What is a sucralose: harm or benefit are brought by the sugar substitute use"

What is a sucralose: harm or benefit are brought by the sugar substitute use"

The sucralose is modern artificial sweetener. The products which part sugar substitute is are demanded by the diabetics and people suffering from excess weight. We learn everything about useful properties and possible harm of this substance for a human body.

What is it

The sucralose (E955) is widely used instead of sugar in the modern food industry by production of drinks and food. Artificial sweetener managed to be received from sugar by means of introduction of a chlorine molecule in it.

Usual sugar consists of glucose and sucrose. Sucrose undergoes difficult 5-staged chemical reaction as a result of which, E955 additive in the form of white firm crystals turns out. It is 600 times more sweet than some sugar and has no smell.

Whether you know? The sucralose was open in London accidentally. Professor Lesley Hough ordered to test to the assistant who is badly knowing English new chemical. The assistant mixed English "test" with "taste" and tasted it, unexpectedly found out that it is very sweet.

Caloric content and nutrition value

The sucralose is low-calorie, and almost does not participate in exchange processes, 85% it are removed in not changed look at once, and 15% remove kidneys within a day.

In 100 g of artificial sweetener 91.17 g of carbohydrates and 8.83 g of water contain. Caloric content is 336 kcal and these are 19% of standard daily rate of carbohydrates for the person.

Also treat low-calorie products: sweet cherry, spinach, peas, chicory, fish tilapia, celery, vegetable marrow, siliculose haricot, kohlrabi cabbage, cornel, soy tofu cheese.

Advantage of sweetener

Substitute of sugar was discovered recently in the seventies, there passed not a lot of time to define its influence on an organism fully. It is considered safe and is resolved in many countries, at observance of a dosage.

Important! The standard daily rate of E955 for the person is 15 mg on 1 kg of body weight a day.

Use of sweetener gives the chance to considerably reduce the caloric content of many products, drinks and dishes. It is recommended to eat to people with the increased weight and diabetes as it does not increase glucose level in blood and does not cause insulin release.

Substitute of sugar keeps strong enamel of teeth, and does not contribute to the development of caries. It has useful property not to collect in an organism and is quickly removed.

Small tablet E955 replaces a refined sugar piece.

Regardless of what type of a disease of diabetes at you, first of all it is necessary to accept the antioxidants which are contained in vitamins of groups A, E (tocopherol), C, N (lipoic acid) and also in selenium.

Where it is used

Modern E955 sweetener is often used in medicine and the food industry. It is capable to enhance considerably taste of other products and dishes.


In medicine of E955 it is used by production of medicines, syrups as is much more sweet than some ordinary sugar and is a glucose alternative.

Whether you know? Carbohydrate starvation of an organism causes increase in appetite, as a result of people begins to eat bigger amount of food and instead of weight loss gains weight.

Food industry

The sucralose is well dissolved in water, alcohol, perfectly enhances taste and aroma therefore it is widely applied by production of confectionery, pastries and other foodstuff.

In the food industry sweetener is used by production:

  • drinks;
  • confectionery and pastries;
  • tinned vegetables, fruit, sauces;
  • dairy products;
  • jams, jelly, fruit jelly, the frozen desserts;
  • baby food;
  • chewing gum;
  • seasonings, marinades.

Danger of substance

There are no reliable data about harm of E955, it is considered safe at respect for standard daily rates. But becomes dangerous when heating in a dry form to temperatures more than 125 °C — hazardous substances are emitted. Unofficial data demonstrate that the long use can cause decrease in basic functions of an organism and a disease of digestive tract.

E955 does not get to a placenta and breast milk, can be eaten by pregnant women and the feeding women.

Allergic reactions to artificial substance are possible.

The sucralose is used in the dietary menu by the people suffering from excess weight as does not contain glucose. But at considerable lack of glucose there can be problems with sight, with memory and work of a brain will worsen.

Important! Children aged up to 14 years are not recommended to use artificial sweetener.

In the modern world, artificial substances everywhere are more often used. For many people with certain diseases the doctors and nutritionists recommend to use artificial sweeteners. And it allows them not to refuse sweets without harm for health. The main thing is to adhere to the recommended doses and not to abuse sweetener.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team