"Vitamins which are necessary for memory improvement

"Vitamins which are necessary for memory improvement

Many people complain of problems with memory. The shortage of vitamins and minerals can become the reason of it. To receive their necessary volume with food very difficult even if the diet will be ideally balanced. Therefore for improvement of memory and stimulation of work of a brain it is recommended to accept vitamin complexes.

The reasons influencing a memory impairment

Let's consider the main reasons which negatively affect memory:

  1. Intake of medicines. There are medicines which side effects is decrease in memory and concentration of attention.
  2. The intake of alcohol, drugs in large numbers. These habits negatively affect brain processes, slowing down their speed of course.
  3. Defective dream. As a result there is an overfatigue, and the brain is not capable to process information normally.
  4. Frequent stresses. Nervous tension prevents the person to remember information.
  5. Poor nutrition. The brain badly functions if the diet did not include the products rich with the content of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins of group B.
  6. Head injuries. This reason generally leads to short-term loss of memory.
  7. At the person who had a stroke pictures from the childhood often recur to the memory, but what was yesterday, he does not remember.

For improvement of memory and the general health have always breakfast, use enough water, read and play sports.

The list of the vitamins improving work of a brain

For improvement of brain activity and memory it is recommended to accept group B vitamins.

B1 (thiamine) supplies cells of a brain with necessary substances and helps to be acquired to glucose. Thiamine removes by-products of exchange of carbohydrates which, accumulating, cause exhaustion and decrease in brain activity.

B1 vitamin influence:

  • relaxes central nervous system;
  • lightens the mood;
  • acetylcholine promotes delay of process of aging of nervous cages.

At deficiency of thiamine it is possible to notice:

  • nervousness because the protective layer of brain cages is exhausted;
  • slackness and exhaustion;
  • alarm, depression.

It is important! If to use too much tea, caffeine, alcoholic beverages and cyprinid fish, then it gradually destroys B1 vitamin in an organism.

B2 (Riboflavinum) supplies a brain with energy therefore it is important at intellectual loadings. If the organism lacks Riboflavinum, then it takes useful elements from muscles. Thereof central nervous system is exhausted.

At the shortage of B2 it is noted:

  • slackness, drowsiness;
  • deterioration in sight;
  • the head can be turned;
  • slowed down reactions to irritants;
  • pain in eyes and temples.

B3 (niatsin) produces energy in nerves — it improves memory for 15-45% irrespective of how many to the person of years. Niatsin does not allow to develop to Parkinson and Alzheimer's diseases. Symptoms of a lack of B3:

  • concentration is broken;
  • exhaustion;
  • unconsciousness and not concentration.

B6 (pyridoxine) normalizes work of central nervous system, activates activity of a brain, concentration, does memory better. Assists an organism in assimilation of amino acids which protect a brain from negative effect of alcohol, tobacco and other dangerous substances.

The lack of a pyridoxine can cause:

  • alarm, depression;
  • nervousness;
  • insanity;
  • insomnia.

Whether you know? If to compare a human brain to the computer, then it is possible to tell that the person is capable to keep about 7000000 MB of information.

B12 (kobalamin) puts enzymatic processes in action and protects nervous system. Forms the cover preserving nervous cages against easing and increases conductivity of impulses. Kobalamin helps people to get used to new time zones and to changes of phases of work of a brain.

Signs of deficiency of B12:

  • slackness;
  • ear ring;
  • deterioration in sight;
  • orientation is lost;
  • the head is turned;
  • old men have a marasmus.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) with ease gets to cells of the head, preserving them against free radicals.

It is important! If you noticed that you have problems with memory, then it is necessary to visit the doctor for establishment of the reason.

Symptoms of a lack of ascorbic acid:

  • nervousness;
  • drowsiness;
  • joints hurt;
  • gums can bleed;
  • depression.

Vitamin E (tocopherol acetate) liquidates the free radicals who are slowing down activity of a brain owing to what there can be serious pathologies and also Alzheimer's disease.

The deficiency of vitamin E is shown so:

  • skin becomes dry;
  • hair drop out;
  • there is an aggression;
  • changeable mood;
  • memory becomes worse.

You should not forget about vitamin P and B9 (folic acid) also.

Vitamins the adult on memory improvement

The list of vitamins for improvement of memory and work of a brain which suit adults and teenagers:

  1. "Vitrum of a memora". Medicine does blood circulation better, and vessels in the head — are stronger: the brain is saturated with oxygen, and the mind becomes bright.
  2. Grifoniya — will improve activity of central nervous system, adjusts a dream and protects from depressions.
  3. "Will direct" — helps to transfer quickly impulses on nerves.
  4. Supradin. This multivitamin means contains all important and useful elements for the correct activity and protection of a brain.
  5. "Gerimaks Energy". The ginseng which is contained in medicine activates long-term memory. Even in the absence of a full-fledged dream this means helps to maintain heavy loads of mind easily.
  6. Guarana — does not allow to extend to the free radicals interfering activity of a brain. Also helps to produce erythrocytes and provides their normal hit in a brain. Eliminates signs of exhaustion.
  7. Cod-liver oil prevents obstruction of arteries, intensifies development of mind in teenagers, reduces aggression.
  8. Entsefabol resumes exchange processes. Also medicine helps to take more glucose from food to feed a brain. The good effect gives even at a sclerosis and carelessness.
  9. "Piracetam" — does central nervous system more resistant to influence of hazardous substances and oxygen starvation. Positively affects a brain, does better storing process.
  10. "Feninut". Thanks to this medicine the mental disorders, a stress, irritability are shown less. Means irritates soothingly and promotes attentiveness.

Vitamins to school students, children

The menu of school students is not ideal at all therefore with products not all necessary vitamins get to an organism. To fill shortage of useful substances, it is recommended to accept means for improvement of work of a brain, attention and stimulation of memory:

  1. "Brain booster". Components of medicine feed cages and adjust the movement of blood on vessels. Means helps to transmit quicker signals on cells of nerves — information is well acquired, and the brain easily gets used to strong loadings during study.
  2. "Orthopier menthol". Helps school students who load every day the mind and do not get enough sleep. Medicine increases working capacity and saves from fatigue. Still it favors to improvement of sight.
  3. "Glycine". Means is safe and helps to fight against experiences during examinations and control.
  4. Fenotropil. Means can be got only according to the recipe. In the beginning it was developed for treatment of Alzheimer's disease, but as medicine makes active concentration, its steel widely to use for school students.
  5. "Phosphatide complex". Thanks to medicine the metabolism proceeds quicker, learning ability and concentration increase.

Whether you know? Scientists proved that the brain of the person remembers information in mother's womb, since 20th week after conception.

At children the organism always is in growth stage, and that nervous system was correctly created, it is important to them to receive useful elements.

Vitamins to children for improvement of memory and attention:

  1. "Pikovit". Group B vitamins, calcium, folic acid and vitamins A, C and D are a part of medicine. Thanks to it the shortage of useful elements is filled, and signs of exhaustion of mind disappear.
  2. "Vitrum Unior". Intended for children from 7 to 14 years. 10 minerals and 13 vitamins are a part. Thanks to this complex children easily overcome psychological tension. Also Vitrum helps to develop correctly to the child.
  3. "Мультитабс". There are 7 complexes which are calculated on different age (since the birth and to majority). Medicine consists of all necessary vitamins and minerals promoting the correct work of central nervous system.
  4. "Jungle". 10 vitamins contributing to the development of mind and vigorous activity of the head are a part. Thanks to folic acid and B12 vitamin the nervous cages develop correctly.
  5. "Komplivit" — strengthens memory and normalizes a mental condition of the child.

There is many various vitamin brain and central nervous system drug. Therefore it is very difficult correct to pick up medicine. It is in that case recommended to visit the neurologist, and he will help you to make a choice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team