What exercises need to be done for increase in potency

What exercises need to be done for increase in potency

Male power is the invariable subject discussed in glossy magazines on television and just among the friends.

As a rule, the men facing decrease in potency are afraid to admit it not only to relatives, but also the doctor. How to prevent sexual problems what exercises promote maintaining potency, the speech in this article will go.

Rules and features of performance of a complex for improvement of potency

As increase in potency by means of physical exercises is reached due to stimulation of blood supply of bodies of a small pelvis and strengthening of surrounding muscles, it is worth getting acquainted with an optimum complex for trainings.

Important! The complex is forbidden at prostate diseases and also tumors, inflammatory processes of bodies of a small pelvis.

That physical activity brought a maximum of benefit and did not lead to injuries, it is important to follow simple rules:

  1. Exercises are recommended to be done in morning or day time as, as well as any other physical activity, a training tones up nervous system.
  2. The complex has to be carried out after small warm-up and articulate gymnastics.
  3. At implementation of movements it is impossible to allow emergence of strong discomfort or painful feelings (an exception is the easy nagging pain in sheaves at stretching which is norm).
  4. Exercises need to be carried out carefully, with strict observance of the equipment, without sharp breakthroughs (loading should be increased gradually).
  5. Trainings have to be regular, however between them it is necessary to do 1-2 days of a break for restoration of an organism.
  6. Except complex trainings, it is useful to lead the active lifestyle allowing to normalize blood supply of a bottom of a stomach: to walk on foot to do on a ladder, much, run, swimming, to spend less time in a sitting position.
  7. Besides gymnastics, it is also important to adhere to the mode of a dream and rest, to eat properly.

The best exercises for a potency raising

To improve erectile function and to provide recovery of potency, it is possible to use simple and available even in house conditions of exercise.

Important! It is known that sex hormones (testosterone which is responsible for men's reproductive function also belongs to them) are actively produced at night — from 12 o'clock in the morning to 5 o'clock in the morning therefore it is important to provide the corresponding mode of a dream.


The classical squat is familiar to all who at least once worked out or visited gym. It is the main component of any warm-up and a power training. Squats not only will help with formation of muscles of a hip and buttocks, but also will provide inflow of blood to genitals.

Besides, technology of exercise allows to perform massage of a prostate due to reduction of gluteuses.

When performing a squat it is necessary to rise, having straightened a back, feet to record at the level of width of shoulders or is a little wider (a foot are divorced in the parties approximately by 30 degrees, hands are freely lowered). On a breath it is necessary to squeeze buttocks and to sit down, bending to a corner 90 ° due to assignment of a basin back. To be late below for 3-5 seconds and to rise slowly, exhaling air a mouth (completely not to unbend, keep a leg their halfbent, and knees at squat cannot be removed for socks of feet). It is recommended to do 2-3 approaches on 15 times.

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Rotation by a basin

Remarkable and useful element of warm-up. Rotations allow to improve blood circulation and to prepare for muscle work and a waist, provide rush of blood to a stomach bottom. To rise with a direct back, feet at the level of width of shoulders, to establish hands on a belt.

Having fixed the case, to carry out circular motions by hips at first in one, then in other party. At the same time not to tear off a foot from a floor, to leave position of the case invariable, only the basin works. To carry out 10 times in each direction.

Ceremonial step on the place

The ceremonial step on the place is very useful warming and stimulating complex element. Joints are developed, the area of a stomach and crotch is massed.

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For performance of exercise it is necessary to rise exactly, having established legs at shoulder length. To raise one leg to stomach level, having bent it in a knee then to lower and lift another. In process of performance of exercise it is accelerated and gradually drops into the marking walk time.

Deduction of a stone

Unusual and even the exercise frightening by the name in practice is absolutely harmless and allows to strengthen the muscles holding a sphincter.

For observance of the correct technology of performance it is necessary to rise directly (feet at shoulder length, brushes on a belt) and, bending knees, to sit down superficially (at the same time heels nestle on a floor, and buttocks strain as if between knees it is necessary to hold a stone). Then on an exhalation the return to initial situation is made, keeping a small bend in knees. To repeat 10-15 times.

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Dynamic exercise the buttock bridge, known to all women, is useful not only for a shape of buttocks, but also for male health. At its performance the light massage of a prostate is performed; blood strongly flows to the lower part of a trunk, blood circulation after long sedentary work is normalized. To execute bridge, it is necessary to lay down on a back, to bend legs in knees with the emphasis on a foot; to straighten hands so that between foot and finger-tips of a brush the distance did not exceed 10-12 cm. On an exhalation to raise a basin and to push out it up due to compression of gluteuses.

To be recorded in a pose for 3-5 seconds then, exhaling a mouth, to lower a basin. To avoid an overstrain in a waist, during repetitions it is not necessary to concern it a floor. To effectively do this exercise in 2 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions.

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There is one more productive exercise strengthening buttocks and stimulating a prostate. It is called boat. Starting position: lying on a stomach, hands are extended forward.

On an exhalation it is necessary to tear off a thorax and legs from a floor so that hands at the same time lasted forward and up, and buttocks were compressed. Having recorded in such pose for several seconds, on a breath to return to initial. To repeat in 2 approaches on 10 times.


Still since childhood much know such exercise as bicycle. There is no wonder, it remarkably stimulates work of intestines and bodies of a small pelvis due to massage of a stomach. It is necessary to lay down on a back, to tear off legs from a floor and to tighten them to a stomach.

Then, bending and unbending serially each leg, to imitate, without tearing off from a waist floor, rotation of pedals of the bicycle. It is recommended to carry out exercise before emergence of easy tension in the field of an abdominal press (usually about 30-35 movements).


It is one of types of bicycle having similar effect. In situation lying on a back to tear off direct legs from a floor, having formed a corner at 40-45 °, then to make the repeating movements on crossing of direct legs, imitating the movement of scissors. To carry out in 2 approaches on 20 repetitions.


This familiar to all since the childhood the exercise is intended to normalize blood circulation in vessels of a small pelvis. From situation lying on a back the pushing-out movement is made by a basin and the straightened legs up.

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For balance deduction it is necessary to support by hands a basin, keeping vertical position of legs. Having stayed thus 10-15 seconds, it is necessary to lower carefully a basin on a floor and to return to a starting position. Depending on readiness degree, exercise is carried out in total by 1-5 minutes.


It is a yoga element which is called halasana. The effect is reached because the basin is above the head that leads to change of the general blood-groove in an organism and tones up internals. To lay down on a back, to raise up direct legs, then, resting hands, to carefully lift them over the head, reaching stupnyam a floor.

In such position to keep several seconds then, having easily made a start toes, to lower them on a floor and to relax. It is important to remember that this exercise is contraindicated to people with backbone diseases (especially its lumbar department).


The dynamic frog element not only trains an abdominal press, but also stimulates work of a prostate. To rise in the provision emphasis lying (as in classical push-ups), hands in elbows are slightly bent. To serially tighten a knee of each leg to a stomach. In total it is necessary to execute 3 approaches on 10 repetitions on each leg.


Classical element of an extension which was widely used by Chinese for recovery of male power. To sit down, having bent legs in knees, a foot to develop towards each other, to connect them in a groin (it is possible to hold feet with hands).

Keeping a straight line back, elbows carefully to press on knees before emergence of feeling of an easy tension in sheaves. Having reached the maximum elastic barrier, to be late for several seconds. To breathe exactly and rhythmically, then again to stretch forward, trying not to stoop. Finishing exercise, to relax and to slowly straighten legs.


This element is called also the closed ring. It has salutary effect on bodies of a small pelvis and stimulates secretion of hormones.

In situation lying on a stomach it is necessary to remove hands for a back and to clasp the legs bent in knees it is slightly below than knees. To support this provision about 30 seconds, then to become straight and accept initial. It is possible to perform operation only to food.


The static exercise allowing to strengthen a blood-groove in a lower body thereby stimulating work of a reproductive system. In situation lying on a stomach it is necessary, making a start hands, to tear off a breast from a floor and to stretch as much as possible the head up.

At the same time the groin and all lower body remain densely pressed to a floor, shoulders are most lowered down. It is necessary to keep situation about 10 seconds, then to fall and repeat approach 3-4 more times.

All exercises of this complex should not cause pain. If there are any given disturbing symptoms, it is better to refrain from occupations before consultation with the doctor.

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Several words about healthy nutrition

For a long time it is no secret, that one physical education it is impossible to achieve improvement. All heard about hormones, but very few people know that food have important effect on the reproductive sphere. They contain the substances feeding a human body and which are responsible for a metabolism.

That sexual life continued to please the man and his partner, it is necessary to show consideration for formation of a diet and to include in it the products increasing testosterone level:

  • seafood;
  • fish;
  • meat;
  • nuts;
  • cottage cheese;
  • vegetables and fresh fruit;
  • grain;
  • dried fruits (especially raisin).

For improvement of potency the men also should use: persimmon, ginger, chili pepper, filbert, peanut, parsley, celery, cilantro, pumpkin sunflower seeds, carrots.

Actively various spices influence the sexual sphere. So, cardamom, nutmeg, garlic, hot pepper promote increase in a libido. And here it is necessary to treat herbal teas and tinctures with care. In particular it is necessary to avoid chayov which part mint is, it as natural spasmolysant can reduce erectile function.

Whether you know? The most men's drink — beer — differs in the enormous level of phytoestrogen (it is an analog of female sex hormone). That is why at fans of this intoxicated drink it is often possible to observe the bulked-up mammary glands and surplus of subcutaneous fat.

So, studying a question of influence of physical activities on a libido and potency allows to draw a conclusion that reasonable sports activities, the mobile way of life and healthy food are a basis of sexual health of the man and will allow to keep male power for many years.

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