What is and as Ayurvedic massage becomes

What is and as Ayurvedic massage becomes

Ayurveda — ancient medical science which origin is lost in the depth of centuries. Presumably, there was it near Tibet 5 thousand years ago. This ancient system had a huge impact on modern medicine, first of all thanks to Avicenna. In the XX century the Ayurveda became popular in the West, to the end of the century gained recognition and in Eastern Europe. Very few people know plainly, what is it Ayurvedic massage. But procedures habitual nowadays are douches, enemas, diagnostics on pulse, medical diets — familiar to anything, came from Ayurveda.

What represents: why carry out and than it is useful

Let's specify at once, the Ayurveda is not the semi-legal field of medicine which can be trusted, and it is possible to consider charlatanism. In the USA and Israel this type of medicine is studied at the state level.

Important! Now in the world 350 thousand diplomaed doctors of Ayurveda work.

The difference of east medicine from western is that the western physicians treat the disease which already arose. East remove the cause. In translation from Sanskrit ayur — life, the Veda — knowledge. Thus, the Ayurveda means knowledge of life. In it antiquity medicine essence. It is concentrated not on a concrete disease, and on a way of life of the person. Approach of Ayurveda to health consists in harmonization of balance of energy in an organism.

Energy consists of 5 elements: waters, earth, fire, air, air. Air is a substance to which both antique philosophers, and Hindus, and yogas, and Buddhists tried to give definition. But there is no still exact concept. Air, or a prana, still represents a riddle in the sense of origin and the nature. However its existence is considered in various systems of improvement and self-improvement of the East including in Ayurveda. The efficiency of Ayurvedic approach to treatment is undoubted, it is proved by thousand-year history. The techniques offered by this east system, a set in the introduction they are specified, of course, not completely. One of such methods gaining the increasing popularity — Ayurvedic massage.

Its purpose is not only physical relaxation, impact on painful areas of a body, but intellectual and emotional rest and also ensuring free passing of a stream of spiritual energy on a body.

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Types of this massage

There is a lot of types of Ayurvedic massages. They differ on the equipment, indications, selection of oils and herbs. This procedure is synthesis of the Indian system of healing and a unique technique of the equipment. Let's tell about the most popular.

Whether you know? In the treatise of Ayurveda of Sushruta-samkhit operations on recovery of the injured face are described. In India the rhinoplasty existed for centuries.

  • Abkhyanga — the most known type of Ayurvedic massage. It is desirable to carry out it daily as it is preventive. Maintains balance of elements normal. The Abkhyanga is carried out with use of aromatic oils which are selected individually.
  • Panchakarma is a complex of procedures for deep cleansing of an organism. The oil improving and rejuvenating massages are a component of this action for maintenance of health. As a rule, it is 5 sessions during which internal fabrics promaslivatsya, the stomach, intestines thick and thin and also blood is cleaned. Result — clarification of all gastrodigestive tract. Panchakarma is carried out once a year.
  • Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic massage of the head. The warm oil stream goes to the head and also to the place of the third eye, nose bridges are slightly higher. Deep relaxation is caused. This look is very effective in fight against insomnia and migraines, not to mention a cosmetic bonus for face skin and hair.
  • Marma-massazh. Marma — a point on a body, the power centers, influencing which it is possible to influence a condition of an endocrine system, internals and even a brain. Ayuverdichesky massage of a body in combination with technology of impact on marma starts self-healing mechanisms.
  • Mukh Abkhyanga — Ayurvedic facial massage, necks and breasts in a zone of a decollete do for removal of hypostases, normalization of a dream, achievement of effect of rejuvenation.
  • Katya Vasti — for a back. The equipment with application of the special test of which a peculiar capacity in the necessary area of a backbone is formed. Then in dough pour the warmed oil. After the necessary part of the body was warmed, begin massage. The massage therapist works also with neck muscles.
  • Netra Tarpana — for eyes. Make funnels of the special test, have them in the eyes and pour in the warmed-up oil. As a result of the procedure, problems with sight are removed, face edemas leave, dark circles under eyes clean up, work of nervous system is normalized. It is good for fans of the computer.
  • Kizhi. Complex impact on an organism by means of hot grass sacks, an akupressura and an aromatherapy. Ayurvedic Kizhi massage yields notable antistress result.
  • Ayurvedic honey. Use study of a backbone and muscles of a back with use of honey against the whole complex of diseases and undesirable states. A version — anti-cellulite massage.
  • The segmentary and classical equipment is used for study of all departments of a backbone.
  • Ratna Abkhyanga. Hot and cold stones for the purpose of achievement of a relax are used. Hot stones — basalt, their warmly deeply gets into fabrics, up to 4 cm. Cold stones — marble. Study of the person and feet is carried out by two massage therapists at the same time. Ayurvedic massage of feet considerably raises a tone, takes off clips and fatigue of legs.

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What oils it is better to use

Any Ayurvedic massage is, first of all, an oil massage. And therefore it is important to choose oil which suits this specific person and will help to reach the maximum effect. Suitable oil is chosen by the expert whose services the patient decided to use.

Types of oils which are applied in Ayurveda:

  • coconut;
  • sesame;
  • mustard;
  • castor;
  • olive;
  • corn;
  • sunflower.

These are base oils. Besides them, there are also specially made oils according to Ayurvedic recipes. For interest we will provide names of some of such oils:

  • Balasvagandhadi Taylam;
  • Kshirabala;
  • Trifaladi Taylam;
  • Kottamchukkadi Taylam.

Whether you know? Sanskrit is a basis of all Indo-European languages.

The choice of such medicines is huge. Besides, they are combined with various curative herbs.


As well as any medical procedures, Ayurvedic also have contraindications. Massage is not carried out at the following problems:

  • Unpredictable allergic reactions to the medicines used at massage.
  • SARS diseases at the accompanying cough, cold, the increased temperature.
  • Skin diseases, often infectious, in an aggravation stage.
  • Oncology of various localization.

Important! Pregnancy is a contraindication at any kind of massage, not only Ayurvedic.

Old Indian treatises claim that this procedure is nearly a panacea from all diseases. In any case, according to patients, it with guarantee reduces stress, removes pains of various localization, improves the general health. And in general, increases quality of life.

Scheme and technology of performance

Ayurvedic massage is carried out by certain rules.

  • The procedure becomes in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Oil is warmed up surely.

Besides, allocate 2 technologies of carrying out.

Equipment 1.

  • 1 tablespoon of oil is poured on a palm and rubbed in the head. Circular motions.
  • 1 tablespoon of oil is put on a face, ears. Movements of a hand very careful.
  • The neck is massed a palm.
  • Hands are processed by circular motions from top to bottom.
  • The breast and stomach mass round.
  • The following area — a back and a buttock.
  • Legs mass from hips to knees, then from knees to feet with circular motions.
  • In end process feet.
  • At the end of the procedure — a hot shower.

In process it is necessary not to forget to add oil. Hands have to slide easily.

Equipment 2.

  • The area of a navel of 20 times is stroked clockwise, then as much time against.
  • After that the top part of a trunk from a navel and back is massed.
  • The following area of processing — from a navel to legs and back, at first in front, then behind.

Whether it is possible to do to itself

The procedure it is possible to conduct independently houses. At self-massage, active points on hands are at the same time involved that is additional benefit.

At house massage it is preferable to choose equipment 2 described above. It is better to choose oil for the procedure by an Ayurveda professional advice.

Also it is necessary to consider a contraindication. If there are problems from the list given above, then it is better not to risk.

According to reviews, it is better to do house massage in the evening. The relaxing effect will allow to sleep as to the baby.

The described types — only the little from what the Ayurveda can offer the modern person in his fight for health and vital activity. The patients who were disappointed in opportunities of traditional western medicine more often address opportunities of the most ancient system of improvement on Earth. And, it is necessary to recognize, such approach does not deceive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team