Vitamin E (α-, β-, γ-tokoferola)

Vitamin E (α-, β-, γ-tokoferola)

E or tocopherol – on the truth surprising substance. And it is surprising by the unique structure as in the nature there are no 2 identical molecules of this vitamin, as well as two identical snowflakes. It consists only three components: oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, but how many force contains in this connection! Vitamin E is called still reproduction vitamin therefore without it life on Earth would be impossible.

How did learn about this wonderful property? Scientists made experiments with animals which could not have posterity. Every day they were given leaves of usual salad which contains a large amount of vitamin E. And – oh, a miracle! - animals began to get posterity after a while. Whether magic?

And now we will talk about characteristic of vitamin E. It is fat-soluble therefore for its assimilation oils and fats are necessary. In our organism tocopherol collects in many bodies, such as heart, uterus, hypophysis, adrenal glands, liver. Vitamin E is not afraid of influence of high and low temperatures, but quickly collapses under the influence of sunshine. So what do you do not store products with the high content of tocopherol in the sun at all.

Naturally there is a question what products contain vitamin E? So, tocopherol practically does not contain in animal products. Exceptions make only a liver, yolks and milk. Here vegetables (fresh!), greens, oils are just a well of this substance. So we lean on cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, a garden radish, greens, nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, broccoli. The best vitamin salad turns out from a cucumber, lettuce leaves (the forced tautology), a garden radish and vegetable oil. We remember that vitamin E is well acquired with oils. And here when frying, oil, naturally, loses tocopherol.

Children in day need to use on average 6-12 mkg. The adult needs about 13 mg, and to pregnant women and the nursing women – 16 – 20 mg. At calculation of standard daily rate it is necessary to consider also food. People who love fast - foot fried, fat, have to consume more vitamin E. But also purchased vegetables and greens sometimes too practically do not contain tocopherol therefore it is sometimes expedient to accept vitamin E in addition.

With what substances does vitamin E interact?

Tocopherol rather active vitamin which interacts with many substances. For example, if in an organism there is not enough vitamin E, then and the amount of magnesium decreases. Selenium and vitamin E strengthen action of each other. If we lack not only tocopherol moreover and zinc, then hypovitaminosis will be shown much more brightly.

Tocopherol is on friendly terms with vitamins A and Page. Thanks to it Retinolum is better acquired. Vitamin C increases activity of the vitamin E.

Than vitamin E is useful?

  • Cages safe and sound

Vitamin E possesses antioxidant action. It protects our cages from harmful oxidizing damages.

  • Where we without oxygen

Thanks to vitamin E of a cage I spend oxygen economically therefore at its shortage the cages work in normally mode. It can arise at heavy physical activities, at pulmonary diseases, a liver, blood.

  • We argue, you did not know?

Vitamin E does not allow to develop anemias as is a participant of formation of hemoglobin; also together with vitamin C has anticarcinogenic effect, facilitates development of Alzheimer's disease.

And if in an organism a lack of vitamin E?

If the person lacks vitamin E, then it lacks also mood, cheerfulness, forces. There comes apathy, slackness and melancholy. It happens because of the fact that transfer of nervous impulses is broken and all bodies I begin to work in the economy mode. Also often dystrophy of muscles, including a cardiac muscle develops. The shortage of vitamin E can lead to decrease in reproductive function. Besides, there can be pigmentary spots. These problems it is possible to avoid if not to forget about need of vitamin E.

And if vitamin E in an organism is enough?

It is a rarity as vitamin E is almost not toxic. There can be small problems, such as diarrhea, nausea, but at the vitamin E use termination these illnesses quickly recede.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team