Vitamins for strengthening of teeth and gums to adults and children

Vitamins for strengthening of teeth and gums to adults and children

Beautiful smile — the first sign of human health. Health of teeth and a mouth is the key to good health and excludes one of factors of emergence and spread of an infection on all organism. Besides, the beautiful view of a smile will not leave indifferent anybody and in reply you receive only smiles and positive emotions.

As it is necessary to look after teeth and gums correctly

It is necessary to care for purity and health of teeth and gums daily after each meal and also not to forget about systematic hygienic procedures in the morning and in the evening. That it is necessary to brush teeth twice a day, know still since the early childhood, however the few can brag of the fact that they care for health of a mouth throughout the day.

And our teeth and gums are exposed to the attack and not always useful influence of food and drinks which we take, and, therefore, can suffer from diseases. At emergence of problems in a mouth and their untimely elimination there is a risk of spread of infections on all organism — and not only teeth, gums and mucous a mouth, but also digestive, nervous and blood systems can suffer.

Learn what vitamins are necessary for joints, a brain, heart, nails, a liver, immunity and for patients with diabetes.

Doctors recommend:

  • to daily brush teeth twice a day, spending not less than 3 minutes behind this occupation;
  • after meal to rinse a mouth with water to remove the food remains which could get to interdental intervals;
  • it is regular to visit the stomatologist who will be able to distinguish symptoms of a lack of vitamins and minerals in time and will recommend a food allowance or vitamin supplements.

Toothbrushing is very important as it during this process of people deletes the dental plaque which is formed of the microscopic remains of food in which the bacteria provoking various diseases of a mouth can breed. It is not less important to look after gums. Rinsing of a mouth water after each meal will help to prevent emergence of inflammations of gums, their loosening.

Get acquainted with what is necessary for teeth.

Vitamins for teeth

Need of these useful substances is connected with what they provide:

  • food of a bone tissue, blood vessels and tooth nerves;
  • exchange processes in an organism;
  • strong condition of the enamel representing protection against aggressive impact of external factors on teeth.

The shortage of vitamins B an organism is shown in the form of any given disorders of health, diseases, feeling sick. Such substances are extremely important for teeth:

  • Ca (calcium) — construction material of skeletal system, provides growth and development of teeth, their durability. Considerably influences a condition of enamel of teeth;
  • P (phosphorus). Thanks to the use of this vitamin the jaw is correctly formed and teeth grow, besides, they take a snow-white form and gloss;
  • vitamin D — in a combination with calcium affects dental health, mucous a mouth;
  • group B vitamins: B1 (thiamine), B2 (Riboflavinum), B6 (pyridoxine), B12 (cyanocobalamine), B9 (folic acid). All these vitamins provide complex strengthening of a bone tissue, are responsible for health mucous and preservation is normal of its microflora;
  • vitamin A (Retinolum) — eliminates inflammations and reddenings of gums, emergence of roughness and damage of enamel of teeth, optimizes processes of healing of wounds and damages of mucous.

Important! Vitamin D provides absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food — it is recommended to use these vitamins B a complex for achievement of the maximum effect.

Dentists recommend to begin to watch over health of teeth and gums since the earliest childhood and if to be more precisely, from the moment of eruption of the first milk teeth. So, they should be cleaned the special children's brush which is picked up for age of the child and also to mass gums special silicone devices. In order that the bite of the kid began to be formed correctly, it is necessary to pay attention maximum to its daily food. The diet of children has to include various food according to age norms the recommended pediatricians.

Surely at a diet of the child there have to be vitamins D, And yes calcium — in a complex they are responsible for the correct formation of teeth, prevent process of their curvature and also interfere with developing of stomatitis which is quite often observed at children. It is important to note that D3 vitamin (cholecalciferol) is synthesized in skin of the person under the influence of sunshine, so, children need to walk as much as possible in a sunny weather, in turn D2 (ergocalciferol) they can accept from food.

Read also what vitamins for pregnant women, for teenagers, for the feeding mothers and for health of the woman exist.

Vitamins for gums

Gums need to receive enough vitamins among which have to be present With, In, To, E. Thanks to ascorbic acid the gums bleed less and inflammatory processes are injured, stop, substance interferes with spread of infections. Working together with vitamins B, it keeps good condition and a tone of gums that does not allow teeth to be unsteady and drop out prematurely. Similar action also vitamin K which is capable also to save gums bleeding possesses. For reduction of excessive susceptibility of gums to external irritants of susceptibility mucous mechanical damages should control the vitamin E use.

Influence of vitamins on teeth

Food of the person considerably affects health and quality of his life. If to eat variously and correctly, then the organism will be provided with the necessary volume of useful substances including those which will provide you a healthy and beautiful smile. In case of their deficiency the organism will give signals in the form of discomfort, painful symptoms, and then and diseases.

Important! A, D, K and E vitamins — fat-soluble, they collect in an organism, so, their excessive and uncontrollable application by the doctor can result in their surplus that can also have negative consequences.

For maintenance of balance it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations of experts and to watch the correct food allowance, placing emphasis on the use of missing elements and also to accept specially developed medicinal complexes which will help effectively and in shorter terms, than a diet, to solve the arisen problems with health.

Vitamin A

Its deficiency is shown in the form of loss of teeth. At the person violations of a surface of tooth enamel, emergence of hillocks and roughnesses can be observed. Possible cases of increase of diseases mucous a mouth and the broken salivation. If Retinolum is not enough in a children's diet, then the trend of the wrong formation of a bite and a curvature of teeth can be observed. Cases of aphthous stomatitis will become more frequent.

You will be able to increase vitamin level, using such products as fresh and even boiled carrots containing about 850 mkg of Retinolum in 100 g of a product and covering with it almost completely daily need of the adult. Beef liver and cod liver are also rich with Retinolum, but from greens parsley and spinach are rich with this substance. You should not forget also about apricots, green peas and onions, a dogrose, eggs, tomatoes, and, of course, dairy and fermented milk products, butter.

Vitamin D

It effectively works in a tandem with calcium and phosphorus. The broken process of absorption, distribution, digestion and release of mineral substances demonstrates its deficiency and need to correct the diet. The bone tissue can become softer, teeth will crumble, process of exhaustion and change of a protective layer — enamel will begin. There can be insignificant bleedings during toothbrushing or intake of firm food, the chance of emergence of inflammations of mucous will also increase.

Consumption of vitamin D depends on age. Daily the adult has enough 2.5-5 mkg. For example, the 100th herring contains 5.4 mkg of vitamin, and in cod liver — the whole 250 mkg. The jack mackerel (7.3 mkg), a sardine (4.8 mkg), eggs (2.2 mkg) are also extremely rich with this useful element. Do not forget also about dairy products (kefir and fermented baked milk), beef liver.

Vitamin C

Reserves of this substance considerably influence a health of teeth and gums, and its deficiency can be shown in the form of their inflammation, reddening and bleeding. Earlier such disease as a scurvy met, one of symptoms of which was shown in the form of loss of teeth, owing to an acute shortage in a vitamin C organism. Also sores on cheeks, gums, mucous can be observed. The unpleasant smell from a mouth is a signal of a lack of this substance too.

Important! The amount of antiscorbutic vitamin in an organism changes daily as it does not collect in it, so, it is necessary to fill reserves of this useful substance day by day.

Citrus is considered as indisputable leaders in the content of ascorbic acid though actually here they are beaten a guava (228 mg on 100 g) and blackcurrant (181 mg). Orange and a lemon go approximately as equals: they contain about 53 mg of vitamin which standard daily rate for adults — about 80 mg, for children depend on age: 1-3 years — 15 mg, 4-8 years — 25 mg, 9-13 years — 45 mg, 14-18 years — 65 mg. Parsley (133 mg) and red sweet pepper (127 mg) impress with the reserves of vitamin. Also antiscorbutic vitamin can be received from broccoli, fennel, a garden cress, persimmon, strawberry, grapes, apples (especially green grades), a fermented and Brussels sprout.

Vitamins B

Observing the symptoms provided below to you it is urgently necessary to think of increasing the use of vitamins of this group:

  • weakening of gums (B6);
  • emergence of inflammations (B9);
  • feeling of discomfort that at children can be expressed as whimsical behavior (B12);
  • emergence of dryness in a mouth, violation of flavoring feelings (B12);
  • unsteadiness of teeth (B6);
  • formation of ulcers and zayed (B2).

You will be able to increase quantity of B1 (norm — about 2 mg a day), having eaten:

  • seed of a flax, sunflower and hempy (about 1.4 mg on 100 g);
  • sesame (0.7 mg);
  • pistachios, peanut, filbert;
  • rye bread;
  • pork;
  • trout;
  • feta cheese;
  • haricot.

For completion of deficiency of B2 (1-, 5-2.4 mg a day) it is necessary to place emphasis in food on such products:

  • beef liver and kidneys (about 3 mg on 100 g);
  • eggs (2.5 mg in protein);
  • pork heart of a kidney and liver;
  • muscat grades of grapes;
  • almonds, peanut;
  • goat cheese;
  • wheat bran;
  • fennel;
  • chicken, goose and duck liver.

Whether you know? Ancient Greeks considered that the toothache appears from behind the said lie.

B6 (standard daily rate — 2 mg) in enough is contained:

  • pistachios (1.7 mg on 100 g);
  • sunflower sunflower seeds (1.3 mg);
  • wheat bran (1.3 mg);
  • garlic;
  • chicken breast;
  • beef liver;
  • salmon;
  • liver of a turkey and chicken;
  • chicken yolk;
  • walnuts.

If you observe deficiency of B12 (5 mkg a day), then you should eat more:

  • goose and duck liver (54 mkg on 100 g);
  • liver chicken (21 mkg);
  • dairy products (cottage cheese, butter, sour cream, processed and hard cheese);
  • eggs (5.1 mkg in a yolk);
  • crashes;
  • brains, liver and kidneys beef (about 20 mkg).

The shortage of B9 vitamin (1.5 mg a day) can be filled having added to the diet:

  • liver of a turkey, duck and goose (about 700 mkg on 100 grams);
  • chick-pea (557 mkg);
  • peanut (240 mkg);
  • spinach;
  • soy;
  • haricot;
  • orange juice.


If to the adult or the child calcium which it receives from the traditional diet suffices not, then at it it is possible to observe such symptoms:

  • bad condition of enamel, dentine;
  • bad growth of teeth and development of a jaw.

For its completion it is necessary to eat the various hard cheeses containing standard daily rate of vitamin of 900-1200 mg in 100 g of a product (for children up to three years — 600 mg). It should be noted that the leader is Parmesan (1184 mg), yolks of eggs (289 mg), the Atlantic sardines (382 mg), a jack mackerel (241 mg) are also rich with a macrocell.

In goat milk of calcium of 134 mg, and in cow — about 120. Contain various spicy herbs in enough calcium (a chaber, a marjoram, cumin, an oregano, basilicas, a fenugreek, a turmeric) it is, however, doubtful that someone will begin to use them large numbers, but to flavor with them some dish superfluous will not be.


Tooth enamel mostly consists of calcium-phosphorus connections and at a lack of phosphorus its durability begins to decrease promptly. Standard daily rates of this macrocell look thus:

  • children of 1-3 years — 800 mg;
  • children of 3-7 years — 1000-1400 mg;
  • from 10 to 14 years — 1400-1800 mg;
  • from 11 to 18 years (is also more senior) — 1800-2500 mg. For pregnant women and feeding a dose, certainly, increases.

Not to allow lowering of the level of this mineral in an organism, it is necessary to include in the menu:

  • cereals;
  • pine nuts (575 mg) and walnut (346 mg);
  • bran wheat (1013 mg) and oat (734 mg);
  • chicken yolks (1040 mg);
  • sea fish;
  • cottage cheese and sheep cheese;
  • beef offal;
  • soy;
  • lentil.

Top of the best vitamin complexes

Having studied responses of real consumers who discussed a subject of the use of vitamins, their advantages, the prices and left the comments at forums, we made a top of the best vitamin complexes for strengthening of health of gums and teeth:

Whether you know? The most ancient mention of similarity of toothpaste came to us from Egypt. Iris flowers, mint, pepper and salt were an ancient part for toothbrushing.

  • Kaltsinov. Contains vitamins A, B6, C and D, phosphorus and calcium. It can be applied by adults and children, especially during active change of teeth, besides, they will grow healthy and strong;
  • Vitrum Kaltsium. Components are: D, E, K, V1, V2, V12, A, beta carotene, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium. The complex is allowed for use from 12 years. Copes with process of coloring of teeth, strengthens a bone tissue and enamel, prevents development of caries;
  • DentoVitus. B6, D3, C, E, K and 11 minerals from which it is possible to distinguish fluorine consists of vitamins A. Thanks to a soluble form of tablets there is a fast digestion of useful substances. Advantage of medicine is its ability to strengthen enamel and dentine, to improve blood circulation and to strengthen capillaries. It also reduces a friable condition of gums, quickly heals wounds and cuts in a mouth, mechanical damages mucous, sores;
  • Asepta. Vitamins A, In, C and D, extract of green tea, coenzyme Q10 and coral calcium are a part of a complex. Use of medicine eliminates inflammations, interferes with an initial stage of caries, strengthens a protective layer of teeth — enamel. It also effectively affects also a condition of gums, preventing their bleeding;
  • Alphabet Classic. An integrated approach and creativity of creators offer 3 different types of groups of vitamins which conditionally received names: D+ calcium (Ca, D, K); Antioxidants (E, C, A and selenium); Iron + (actually, iron, B9, C, B1). It is daily necessary to accept on 1 tablet of each group. This medicine more likely complex, effect of its reception is not limited to an oral cavity, and spreads to all organism in general.

Care of a mouth has to be regular as well as respect for vitamin and mineral balance of an organism. The use of vitamins for health of teeth and gums, will become good protection of all your health and will allow to visit the stomatologist as seldom as possible.

Responses from network

I try not to accept vitamins often (only by a doctor's advice), but I carefully watch quality of the food. Vegetables and fruit at me on a table the whole year, also I buy home-made cottage cheese, yogurts and other dairy products. It seems to me, healthy food to teeth will definitely not damage.


drink vitamins C calcium, eat cottage cheese, cheese, kefir, milk


Teeth are a reflection of our food. If it is good to eat to receive different vitamins and minerals from food that teeth will spoil less. The main thing the food has to be varied. It is obligatory to use thread or toothpicks to clean between teeth from the remained food. Super expensive means are not necessary. It is necessary to rinse teeth oak bark, or any grass having astringent. It is strengthened by a gum, removes bleeding, teeth will be stronger. From Sensodine pastes and who has sensitive teeth of Lakolyut for sensitive teeth. Do not take paste with the bleaching effect as they destroy enamel. So contains in many pastes the bleaching materials. To go to check to the stomatologist 2 times a year. To have different pastes in an arsenal.


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