What is and as the Bali massage becomes

What is and as the Bali massage becomes

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It is no secret, that it is the best of all to take off fatigue, to improve physical shape and just the massage session will help to lighten the mood. It is the most ancient way of improvement — in each culture there is a set the technician of his performance which are directed to treatment of many diseases of an organism. In this article we will tell you about the Bali technology of massage: what is it, and what for it there are indications.

Simultaneous influence of an akupressura, Ayurvedic manual the practician, traditional Bali the practician and methods of classical massage promote full relaxation and improvement of an organism. Specially picked up aromatic compositions will help to cope with neurosises, sleep disorders, to restore physical health after the suffered injuries and to overcome other illnesses.

Soft transition from smooth movements to more intensive helps to restore power balance in each section of an organism and to relax each muscle. Even one held session renders powerful improving effect at the physical and emotional level. The pacified atmosphere which reigns in a massage office promotes clarification of the head from negative thoughts and to finding of a condition of harmony with the outside world.

There are several directions of massage. Read about such technicians as: Tantric massage and Lingam's massage. It is simple to learn this ancient practice. Instead of steam will be able to reach harmony in the relations, to exchange energy and also to experience new feelings.

The first mentions of this equipment are dated 700. At that time there was more and more popular a treatment of various diseases by means of hands. Initially such methods of treatment were available only to members of the royal families and their given. Medical procedures for the Indonesian monarchical persons took place under reading prayers and silent playing musical instruments, and in air aromas of aromas soared.

In several centuries the royalties moved to live on the island of Bali, having brought knowledge of doctoring by hands. Over time, knowledge and abilities of the Indonesian doctors mixed up with technicians and rituals of beauty of local Balinese doctors. Such mixture of knowledge and the technician formed a new technique of medical massage which through centuries does not lose the popularity.

Whether you know? To Bali there is such law: after the divorce the woman leaves the house of the ex-husband, taking away with herself only those things with which she came to it. It concerns also children — they remain with the father.

At first sight, the Thai and Bali massage are similar, however these the technician nevertheless have differences. First of all, let's learn a little about the Thai massage — at this technique there is various twisting of muscles and joints. Active impacts on points of a body promotes an energy output and the general tonization of an organism. Impacts on a body occurs not only hands — elbows, knees and even a foot are used.

From Thai the technician we will tell you about the main differences now:

Important! One of main rules of the Bali massage — symmetry of movements. Having processed one side of a body, the expert has to work equally each muscle on other party.

The Bali massage will be especially useful at the following indispositions and violations of work of an organism:

The Tibetan medicine considers: to revitalize the body and to recover from diseases, insufficiently only one physical impact on an organism. The Tibetan massage of Ku-Nye is considered one of the most effective methods of such beneficial influence on an organism.

But you do not hurry to register in a session of the Bali massage. In spite of the fact that this technology of massage suits practically everyone, for a start get acquainted with contraindications:

The list of contraindications turned out rather big. But these bans affect on all technicians of massage, not only Bali.

Whether you know? To Bali the polygamy is officially authorized. The husband can have about 4 wives. And, permissions to other wives are signed by the first wife.

Further you learn, how exactly there takes place the procedure of traditional Bali massage. Duration of one session reaches 2-2.5 hours. The expert begins the procedure with smooth and easy movements, gradually passing to stronger and rigid. Such method helps to adapt muscles and to reduce risk of a trauma to a minimum. Movements originate from extremities, gradually approaching a trunk — such direction is caused by a current of power streams in an organism and blood in blood vessels of the person.

As this equipment includes the best methods of the Indonesian medicine, during massage a large number of receptions and the practician is made: strokings, pressings, easy pinches and skin extension. The main movements are carried out by a palm and a thumb of a hand. In total such technique allows to reach full relaxation of muscles, joints. In the beginning all movements are made on a dry body, only after the body of the patient is prepared — various natural oils and fragrant balms are applied to skin. A faithful companion of the Bali massage is the aromatherapy.

Important! In technicians of the Bali massage essential oils on a natural basis are used. Before the session be convinced that you will have no allergic reaction to components in oils.

In an arsenal of the massage therapist there is a huge amount of essential oils for creation of aromakompozition for the specific person, proceeding from problems which he handled, and his general mental state. Use on a session of the aromalamp, candles, hot stones, natural balms with spices, oils, seaweed and even honey is admissible. The natural basis of balms well influences appearance of your skin, returns it elasticity and a tone.

In the conditions of active life and frequent stresses, anew to find spiritual balance and to relax really, the session of the Bali massage will help. Give the body a gift — try this type of massage, centuries-old knowledge and practice of treatment hands you will not be left indifferent.

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