Useful properties of a dogrose

Useful properties of a dogrose

dogrose is a curative plant from family Pink. For the first time it appeared in Asia and as its crop began to be grown up in Babylon. But initially the dogrose was cultivated because of its beautiful flowers, but not because of medical qualities. The dogrose as a herb was widespread in Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Today the dogrose is successfully grown up in the countries with a temperate climate. The most widespread of all forms and species of a dogrose is the Dogrose May. It is grown up as a valuable officinal, food, vitaminozny, melliferous, essential oil-bearing and ornamental plant.

Hips can be used differently. They can be eaten fresh, to do of them syrups and juice, seasonings, teas, etc. From petals of a dogrose make tasty jam, receive pink vinegar and pink water and also use in alcoholic beverage and essential oil industry .Vsostav of many vitamin medicines and sborovvkhodit hips. They are also used for production of extracts, syrups, pills, tablets and other medications. Besides etogoshipovnik apply as an inoculation of the cultivated grades of roses in decorative gardening.

Useful properties of a dogrose

Drugs from a dogrose have antiscorbutic, antisclerous and bile-expelling effect, increase oxidation-reduction processes in an organism, stimulate work of the immune system of an organism its resilience to infections and harmful effects of factors of the external environment. Thanks to fitontsidny and bactericidal actions the dogrose is recommended at infectious diseases, atherosclerosis, diseases of a liver, digestive organs, skin and mucous membranes and also at hemorrhagic diathesis, and long healing wounds and trophic ulcers. The dogrose is actively used also in traditional medicine. Teas and tinctures from fruits shipovnikaprimenyat at scarlet fever, typhus, tuberculosis, inflammation of kidneys, diseases of intestines, stomach and liver.

What recipes use a dogrose as the main ingredient?

Infusion and syrup of hips use as vitamin means for prevention and treatment of avitaminosis. Also it ispolzuyutv quality of bile-expelling means.

Dogrose oil thanks to nonsaturated and saturated to fatty acids, carotinoids and tocopherol is used at stomach ulcers.

Dense syrup from water extract of hips is applied as an obshcheukreplyayushchegoa bile-expelling by sredstvapr cholecystitises and hepatitis.

Who cannot take the drugs from a dogrose?

Drugs from a dogrose are contraindicated at thrombophlebitises, endocarditises, insufficiency of blood circulation and diabetes and also in case of individual intolerance.

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