"We choose vitamin complexes for ourselves, the husband, children

"We choose vitamin complexes for ourselves, the husband, children

In order that the organism normally functioned, it needs vitamins. But at their choice it is worth remembering that women, men and children need a little different sets. In our article we will tell what vitamins are necessary depending on sex and age and also what medicines it is better to choose.

Vitamins to men and women: whether there is a difference

There are certain differences between a male and female body which should be considered when choosing complexes. Let's understand what elements are necessary for a male body, and what to women's.

What is necessary for a male body

The male body needs practically all minerals. However at the same time it is necessary to consider their dosage and frequency of the use.

The best vitamin complexes for men without fail have to incorporate the zinc necessary for normal functioning of a prostate. Among basic elements which have to be present at men's medicines — A, C, D, E, N, H and group B. Let's consider for what some of them are necessary, in more detail.

Important! With care it is worth taking the drugs with the high content of calcium as its excess in an organism can lead to formation of stones in kidneys.

  • D. Is the most important for male immunity. With its help the organism is capable to struggle with various infections. Also it is necessary for calcium absorption therefore bones become stronger, the endurance to big loadings appears. Besides it positively influences an erection, potency and sexual life of the man.
  • Group B vitamins. Help to be acquired to proteinaceous food and promote its further distribution on an organism.
  • A. Strengthens the immune system, protects an organism from infectious and catarrhal diseases, improves potency, promotes production of testosterone and prevents appearance of malignancies.
  • C. Allows to strengthen vital forces, normalizes arterial blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • E. Interferes with aging processes, normalizes cholesterol level, promotes activization of a blood-groove and strengthening of vascular walls. It is necessary for normal functioning of gonads and production of sex hormones.
  • N. Contributes to normalization of fat and carbohydrate exchange, it is necessary for fight against alcoholic intoxication. Normalizes work of a thyroid gland.
  • H. It is necessary for maintenance in the normal state of hair, integuments and nails, interferes with baldness and also takes active part in normalization of zhiroobmenny processes.

Vitamins are very important for men, especially at physical activities and stresses as in these situations there is their big expense.

Necessary elements for women

Always to be in peak form, to look good and manage to be implemented as mother, women need various vitamins. Carry vitamins of group B, A, E, D, K and C to the main of them. Let's consider in more detail what impact they have on a female body.

Whether you know? In one portion of chili pepper contains in 400 times more of vitamin C, than in a portion of oranges.

  • A. It is necessary to support bones and soft fabrics in the normal state. Also it will help to keep health of eyes, teeth, to strengthen immunity.
  • B6. Helps to strengthen the immune system, participates in regulation of hormones, a metabolism, promotes normal functioning of a brain.
  • B9. Often use other name — folic acid. It is necessary for normal development and functioning of the central nervous system. It is very important to B9 to accept in pregnancy planning time as its shortcoming can become the reason of emergence of congenital defects and changes of DNA.
  • B12. The element allows to improve memory and to normalize work of nervous system.
  • C. Promotes increase in immunity, takes active part in the regenerating processes, assists in development of red blood cells. Thanks to it adrenaline level increases that helps to keep concentration.
  • D. The element allows to keep density of a bone tissue and to prevent development of osteoporosis. Besides, it can facilitate PMS symptoms, prevents appearance of arthritises, rheumatism, a colon cancer.
  • E. Promotes rapid growth of hair, regeneration of integuments, prevents aging processes. Thanks to an element the woman will be able to brag of healthy nails, hair and skin.
  • K. Allows to normalize a blood-groove, improves blood clotting. Thanks to this element of a bone will be strong. Also it prevents development of heart diseases.

The complex of vitamins for women which part the listed above elements will be is ideal and will allow to maintain health at the appropriate level.

Necessary complex for children

The growing child's organism especially needs useful elements. They are necessary for normal functioning of systems and bodies and also for other biological processes.

Important! Intake of A, D, E and K vitamins along with anticoagulants promotes blood condensation that can lead to formation of blood clots.

  • A. Promotes improvement of sight, takes active part in formation of a skeleton, recovers mucous membranes. Thanks to it lungs and a digestive tract normally develop.
  • B1. It is necessary for maintenance of sight, takes active part in exchange processes, promotes activization of mental activity.
  • B2. It is necessary for growth and maintenance in good condition of hair, integuments and nails.
  • B6. Is responsible for development of the immune system, thanks to it red blood cells are formed.
  • B9. It is necessary for prevention of development of an anemia, maintenance of a healthy condition of integuments. It is extremely necessary for sick children as promotes increase in appetite.
  • B12. Participates in blood formation, activates functioning of nervous system.
  • C. Protects the child's organism from catarrhal diseases, infections and allergic reactions.
  • D. Regulates amount of magnesium and calcium, contributes to the development of a skeleton.
  • E. Supports nervous, muscular and blood systems in the normal state, intensifies protective function of an organism.
  • K. Thanks to it the blood system works harmoniously and correctly.
  • H. It is necessary in order that the child had healthy skin.
  • SS. Contributes to normalization of a metabolism, thanks to it fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and other vitamins are well acquired.

Whether you know? The concept of "vitamins" was introduced in 1912 by the Polish biochemist Kazimir Funk for the first time. He gave them the name "vital amines" that means "life amines".

It should be noted that at each age the child needs different quantity of elements therefore before giving them to the kid, it is worth consulting with the doctor.

Signs of shortage of vitamins

Vitamins are very important both for adults, and for children. If in an organism without awaking to be enough any component, it will become noticeable at once. Let's consider the main signs of deficiency of elements.

  • Dry skin. It says about a lack of vitamin E.
  • Brittle hair and nails signal that calcium and vitamins of group B is necessary for an organism.
  • Bleed a gum. The similar situation speaks about deficiency of vitamin C.
  • Problems with a dream, irritability. It is necessary to fill up an organism with magnesium and potassium.
  • There were night spasms. A signal about the shortages of potassium and magnesium.
  • Emergence of goose-pimples on elbows. In an organism there are not enough vitamin A and Page.
  • There was a wish solenky. Speaks about presence of an infection or inflammation.
  • Thirst for sweet. It is necessary to feed an organism with glucose — its shortcoming can speaks about nervous exhaustion.
  • Thirst for fresh food.
  • There is a strong wish for sunflower seeds.
  • Thirst for sour.
  • Thirst for hot dishes.
  • There is a wish for some seafood — perhaps, in an organism there is not enough iodine.

The best in the market: we choose a complex

Let's understand what vitamins it is better for men to accept, to women and children.

For children

  1. "Pikovit". The complex is calculated for children from 1 year to 14 years. Such vitamins as A, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, PP, C are a part. The dosage depends on age and is specified in the instruction to a complex.
  2. "Vitrum Bebi". Suit children at the age of 2–5 years. In structure there are 13 vitamins and 11 minerals which are most necessary for children of this age. Appearance — figured animals therefore you should not persuade the kid to eat a tabletochka. The dosage pays off according to age.
  3. "Suprastin Kids". Calculated for children of 3 years. Is issued in the form of gel or chewable tablets. In structure there are a lecithin, calcium, is well-cared, the Omega-3 and many other components. Children can use gel of 3 years, and chewable tablets — from 11 years.
  4. "Alphabet". Includes 11 vitamins and 8 minerals. Is suitable for children of 3-7 years. Every day it is necessary to give to the child 3 tablets of different color.
  5. "Solgar Omega-3". It is recommended for children 7 years are more senior. Allows to increase immunity, normalizes work of heart, stimulates memory.

For men

  1. "Duovit". Promotes activization of exchange of substance, metabolism stimulation. Thanks to acceptance of a complex the working capacity increases, fatigue is taken off. In structure there are such vitamins and minerals: A, B1, B3, B12, D, E, magnesium, manganese, iodine, iron.
  2. "Parity". The mineral complex helps to increase potency, to improve sexual life. Are presented by drops or tablets. At acceptance it is necessary to adhere strictly to a dosage which is recommended to be discussed with the doctor.
  3. Helps to struggle with mental disorders, headaches, dizzinesses. A, B1, B2, B5, B9, B12, C, D, magnesium, zinc and other minerals are a part.
  4. "Mensah formula". Promotes improvement of potency, in structure has B3, E and zinc. Before application it is worth consulting with the therapist.
  5. The complex possesses the calming action, normalizes pressure, restores a dream. Accept according to the instruction.

For women

Complex vitamins for women after 30 years differ in structure from the vitamins necessary during pregnancy and feeding in a breast a little.

For girls and women

  1. "Alphabet". Consist of 3 tablets having different structure. At the first there is an iron and B1, at the second — antioxidants, at the third — D3, calcium, vitamin A.
  2. Vitrum. Has in structure the most necessary minerals for women, perfectly struggles with hypovitaminoses and microelementary imbalances.
  3. "Мультитабс". Improve work of nervous system, a condition of integuments, promote strengthening of immunity.
  4. "Komplivit". The component is the main thing the cobalt participating in blood formation and a metabolism. Also in structure there is B12 vitamin.
  5. Centrum. In structure there is a vanadium which is very important for power generation. Reduce cholesterol content, interfere with formation of cancer cells.

For feeding and pregnant women

Let's consider the best vitamins for women who it is necessary to accept during pregnancy and feeding by a breast.

Important! The medicines containing iron cannot be washed down with milk as it contains calcium which will prevent assimilation of a ferrum.

  1. "Alphabet Mother's health". A release form — the multi-colored tablets allowing not to accept any of them if the woman has an allergy to certain components.
  2. "Vitrum Prenatal". In structure there is a large amount of iron which can be required for fight against anemia at the beginning of pregnancy.
  3. "MOTHER Komplivit". As a part of a complex there are vitamins A, B, D and iodine necessary for an organism during pregnancy.
  4. "Pregnavit". Has a huge number of the elements and minerals capable to provide health to future mother and the kid.
  5. "Elevit". A basis of a complex is magnesium which is capable to prevent termination of pregnancy. Also it is important for blood circulation.

For elderly

  1. "Alphabet 50+". The complex prevents cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis. A release form — tablets. About 1 tablet daily within a month is recommended to accept.
  2. "Vitrum Tsenturi". Recommended to people after 60 years. It is worth using 3–4 months. It can be used as a course of rehabilitation after surgeries.
  3. Solgar. The complex is recommended to be applied at joint pains, age changes of skin, violations of mobility of joints.
  4. "Doppelgerts Aktiv". It is capable to save from stresses, reexhaustions, atherosclerosis. It is recommended to accept 60 days.
  5. Restores a cardiovascular system, normalizes its work. Accept 1 month.

Basic rules, councils and recommendations about application

That reception of complexes yielded positive results, it is necessary to follow some rules. Let's consider them.

  • Before going to drugstore, it is necessary to define correctly what elements are not enough for you. For this purpose it is worth visiting the doctor who if necessary will appoint to make tests and will pick up the medicine suitable you.
  • It is better to accept a complex in the morning. So you will be able to be fed with useful substances.
  • It is impossible to wash down tablets with such products: milk, sparkling water, coffee. They will prevent digestion of medicine.
  • Strictly adhere to the instruction for application, a dosage, reception time.
  • Alternate complexes, do not take the same drugs in a row.
  • If you keep to a diet or

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