Vitamin N (Lipoic acid, Thioctic acid)

Vitamin N (Lipoic acid, Thioctic acid)

N or lipoic acid or lipamid as to you is pleasant, treats little-known vitamins, to be exact vitaminopodobny substance more. But now scientists officially call it medicine from group of vitamins. This vitamin has yellowish color, crystal structure and quite specific smell.

Lipoic acid was discovered slightly more than fifty years ago and after a while it was already learned to be produced from beef liver. Then about it forgot partially as it seemed that all and so about this acid is known. But then found out that vitamin N is not so plain. Lipamid is capable to replace insulin, shows antioxidant properties, does not give vital strength to evaporate, and at the same time he lives in each our section! In Europe even by means of this vitamin struggle with diabetes, so it can replace insulin.

Lipamid is pretty widespread in the nature and products which we eat, usually contain enough lipoic acid. First place according to contents of it vitamin is won by beef and beef liver, then kidneys, a liver, milk, rice, cabbage, yeast, mushrooms, eggs and other products follow. Not a lot of lipamid contains in vegetables and fruit.

As for standard daily rate, this quantity varies depending on the person, his state and a kind of activity. So, the adult needs 25-40 mg, children need 12-25 mg. Naturally, pregnant women and the feeding women need a large amount of vitamins therefore in day they need about 70 g 60-70 grams it is necessary for people who I have problems with health.

The healthy person has no deficiency of this vitamin, but what he becomes more senior, that it is more difficult for it to receive and acquire vitamins. Besides, because of very terrifying ecology it is even more difficult for healthy person to acquire useful substances because of an organism zashlakovannost. Therefore it is worth taking care of clarification of an organism.

How does vitamin N interact with other substances?

Vitamin N is easily dissolved in fats therefore it rather actively interacts with zhiropodobny substances, brothers vitamins, such as vitamins E and D. Besides lipoic acid saves ascorbic acid from oxidation and helps it to be in an organism as long as possible safe and sound. Note to yourself that lipoic acid does not love complex carbohydrates as they interfere it with the correct assimilation.

Than lipoic acid is so useful?

The most powerful antioxidant before you

Lipoic acid is a powerful, universal antioxidant, as well as vitamin C and E. It is necessary to strengthen effects of other antioxidants. Residents of megalopolises extraordinary need it, they inhale dust, a smog, gases and other hazardous substances. Vitamin N helps to build protective barriers from salts of lead, mercury and other metals. Lipoic acid forms with them connections and shows the door uninvited guests from our organism.

  • Problems with vessels are solved

Vitamin N does not allow free radicals to kill our molecules, protects walls of cages, blood, vessels. Lipoic acid is considered good prevention from blockage of vessels, and, therefore, from varicosity and the tromoflebit.

  • Enzyme in many reactions

Lipoic acid proves also as enzyme in many reactions in our organism. It helps glucose to be acquired, also participates in transformation of sugars. Also this vitamin participates in proteinaceous, fat and carbohydrate exchange. Vitamin N accelerates these reactions, and they take place more productively and quicker.

  • What else is lipoic acid able to do?

Also lipoic acid feeds tissues of our eyes therefore it is used also at treatment at violation of visual functions. Also vitamin N helps to get rid of eels, pimples and fatty tumors. Lipoic acid promotes strengthening of protective properties of an organism and is good means for prevention of catarrhal and infectious diseases.

  • Where our liver without vitamin N?

Our liver will not do without vitamin N in any way. It protects it from damages which can be put with poisons. Also this vitamin does not allow our body to regenerate in continuous fatty tissue. Very often, if the person has problems with a liver, then to him appoint additional portions of lipoic acid.

  • So far the theory, but who knows?

There is one theory, but for the present is not confirmed. Scientists conducted researches and on their basis drew a conclusion that lipoic acid interferes with growth and reproduction of cancer cells. Lipoic acid kind of forces them to samounichtozhatsya. Of course, so far it is only the theory, and suddenly?

If there is not enough vitamin N?

Obviously or, as speak, on the person signs of shortage of vitamin N it is not shown. However if the organism does not remember any more when it last time received vitamin N, then in it pyroracemic acid begins to collect. In a large number this substance has very negative effect on our nervous cages which sometimes and so to hell. Problems with nervous system can appear from behind it.

And if there is a lot of lipoic acid in an organism?

If you oversaturate the organism lipoic acid, then you will be disturbed by such illnesses as heartburn, pain in a stomach, problems with digestive system. Also can appear an itch and reddenings on skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team