What and as it is correct to give vitamin D (D) for babies

What and as it is correct to give vitamin D (D) for babies

Vitamin D is called solar as ultraviolet activates substance in an organism. Young mothers on reception at the pediatrician often receive recommendations to buy for the kid medicine with D-substance.

For what this medicine to the kid and what role it plays — we will understand this article.

Role in a children's organism

Vitamin D plays an important role in growth and development for newborns: its presence at an organism regulates exchange of minerals, strengthens the immune system, normalizes work of an endocrine system and reduces risk of development of autoimmune diseases.

Thanks to substance, the calcium coming to a children's organism is distributed in a bone tissue, strengthening a skeleton of the kid and also collects in solid tissue of teeth, being responsible for their health at eruption. Future health also depends on vitamin D: enough from first years of life serves as prevention to heart diseases, as oncological, skin.

Important! Creams for protection of skin against burns ultraviolet also protect it from production of vitamin D.

When to give: signs of a shortcoming

It is desirable to take the vitamin drug till the birth of the kid as his maternal stock shares for two, and the lack of substance of a womb of mother can provoke anomalies of development and rickets in a consequence.

Vitamin medicines d are necessary at the following symptoms:

  • loss of weight;
  • sleep disorders;
  • lack of appetite;
  • inflammation mucous mouth (tussiculation);
  • inflammations of mucous eyes;
  • perspiration;
  • tearfulness.

Learn how to choose a useful toy for the child, to accustom the kid to own bed, to help will learn to go, correctly to cook food for the child, to teach the child to say the letter r, to save him from fears, to prepare for school.

In more difficult cases at development of rickets such symptoms are observed:

  • bones of a skull are deformed, become soft;
  • long the fontanel does not heal;
  • the forehead begins to be pushed forward;
  • on edges consolidations are formed;
  • teeth are late cut;
  • frequent changes (the bone tissue is softened);
  • the muscular tone goes down.

Whether you know? In cow's milk so large amount of phosphorus that it blocks synthesis of vitamin D and interferes it with comprehensibility.

Oil or water: what is better?

At prevention, the form of medicine of a role does not play, the main thing is to observe the dosage registered by the pediatrician.

At treatment, preference is given to water solution as it accumulates in an organism, unlike an oil form less. At use of water solution, the risk of overdose considerably decreases.

Popular medicines

Let's consider what medicine with vitamin D is better for babies.

Cod-liver oil

Cod-liver oil is especially useful to the kids deprived of some breast milk. In mixes not enough fatty acids which are important for babies. Thanks to fats as a part of medicine, the organism well acquires vitamins A, K, D, F, E. Acids an omega 3 participate in formation of cells of a brain, normalize warm activity. Iodine is necessary for normal work of an endocrine system, prevention of intellectual backwardness and other anomalies in development.

Important! It is impossible to take the drug a long time, the course only appointed the pediatrician, the main danger in number of vitamins B structure. At overdose the allergic reaction, especially at children about one year is possible: their digestive system is not up to the end created.

General instruction for application: from monthly age from 3rd to 5 drops twice a day, if necessary gradually increase norm to a half of a teaspoon in day.


Aquadetrim (D3) is a natural form of substance, normalizes function of a thyroid gland, strengthens immunity, normalizes exchange of calcium and phosphorus, strengthening the child's skeleton, supports a muscular tone, function of a myocardium, development of central nervous system.

D3 vitamin, according to the instruction for application, is appointed in the following cases:

  • for prevention to healthy kids on breastfeeding (one-two drops);
  • prevention of premature children (two-three drops);
  • at rickets (from 4-yokh to 10 drops, the course and a dose depend on weight of symptoms);
  • at heavy pathologies against the background of rickets (40-60 drops, the weight and age of the child are considered).

To artificially raised children the dosage is regulated by the doctor as many children's mixes contain vitamin D.


Viganol is an oil solution, the form is not convenient for newborns. As it is badly soaked up, and as a result the necessary amount of substance does not arrive. For the rest medicine performs the same functions, as previous.

Viganol appoint for prevention and treatment of rickets and osteoporosis. Babies from two-week age are given one-two drops a day. To children with a spazmofiliya the dose is increased to ten drops.

Important! At overdose, problems with a chair, sharp weight reduction, thirst, nausea and vomiting, increase in pressure are possible.

Basic rules of application

Let's understand as it is correct to give vitamin to D baby. The first: it is impossible to drip on a uvula, in this case there is a risk of overdose. Drop the necessary quantity in a teaspoon and dilute with boiled water, pour in a mouth. The second — concerning reception time: medicine is given before food in the first half of day. It is desirable to accept it at the same time.

Contraindications and harm

Intake of medicine at the following factors is not recommended:

  • diseases of kidneys;
  • giperkaltsemiya;
  • diseases of lymphatic system;
  • intolerance of medicine.

There is a wish to finish article with the reference to the words of doctor Komarovsky. According to him, children on breastfeeding have to receive vitamin from mother and also be in the fresh air in a sunny weather longer. The children deprived of some maternal milk receive necessary amount of substance with mixes, also on walks. The doctor does not advise to rush to extremes and to urgently buy medicines, indications to reception have to be really serious as children about one year often suffer from side effects at reception of a dosage form.

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