What is a spirulina and than it is useful

What is a spirulina and than it is useful

Many-sided flora blows the mind — what only types do not meet on our planet! But even on this background the group of plants which appeared some of the first here is allocated. It is about the seaweed occupying water open spaces hundreds of millions years. Let's consider one of the most famous representatives of this row, having learned, than the spirulina and what advantage from it is remarkable.

What is a spirulina

This everyday name of cyanobacteria which on science belong to the sort Arthrospira. In food or in the medical purposes use only two views — Maxima and Platentis.

They are the threadlike seaweed twirled spiralno. Are allocated with the trikhoma with a set of cages and poorly developed (or at all absent) mucous covers. As for partitions, in a usual microscope not to consider them.

Spirulina very much loves the good illumination and high temperatures: will survive also at +60 °C whereas some lines transfer also +70 °C on hot stones or at the bottom of the evaporated lake. However, in such cases they fall into hibernation. Moreover, in such conditions almost all useful elements of seaweed remain.

Distribution area — lakes of tropical and subtropical belts with water of high acidity. The Platentis line is grown up in reservoirs of South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. The type of Maxima took root only in Central America.

Important! According to druggists, collecting from Latin America — there few industrial enterprises poisoning water is considered as the best. And seaweed are very sensitive to its quality.

In these regions the greatest number of spirulinovy farms is concentrated. Cultivate it and in our corner of the world — some difficulties in cultivation are compensated by structure of a product, unique on the advantage.

Chemical composition

The biochemical structure of this look is the whole composition from hundreds of ingredients.

In their row squirrels which here 60-70% stand alone. It is less carbohydrates (to 20%), and fats no more than 5%. On average, 2% are the share of cellulose in pure form.

It is necessary to distinguish from amino acids glutamic, asparaginic and a leucine, in the sum of the giving about 25-27% of the general protein. There are also an alanine, arginine, threonine and dozens of other connections at smaller shares.

If to take 100 g of a product, then the situation with vitamins and acids will be following:

  • pro-vitamin A (it is beta carotene) — 170 mg;
  • B8 vitamin — 35 mg;
  • other vitamins of group B, including niatsin and Riboflavinum, give total 21 mg;
  • ascorbic acid (C) and tocopherol (E) are presented approximately at one level: 18 and 19 mg respectively;
  • there are also 11.5-11.8 mg of nicotinic acid;
  • among fatty acids there is a superiority behind palminitovy (C16) which here from 1.65 to 2.1 g, linoleic (C18) in concentration of 1-1.3 g and close to it gamma and linoleic in an average dose of 1 g.

It is a lot of also minerals, potassium is basic of which (1.4 g on 100 g of lump). It is less phosphorus — about 830 mg. For chlorine and magnesium of figure make 420 and 370 mg. Their action amplifies:

  • pine forest (30 mg);
  • iron (50-53);
  • sodium (30);
  • manganese and zinc (on 20 and 170 mg);
  • copper and selenium, chrome and cobalt act as minerals. Here the measure goes already on micrograms. Among these components silicon which content reaches 310 mkg is considered top.

Whether you know? In Chad the spirulina is considered one of the main ingredients of the ethnic cuisine. The plants collected on the lake of the same name and in its district use for cooking of flat cakes and soups and also as seasoning.

It is the list only of the main components of all biologists allocated about 2000 (!) components in the form of amino acids and other connections.

Than the spirulina is useful

Thanks to the really unique structure, these seaweed have the whole set of medical and just useful qualities. If to present them in the list form, then it will turn out that a spirulina:

  • enhances immunity;
  • normalizes a metabolism and removes toxins (up to radionuclides);
  • increases immunoglobulin level in blood, at the same time forcing down indicators of sugar and cholesterol;
  • normalizes functions of a thyroid gland and all endocrine system;
  • accelerates accretion of fabrics and bones after operations or injuries. The same concerns also wounds with skin ulcers;
  • suppresses formations as tumors;
  • helps to restore quicker an organism after the postponed disease;
  • kills headaches (especially it is relevant at a big tension of central nervous system and mentality);
  • increases stability of an organism of rather external irritants;
  • at the regular use slows down aging of an organism at the cellular level;
  • promotes long maintaining sexual activity.

Important! Processing of raw materials demands speed: if fresh collecting is bought, it is started up in dishes at once, without waiting until valuable substances disappear from parts of a plant.

As you can see, really there is a lot of advantage of an alga unattractive in appearance. Though some expand a range of its opportunities (for example, accepting as hangover medicine — and helps too).


It is no wonder that so useful plants are widely used in different spheres. We learn how apply such alga as a spirulina and for what such preparations undertake.

In medicine

As tablets and powders the collecting is used for treatment of arthritis and diabetes of the II group. Often it is included in a medicamentous course at restoration of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal ways, in fight against diseases of the urological and gynecologic plan and also failures of a respiratory system.

Blue-green seaweed and to those who suffer from a hypertension and an allergy help.

During the autumn-winter period many pediatricians advise to give them to children: strengthening protective orders of an organism, the spirulina leaves no chance for flu, a SARS and bronchitis. So this also quite good prophylactic.

If reception of antibiotics is registered, the strong protector capable to support healthy cells — in such role often is necessary this product acts.

To them process also affected areas of skin, and at wounds or presence of ulcers apply the bandages moistened in solution.

In cosmetology

The acids which are a part of a plant (first of all, linoleic), bring toxins out of a cellular layer of skin. Deeply getting into an epithelium, useful elements not only purify skin, but also rejuvenate it — thus metabolism becomes more active.

Whether you know? 1 kg of seaweed contains the same amount of iodine, as in 10000 l of pure sea water.

But the spirulina is applied in cosmetology not only to disposal of wrinkles, an acne and the other unpleasant phenomena. The extract taken from it perfectly feeds hair from the roots to tips, doing them strong and brilliant.

Getting a grasp of data on structure of various means from a gray hair, there it is possible to meet and this sated натурпродукт which is capable to block its emergence, without putting to skin of head the slightest loss. Acquaintance with contents of tonics, lotions and means for masks often will give the same picture.

Such procedure as wrappings with use of seaweed actively practices in the SPA centers. Soft influence and total absence of chemical additives allow to return to skin elasticity and youth.

In dietology

Nutritionists noted curative properties of a product long ago.

Numerous amino acids and minerals together with polyunsaturated fat enzymes prevent obesity, revitalize a liver and clean an organism from slags. Result — disposal of excess weight.

Spirulina is often included in recipes of dietary dishes — even a small amount enough to provide an organism to all necessary.

It is important! If before you did not accept in food of similar plants, then it is better to begin with addition of small pinches in dishes. It will help to find out whether you have allergy to so unusual product.

It is used and in cases when medical starvation practices: in small doses the product stops a possibility of start of pathologies (by which the sharp refusal of the habitual menu often is followed).

This cyanobacterium is included also in structure of capsules for weight loss which are designed to adjust a figure and to regulate a set of weight.

How to accept: instruction

In drugstores this means is presented by different dosage forms that some disparate brings in the frequency of reception and a dosage. Therefore we will try to understand this question.

Let's begin with how it is correct to accept the useful spirulina which is released in tablets.

In the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes they are drunk on 2 times a day, for half an hour to food, without having forgotten to wash down sufficient (at least a half-glass) with an amount of water. The number of tablets is defined by the doctor: them can be on 2-3 for time.

In case such medicine is registered for treatment of diabetes, the norm can be increased up to 3-4, but with the same frequency. Existence of chronic violations in heart is considered the indication to increase in a dose (not a rarity and 5 tablets for approach). At the same time the course can drag on for 1.5-2 months with the subsequent survey at the attending physician. It will define whether there is a need in repeated reception.

For the people occupied with hard physical work the 2-fold reception of two tablets in day is recommended — they act as a source of nutrients.

Whether you know? The macrocisyew is distinguished from water vegetation — its length can reach 60 meters.

Interests many how often it is necessary to drink the spirulina realized in powder.

If it is about active nutritional supplement, then it is enough to add 1 tablespoon to a glass of juice, milk or yogurt. It is not bad combined with honey.

In pure form powder is used for treatment of diseases of a GIT and vessels. Use frequency most often comes down to 2-3 receptions combined with food whereas the concrete dose, depending on dynamics of a disease, can float from 1 to 10 g.

The scheme of such treatment provides reception within 3 weeks then the break in 7-10 days which then is replaced by 2 weeks of the use follows.

Also spirit extract comes across. It is used, mainly, for strengthening of a thyroid gland and all endocrine system. Norm — 2 tsps, twice a day (not to cause rejection, it is possible to dilute liquid with water).

Having learned about advantage which the spirulina gives, parents often ask from what age it can be applied to improvement of children.

Here the rule of a half of an adult dose adjusted for age of the child works:

  • tablets give only to children of 5 years and are more senior, 2 times a day in 20-30 minutes prior to food in number of 1 (at most 2) pieces;
  • powder is allowed to apply since 1, since the minimum doses — the exit to a half occurs gradually, about the same 5 years. From this age it is possible without special fears to add powder to drink and dishes.

Important! In cases if serious problems with health of an integument are diagnosed for the child, it is desirable to refuse similar means.

So strict restrictions are connected with the fact that the organism of the kid is only formed, and the regulating action of an alga to the healthy child, in fact, to anything (what you will not tell about adults).

Of course, we will remember also what gives a spirulin for fast weight loss and as it is better to accept it to receive the expected result:

  • it is the simplest to add crude collecting directly to the prepared dishes, watching that the day quantity did not exceed 50 g;
  • also morning cocktail is effective: 40 g of powder are filled up in a glass of water, juice or kefir. It is drunk on an empty stomach, in 30 minutes prior to a breakfast;
  • for tablets already habitual algorithm is used — on 2 pieces in the morning and in the evening, having washed down with a large amount of water.

By the way, about liquid. It is necessary to drink it much, about 2 liters a day. The fact is that the seaweed which got to an organism have to inflate properly (that creates feeling of satiety).

Reception is begun accurately, for the first two-three approaches there will be enough also 1 tablet. Having convinced for couple of days that the product is accepted without problems, come to the mentioned doses. Also the regularity is important: from single reception or frequent admissions you should not wait for notable effect.

The course will take from 20 to 40 days (depending on a condition of an organism). After that the 2 weeks break is obligatory. If the result is notable, but it still is not enough, repeated reception according to the same scheme is allowed.

Whether it is possible for pregnant women

The spirulina is useful and at the pregnancy course. This product fills shortage of vitamins and minerals which during this period is especially notable a maternal organism.

Whether you know? Surprisingly, but this plant reached us from prehistoric times in original state. It was affected by neither gene changes of flora, nor global changes in climate of Earth.

Usually gynecologists and obstetricians give the green light to use of an alga by the woman in labor. An exception are unless cases of individual intolerance of any element designated in structure (that is expressed by allergic reaction).

Spirulina can be accepted already at a planning stage:

  • even a month before conception it is desirable for both parents to use on 2 g of means a day (not very well, a tablet it, powder or a segment of a fresh plant);
  • at approach of toxicosis the dose increases to 4-5 g a day — so get rid of unpleasant feelings;
  • the main is considered standard daily rate in 2-4 g;
  • it is advised to adhere and after the delivery. It is especially useful to nursing mothers for 3-4 month of a lactation.

Pay attention that here average doses are specified — only the observing expert has the right to give individual numbers.

Recipes of application in the cosmetic purposes

Also the national cosmetology did not fail to seize all opportunities of a surprising plant. Let's look what recipes proved the efficiency in fight for beauty.

For hair

As a part of many means and hair shampoos the spirulina appears. It is possible to make something similar also the hands, and there is no complexity here:

  • 1 tsp of an alga, 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 egg (for dry hair it is desirable to use the separated yolk) undertake;
  • all this mixes up to homogeneous mass. For the best aroma and moistening some add several drops of essential oils;
  • mix is applied on already moist hair and rubbed in curls and head skin easy massing movements;
  • washings in a week are enough to get rid of an itch, dandruff and to strengthen roots.

Important! Prepare that from hair after such bathtub the characteristic smell can proceed. However, in the fresh air it pretty fast disappears.

The problem of split ends and dim locks is solved by use of the toning mask:

  • 1 tsp of powder gets divorced in carrot juice of 2 tablespoons;
  • in the same time two eggs to which added 6-7 drops of lemon juice are shaken up;
  • having connected all ingredients and having received light mousse after mixing, it is applied on hair and covered with polyethylene. Having rolled up the head also a towel, sustain a mask half an hour, washout then warm water.

One more mix is capable to intensify growth of hair — on 1 tsp of a spirulina and the sesame oil mixed with therapeutic mud. Farther everything, as usual: rubbing in in roots and a film with a towel for 20 minutes. But it is possible to apply this recipe to 3 times a week.

For the person

Such recipes too a huge number therefore we will stop on the simplest and effective.

The most plain mask from a spirulina best of all is suitable for oily skin of the person. 2 tsps of powder in mix from 2 tablespoons of warm water do not need additions — put this weight at once, for 15-20 minutes.

For dry skin the compounding changes a little:

  • 1 tsp of an alga and 1 tablespoon of boiled water are diluted with 2 tablespoons of cucumber puree (any sunflower seeds);
  • having strongly pounded preparation, you can apply to clean skin (up to 20 minutes) then wash away warm water.

Whether you know? Biologists are sure that seaweed actually stood at the origins of life on the planet — to some types about 1 billion years! Chronologically it coincides with emergence of difficult metaphytes.

But also healthy skin needs leaving with which tonic with participation of honey will help:

  • 2 tablespoons of honey kindle on a water bath;
  • in a separate container mix a spirulina and boiled water (on 2 tea and tablespoons);
  • after final mixing the mask is maintained on a face and washed away.

The black dots annoying much will disappear if to note the following recipe:

  • 2 tsps of gelatin fill in ¼ glasses of warm water and leave alone for half an hour. It will be enough that mix bulked up;
  • after that it is sent to a water bath where homogeneous mass has to turn out;
  • having seen that all are normal, preparation is cooled then the spirulina (same 2 spoons) is added;
  • having carefully mixed, put cream on a face (15 minutes and washout in the final).

How to choose and store

Upon purchase surely pay attention to the origin of a product specified on packing. It is good if collecting was carried out in ecologically safe area, far from the large cities.

Very big percent of a spirulina gets on our market from China — such tablets and powders require special attention. Importers can simply issue incorrect information on goods origin and its age.

Important! Spirulin can replace with a chlorella — this alga practically does not concede to it on the structure and impact on an organism.

Surely look at issue date and estimate integrity of the package: if the piece of cardboard or a package are made an incision, most likely, that means managed to be oxidized, having lost

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