Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

vitamin C everyone heard, everyone though is a little, but about it knows. Nevertheless, this vitamin deserves special attention, it is one of the most surprising substances. Many animals are capable to produce ascorbic acid therefore they so seldom are ill, they are seldom taken by colds, and seasonal flu is not terrible, unlike us. Only give us vent to take a walk in the fall in rainy weather and voila - temperature, flu and all other troubles here. Why does that happen? And business all that our organism is not capable to synthesize vitamin C here such we deprived.

For the first time ascorbic acid was emitted … will guess from where? Of course, from a lemon well-loved by all of us. Vitamin C is water-soluble that gives it indisputable advantages: it without problems can get there where it is necessary and to help the immune system to overcome a virus. That is why at a disease such popular is a lemon and antiscorbutic vitamin. But here it is only worth remembering that vitamin C collapses at thermal treatment. Therefore it is better to eat a lemon alive, but not to put in tea.

Where is most of all ascorbic acid? Of course, in all citrus, apples, currant, a dogrose, pepper, beet, onions, cabbage, new potato and many other fruit and vegetables. As it is possible to notice, these products enter our daily diet. But! Vitamin C is present only at those products which were not exposed to thermal treatment and did not lie long on the shelf. By the way, now, when flu begins to come, do not forget about good old infusion of a dogrose.

As for standard daily rate, it is necessary to receive vitamin C from food or additional additives. Children in day need 30-75 mg, adult 50-100 mg. At diseases, pregnancy and loadings the need for ascorbic acid increases.

With what substances does vitamin C interact?

Ascorbic acid is capable to increase concentration of antibiotics, at the same time there can be an itch, rash, skin reddening.

Thanks to ascorbic acid, iron is better acquired in intestines. Vitamin C is not on friendly terms with aspirin and contraceptive tablets. It strengthens effect of vitamin E.

Than vitamin C is useful?

  • Against all viruses!

Ascorbic acid is powerful antioxidant, it perfectly strengthens our immune system from various viruses that especially important in the fall and in the winter when usually flu especially rages. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory effect. So if you do not want to be ill, then include in the diet a lemon, dogrose infusion, pepper and other products which contain vitamin C.

  • Let the stress pass by

Vitamin C helps to overcome stressful situations which so filled our everyday life. Besides intake of ascorbic acid increases amount of adrenaline in blood – it protects adrenaline from oxidation.

  • Healthy gums and teeth

If you suffer from bleeding of gums, then ascorbic acid is that it is necessary for you. It is interesting that many biochemists refuse toothpaste and just eat a lemon. And they do not suffer from problems with teeth, they have clean teeth and fresh breath. Ascorbic acid kills bacteria which provoke development of caries. Maybe then we will note? Limonchik in the morning, limonchik in the evening …

  • Than vitamin C is still useful?

It is known that ascorbic acid fights against a scurvy. Besides, it helps an organism to be restored after alcohol intake and drugs and also slows down aging processes.

  • You give energy!

Vitamin C participates in production of such substance as a carnitine about which we already wrote. And what gives us a carnitine? Correctly, energy. For this reason people which lacks antiscorbutic vitamin goes sluggish, tired, apathetic.

And if there is not enough vitamin C?

If you often have catarrhal diseases, then it is quite possible that you lack vitamin C. Also at deficiency of vitamin C teeth and hair (scurvy symptoms) begin to drop out, wounds and small damages badly heal, joint pains at the movement develop. Emergence of apathy, fatigue, a depression is also possible. Not really pleasant things, isn't it? Therefore it is worth using more products which are rich with vitamin C.

And if there is a lot of vitamin C in an organism?

As for overdose, it happens seldom and does not involve any unpleasant consequences. There can be problems with a stomach, but they will disappear right after the termination of the use of ascorbic acid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team