotics. Besides internal reception, infusions tea and broths can be used outwardly for improvement of a condition of skin at an acne, rash, wounds and any damages. The mask from the fresh crushed cowberry leaves is capable to humidify, tone up and clean integuments deeply.

Spirit tincture

At this way of preparation of a cowberry leaf alcohol-water solution from 40 to 90% is applied. The medicine at the same time is not exposed to heating, but the long time is defended in order that useful substances from a plant passed into liquid.


Ways of preparation of tincture on a cowberry leaf there is a set. Let's consider the main of them in which besides the main ingredient additional components are used:

Recipe No. 1

·         100 g of vegetable raw materials;

·         2.5 l of hot water;

·         250 ml of vodka (40%).

Recipe No. 2

·         1 part of a cowberry leaf;

·         1 part of hips;

·         4 parts of vodka.

Recipe No. 3

·         500 g of mix from berries and fruits of a plant;

·         2 l of alcohol (40%).

Recipe No. 4

·         2 tablespoons of raw materials;

·         300 ml of alcohol (60%).

Instruction for preparation

Each above-stated recipe will be prepared with some nuances:

  1. In the first case raw materials need to be filled in with abrupt boiled water, to insist at least 2 hours, to filter and add some vodka. Further the medicine needs to be taken on slow fire within 15-20 minutes.
  2. The second recipe is very simple: it is necessary to place raw materials in a glass container, to fill in with vodka and to insist half-month in the dark place.
  3. If you chose the third recipe, then it is necessary to draw means within 1 month in the dark, cold place. Further for convenience tincture can be poured on smaller tanks.
  4. In the last recipe raw materials need to be filled in with alcohol and to insist at a temperature of 20-25 °C within 14 days, at the same time twice a day capacity needs to be stirred up.

Whether you know? Tinctures on the basis of plants, berries and fruit initially served as medicine and were used by ancient doctors, monks and alchemists only against diseases. Moreover, medicines were preparing on spirit liquids earlier as a result of natural fermentation when distillation was not known to mankind yet. And only 300 years ago these drinks left the category exclusively medical and began to appear on counters of alcoholic shops.


At treatment by tinctures the exact dosage needs to be specified always at the doctor. The course of treatment can last of several weeks about half a year, depending on a disease and a condition of an organism.

How to take tincture according to recipes:

  • in the first case the treatment lasts 3-6 months. It is necessary to take tincture before food on 1 tsp;
  • according to the second recipe, it is necessary to take tincture 3 times a day to food on 1 tsp;
  • in recipe No. 3 tincture in number of 5-15 drops needs to be parted in a small amount of water and to drink before food;
  • in the last recipe the course of reception lasts 3 weeks. The medicine in number of 15 drops needs to be parted in half of glass of water and to drink 3 times a day to food.

Medicinal properties

Let's consider how this means influences an organism:

  • stimulates appetite, improves digestion;
  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms;
  • stops diarrhea;
  • reduces inflammatory process.

Indications to application

Cowberry tincture can be taken to help the organism at such states:

  • rheumatism;
  • gout;
  • cystitis, pyelonephritis;
  • the increased gas generation;
  • stimulation of appetite.

Curative properties of leaves of cowberry

Summing up, it is possible to draw a conclusion that cowberry leaves softly influence an organism, but at the same time effectively help to struggle with many inflammatory, infectious diseases. It is possible to use this plant in order that:

  • to strengthen an organism;
  • to fill a reserve of vitamins;
  • to eliminate inflammations;
  • to reduce a pain syndrome;
  • to overcome an infection;
  • to remove puffiness.

As well as any herb, at cowberry leaves has contraindications to application: an ulcer and gastritis with the increased acidity, low blood pressure. Before use of these raw materials it is necessary to consult with the doctor to receive exact recommendations concerning a dosage and duration of reception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team