What exercises can be done at hemorrhoids

What exercises can be done at hemorrhoids

Usually the people leading an inactive life have hemorrhoids. Sedentary work at the computer, during the day — and result does not keep itself waiting for lack of physical activity. In this case some types of physical exercises can help to correct or to considerably improve a situation.

Let's learn what loading can help and what — is strictly contraindicated.

Hemorrhoids and physical activities

Many people having hemorrhoids mistakenly think that any physical activity, but it absolutely not so is forbidden them. It is natural that if in the period of the beginning of aggravation the doctor registers a high bed rest, then about exercises the speech does not go.

However during remission of sports not only are admissible, but also are necessary. And at an exit from the sharp period the simple walking or small charging will do only good. All this is directed to restoration of normal blood circulation in a small basin, prevention of stagnation of blood and improvement of a tone of muscles.

Whether you know? The first time hemorrhoids is mentioned in works of the famous scientist Hippocrates. In Russia the name — royal disease was assigned to this disease. Possibly, the sedentary life of the nobility and, respectively, wide circulation of hemorrhoids among them was the cause of it.

Rules and recommendations

The first rule is an obligatory preliminary consultation with the attending physician. It is necessary to approach any physical activities carefully, listening to the organism and not trying to break any records.

If during performance of exercises painful or other unpleasant symptoms were shown, then occupation should be stopped at once. At hemorrhoids the cardioloading which is strengthening a cardiovascular system, tightening muscles and not providing the strong tension of muscles of an abdominal press well approaches. Treat it: swimming, walking, easy jogging, skis.

Read in more detail about advantage of swimming for men, women and children, about such kind of walking as Scandinavian, and about run: shuttle, on short and long distances.

Being engaged, it is necessary to conform to the following rules:

  1. To exclude any loading leading to pain around an anus.
  2. To begin with easy loading, increasing it gradually.
  3. To be engaged smoothly, without jumps.
  4. Not to hold the breath not to increase pressure in an abdominal cavity.

What exercises and loadings are forbidden at hemorrhoids

Not all types of activity approach at this disease, some it is only possible to worsen a situation, and there are also absolute contraindications.

The main ban is the share of the strength sports promoting increase in intra belly pressure and strong tension of muscles of a lower body. And it can provoke exacerbation of a disease. Treat them:

  • active and frequent squats;
  • strong moves legs;
  • swing of a press and other load of these muscles;
  • power exercises with big weights;
  • all types of weightlifting.

Some types of physical activity at this disease are resolved conditionally, that is they are allowed only for the period of permanent remission and have to be carried out extremely carefully, without overstrain. It is driving by bicycle, occupation rowing, riding.

Ways of physical impact on hemorrhoids

In treatment of this disease an integrated approach which, besides medicinal therapy and a diet, is included different types of physical activity is used. Enter their number: gymnastics, yogi, massage and exercise Kegel.

Learn about features: massage of the yoni, guash, stone, lingama, Tantric massage, Bali, Tibetan and can massage.

All of them are aimed at strengthening of vessels, elimination of venous stagnation, improvement of a tone of anal muscles.

Gymnastic exercises at hemorrhoids

It is necessary to be engaged daily approximately 15 minutes. It is desirable to practise after defecation and, if necessary, previously to process gemorroidalny cones anesthetic. Occupations will help to reduce symptoms, to strengthen muscles and vessels, to make exacerbations of a disease more rare.

For people with an initial stage of a disease they will help to stop its development and to prevent development of irregular shape of a disease.

Exercises are done at smooth speed, without allowing sharp movements and delays of breath. Manifestations of discomfort and painful feelings around an anus — a signal to the termination of occupations.

  1. Initial position: standing, hands are lowered. About 5 minutes walk on one place at measured speed. Knees have to rise higher than the level of buttocks, that is at an acute angle.
  2. Initial position: being on all fours. Round a back and stand for four seconds, then bend a waist down and too stand for four seconds. Movements have to remind flexure by a cat of a back. The number of repetitions — 20-30 times.
  3. Initial position: lying on a back. Raise legs up at right angle and slowly raise a basin hands, continuing to hold legs above. Stand in this position most long. It is a good way for outflow of stagnant blood.
  4. Initial position: lying on a back, hands are lowered along a body, legs are bent in knees. Slowly raising a basin up, stand in this position, strain buttocks. Return to an initial position. Make a deflection of 20-30 more times.
  5. From a knee and elbow position, inclining a basin aside, to try to approach it a floor. To do exercise in other party. To execute on ten approaches in both parties.

Important! Development of hemorrhoids provokes violation of blood circulation of a small pelvis that leads to protrusion of venous walls of a gemorroidalny texture. Such stagnation come to an end with formation of knots — vascular thickenings with the condensed blood. Periodically they can inflame and bleed, and at internal hemorrhoids to drop out of an anus.

These exercises suit people with different physical training, they can be combined with small cardioloading — intensive walking or easy jog. In the presence of backbone diseases the complex needs to be carried out most carefully, previously having consulted with the doctor.

Yoga at hemorrhoids

Asanas of yoga are useful at many illnesses including at hemorrhoids. And they as help to liquidate stagnation of blood in a small basin, and improve an intestinal vermicular movement that is important at this disease.

One of its reasons is rare depletion of intestines and a lock. The yoga involves all muscles of an organism including an anal sphincter. Do not forget about rules — the smooth beginning and gradual transition to more difficult exercises, equal breath and lack of tension in belly area.

We advise to learn about such widespread practicians of yoga as: rajah-yogi, bikram-yoga, Ayengara, Atma Kriya of the yogi, Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar bandha, Uddiyana of a bandh, Kundalini, Fly yoga, Bhakti yoga, akroyoga, yogalates, kriyya-yoga, prana yoga and yoga-challenge.

As an example of a complex the exercises available to people of different age and sports preparation are given. They are useful both in a complex of treatment against hemorrhoids, and for prevention.

  1. Mountain pose. Become directly, slightly place legs, strain knees. At the same time pull in in yourself a stomach and buttocks, with effort push a basin forward and up. Strain all muscles, having extended as a string. The head and a neck have to remain weakened. Stretch all heat and hands up, rising on socks. Take an initial position, relax. Rising, deeply inhale and for a while detain a breath, falling — exhale. Helps to liquidate stagnation of blood in a small basin and to make active an intestines vermicular movement. The asana is recommended to be begun, drinking 250 ml of water.
  2. The bending tree. Stand directly, be well extended up and in turn bend in both parties. Legs and a basin have to remain on the place, only the top half of a body works. The number of approaches — on 12 in both parties. The asana well influences process of digestion of food.
  3. Rotation. Stand directly, legs at shoulder length, the left hand is extended forward, right — is bent in an elbow, touches by forearm fingers. Turn to the left side, taking away the left hand back. Only the top half of a trunk works, the basin and legs do not move. Repeat on 12 approaches in both parties. It helps the correct functioning of intestines and saves from locks.
  4. Turn of a cobra. Stand directly, legs on width about 30 cm, rise on socks. Turn the top half of a body back to the right, trying to see a heel of the left leg. The number of approaches — on 12 in both parties.
  5. Massage of a stomach. You squat, hands on a lap. Turn on the left, at the same time bend the right knee to a floor. Try to overwind strongly a body for the best massage of internals. The number of approaches — on 12 in both parties. The asana perfectly helps from locks.

Whether you know? Avicenna considered that from hemorrhoids drink of fresh blood of a hedgehog helps, and inhabitants of South America treated this disease of an extract from leaves cooks. Among folk remedies of treatment of hemorrhoids it is possible to meet applying to knots of aspen leaves, beets, potatoes, garlic and even bloodsuckers.

Massage at hemorrhoids

One more way improving outflow of blood and eliminating its stagnation in a rectum is massage. Consider that exclusively qualified doctor has to see off it. Besides, there are some contraindications that only the expert can also estimate.

Before the beginning it is necessary to be prepared, having emptied a bladder and intestines. For the procedure of the patient holds knee and elbow position, and the doctor a finger massages his rectum. The doctor surely uses medical gloves and applies sterile vaseline on a finger that prevents injuries of a mucous surface. At the same time two types of the movement — stroking and vibration are applied. The first is made in the direction from top to down, and in the location of gemorroidalny knots is made serially with pressing. Vibration is made by either a finger, or the medical device.

Features of a technique of Kegel

For certain many heard about exercises for the muscles of a crotch which are thought up by the gynecologist Kegel. But not everyone knows that they are useful not only to women. These simple and effective exercises help to strengthen a pelvic bottom, walls and veins of a rectum, a muscle of buttocks and an anal sphincter, help blood outflow.

They should be carried out daily, excepting time of exacerbation of a disease with loss of cones and bleeding. Regular jobs will allow to reduce manifestations of hemorrhoids, to reduce the volume of knots and frequency of a recurrence of a disease.

To start exercise it is better to carry out in a position lying. It will be so easier to learn to strain the necessary group of muscles, without mentioning the others. It is important to experience the correct technique of performance: it reminds attempt to delay depletion of intestines or to suspend urination.

Initial position: lying on a back with the legs bent in knees. Strain muscles, feeling compression of a sphincter and retraction in an anus. Stand for three seconds then relax. Duration of tension can gradually be increased, keeping the same period of relaxation. Be engaged four times a day on ten approaches. Having mastered exercise, you will be able to do it sitting or standing that will allow to be engaged at any time. It is possible to alter it later, changing duration and frequency of reductions or force of retraction.

Video: how to do Kegel's exercises

Important! Chronic locks extremely adversely influence a condition of anal veins. A healthy vermicular movement of intestines — an indispensable condition of treatment and prevention of hemorrhoids.

Whether it is possible to cure hemorrhoids by means of exercises

Basis of therapy of any disease — an integrated approach. Unfortunately, to win against hemorrhoids without use of medicines extremely difficult.

However regular antigemorroidalny exercises will allow:

  • to strengthen a tone of anal muscles;
  • to get rid of stagnation of blood around a small pelvis;
  • to intensify outflow of blood from venous congestions in a rectum;
  • to improve a vermicular movement of intestines and to cope with locks;
  • to reduce manifestations of a disease and to reduce the frequency of a recurrence.

Video: charging for prevention hemorrhoids you Should not hope only for tablets or an operational method in disposal of hemorrhoids. Physical activity is a big assistant in treatment and prevention of this disease. Whatever exercises you chose, be engaged regularly, and in several weeks you by all means will notice positive results.

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Really, exercises help!!! Two weeks constantly I strain and I squeeze crotch muscles. Six days hemorrhoids do not disturb. And before three months suffered. Only it is necessary is not lazy - will become to carry out exercises constant then a habit. No candles to me yielded such result.



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