Valerian medicinal

Valerian medicinal

valerian medicinal is the known grassy perennial plant which contains organic acids, essential oils, alkaloids, tannins and valerian acid.

Drugs from a valerian help at heart diseases, a climax, hyperfunction of a thyroid gland, diseases of housing and public utilities, dysentery, for treatment of diseases of a liver and biliary tract, with stomatology and outwardly at red flat herpes, at plentiful sweating.

Spazmolitichesky and sedative properties of a root of a valerian found broad application in traditional medicine. Medicine strengthens influence of sedative, sleeping and spazmolitichesky medicines. By means of this plant such nervous diseases as insomnia, hysteria, migraine and nervousness treat.

By means of a valerian cook soothing teas and tinctures. For treatment of nervousness it is recommended to take baths with valerian additives.

This grass is widely known in pharmacology. Juice of a valeryana uses at treatment of solar burns, frostbites and chapping. Extract of a valerian has toning property and stimulates blood circulation of epidermis. It also neutralizes reddenings and irritations of skin.

The valerian is contraindicated to people with a chronic enterokolit. Elderly people also should refrain from application of a valerian. It is impossible to be treated by a valerian in the presence of an allergy to this plant.

It is not recommended will use a valerian to pregnant women in the first 3 months and also in the presence of an individual allergy to medicine.

At the long use of a valerian, it is not recommended to use motor transport for autographic driving as medicine can render sedative effect and influence psychomotor reactions.

The valerian medicinal is used in three forms:

  • Valerian extract - the tablets covered with a cover.
  • Valerian tincture - reddish liquid with a fragrant smell and sweet taste.
  • The dried product - usually is the crushed parts of a plant for preparation of infusions.

Possible side effects:

  • drowsiness
  • depression
  • decrease in working capacity
  • locks

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