What is and how to do stone massage"

What is and how to do stone massage"

Massage or stounterapiya takes Stone the increasing popularity among visitors of SPA salons recently. One of the most ancient methods of a relaxation and removal of tension — massage by stones, is used for improvement of a physiological state, emotional stability and exchange processes. By means of this procedure it is possible not only to help the person will relax, but also to cure him. However, at the same time it is very important to adhere to the correct equipment and to use special monolithic structures.

Essence, types, advantage

Application of this technique consists in rendering impact on muscles of a human body or a face to relax them and to stimulate natural processes.

Finding of internal harmony and health is promoted by disclosure and clarification of the psychopower centers in so-called "thin bodies" — chakras, thanks to positive impact of stones on an organism. It is considered that any separate stone has special structure and structure. Though it and inanimate objects, they have memory, can read out a negative and direct all good to people that disappears in them.

Different techniques of such procedure appeared in the different countries of the East, however the most wide popularity was found by Thai technique.

Whether you know? Ancient people gave special value to stones which surrounded them. For this reason the first instruments of labor, amulets, and later and houses were executed from these natural formations. When the first civilizations began to arise, stones were used also in medicine. The first hot stones east physicians began to practice massage, using for this purpose perfect elements which had not only medicinal properties, but also a certain sacral sense. The used at the time of the Roman Empire, such method found new life in the 1993rd year thanks to the American masseur Mary Nelson.

Allocate the following types massage stone, each of which brings the benefit to a human body:

  1. Massage by hot stones. This kind of a stounterapiya is traditional and assumes impact on a body by means of heated elements. Such therapy helps to relax muscles, to remove power stress, to eliminate spasms and pain, to intensify blood circulation.
  2. Contrast massage with use not only hot, and and cold elements. This procedure helps to stimulate exchange processes and well influences a condition of vessels, it strengthens a muscular tone and helps to get rid of puffiness.
  3. Massage for which use gemstones. It is called still intuitive as the master himself chooses material and optimum movements for each certain person. This look stone of massage contributes to normalization of a power condition of the person, gives forces and cheerfulness.

Above-mentioned techniques also conditionally divide into such groups:

  • classical;
  • modeling;
  • power;
  • aromatic.

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Indications and contraindications

In spite of the fact that this technique is quite widely applied to removal of tension in almost each SPA salon, there are both indications, and contraindications to application of a stounterapiya.

Massage is recommended to apply stone:

  • to people with chronic fatigue;
  • for activization of exchange processes and optimization of body weight;
  • in the presence of problems with the power field;
  • to get rid of insomnia;
  • for the purpose of knocking over of muscular spasms, discomfort;
  • to extend toxins from the upper layers of the skin and to restore its natural elasticity;
  • that who needs physiological rehabilitation of an organism, treatment of muscles and joints without inflammation;
  • for the purpose of normalization of arterial blood pressure;
  • to people who are tormented by headaches;
  • for activization of blood circulation in different parts of a body.

In order that the stounterapiya had no boomerang effect on an organism and did not do much harm to the client, it is necessary to consider contraindications to application of this technique. It is impossible to do stone massage:

  • that who has problems with the musculoskeletal device;
  • to pregnant women;
  • on those parts of a body where the integument is damaged;
  • in the presence of dermatological diseases;
  • to people with pathologies of nervous system;
  • cancer patient;
  • if the person has complications because of diabetes.

Stones for the procedure

Technology of performance stone of massage assumes, first of all, existence of the special correctly picked up stones. In this type of therapy elements of different origin are used: smooth sea or broken away raw, with a diameter of 5-10 cm. As a rule, in salons use marble or basalt.

It is important! Before beginning to spread elements on the client's body, it is necessary to check whether temperature of stones suits it. It can be done, having put one of elements on a knee: if it does not cause unpleasant feelings, it is possible to begin the procedure.

Basalt can be heated to the maximum temperature comfortable for the client. This stone is dark gray mineral of volcanic origin. It becomes black when becomes wet.

As for marble, it has a white color and, cooled in cold water, is used for contrast massage.

Also for carrying out the stone of massage is used by agate, amazonite, chalcedony. These are gemstones which are often applied to facial massage. They are selected by the master, depending on power properties.

How to be prepared

That the equipment stone of massage had desired effect and met expectations of the client, it is important to create the atmosphere promoting achievement of full relaxation: to include a meditative melody or sounds of the nature, to provide the soft muffled lighting of the room where carry out the procedure which, besides, has to be filled with the pleasant light weakening aromas.

Then it is necessary to prepare (to heat or cool) stones, to lay out them on a towel. Before beginning to do stone massage, it is necessary to apply on the client's body the aromatic oils prepared depending on the procedure purpose (relaxation, giving of a tone or healing of any disease).

At a relaxation stage along a backbone elements with a different temperature give all the best. Often it is 16 cold marble stones and 54 hot basalt. It is recommended to heat basalt by means of sunshine in the summer. When there is no such opportunity, use hot water or special heaters that temperature of elements reached about 40 °C. Cool marble to 10-25 °C.

Further — preparatory massage of all surface of a body hands then it is possible to begin the main procedure — massage with stones. One such session lasts about an hour.

Influence zones

Stones spread on a face, a neck, the upper and lower extremities if the client lies on a stomach, then on a backbone and a waist if on a back — on a stomach.

Small pebbles place even between fingers where there are also biologically active zones. Then the massage therapist begins to press on some parts of the body, to stroke or pound them stones. It is accepted to move from legs to the person: begin with feet, then massage shins, then hips, brushes, hands, a neck and shoulders and already at the end — a decollete and a stomach or a back and a waist.

As there takes place treatment by stones

If the therapy purpose — healing of any diseases or pathologies, especially actively it is necessary to influence the biological points which are responsible for health of the struck bodies or parts of a body. It is possible to find the necessary points, using the atlas on acupuncture. In this plan the stounterapiya is an acupuncture analog: the same has effect, but there are no pain or discomfort which are felt at treatment as needles.

For healing use larger stones, than for the weakening massage. Except basalt and marble, apply sandstone and granite here.

Important! To treat any pathologies or illnesses by means of the equipment the stone of massage can only the qualified specialist.

To cure cholecystitis or cholelithiasis, it is necessary to put heated stones in the 9th, 10th and 11th vertebras for half an hour. After such 5-10 sessions there can be stones and sand a gall bladder. In order that work of a pancreas at chronic pancreatitis was normalized, stones it is necessary to arrange two vertebras above on the right side from a backbone.

If to put elements at the same level, only on the left side, it is possible to accelerate healing of a gastric ulcer.

Treatment of the diseases affecting an urinogenital system is promoted by arrangement of stones in a sacrum. It can also help to get rid of children's night incontinence.

For removal or prevention of mild pains in heart and treatments of stenocardia the stones are put on the outer edge of the left clavicle or on the left shoulder, having covered after that with a terry towel.

Whether it is possible to do independently

Of course, to get stones for this equipment and to warm from the house — business simple. However, independently it is impossible to execute stone massage in his traditional understanding as such therapy assumes full relaxation which cannot be reached if independently to control all processes (heating, adjustment of stones, grinding, etc.).

Surely having consulted with the expert, it is possible to make with own hand just massage of separate parts of the body hot stones, but without the correct atmosphere, necessary relaxation and feeling of rest it will not be called a stounterapiya any more.

Whether you know? East physicians consider that strong uncontrolled emotions can become the cause of difficult diseases. So, for example, strong joy can negatively affect a condition of heart, the anger can do much harm a liver, and a grief — the reason of damage of lungs, etc. To control these emotions to avoid illnesses, it is possible by means of massage of fingers: a little finger when you feel fear; a thumb when you worry about something; index — when you grieve; anonymous — to subdue anger; an average — when you are offended, vulnerable or very glad.

Thus, at the correct technology of performance the stounterapiya is an effective remedy of fight not only against fatigue and stresses, but also with various diseases. That the effect of such procedure was maximum, it is important to create the atmosphere of tranquility and steadiness, to relax the person by means of aromas, music, oils and preparatory massage by hands.

It is extremely heavy to execute the equipment massage stone independently as thus it is impossible to achieve relaxation and full abstractness from vanity and all problems.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team